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  1. Its not him losing the role. The Mavs may start Wright, Luka, and Brunson. Brunson is a Carlisle guy and that's big.
  2. Will be very hard for this especially if they opt to start Brunson too.
  3. Given the options at 19 who would you pair Jokic with? Booker, Donic, or Young. Booker is prolly the best choice but my heart wants Luka and i think his FT% will go up to high 70s/low 80s. 12 team Standard 9 cat Thanks
  4. Trying not to be a homer but is 19 a reach? After the 1st preseason game hes 20 of 22 from the line. I know its preseason but DeAndre Jordan carried it over last year. H2H 9 cat 12 team
  5. They actually let him handle the ball some tonight 🙏
  6. Im 6th pick in a 12 teamer. Gotta take him at 19 if I want him. Hard call but I'll prolly do it
  7. I am high on him too. Believe you need to take him mid to late 2nd if you really want him.
  8. As a Mavs fan I liked this move. I live in Detroit and was at the game Wednesday and didn't like what I saw. Its fine to have Luka as the pg but Wright needs to have the ball in his hands some to create which isn't happening at all right now. Hes being stuck in the corner to shoot 3s which isn't his game. I know it's only preseason but I wouldn't touch Wright who I liked before seeing them play.
  9. His last regular season game was 2/13 vs the Knicks. 25 days actually
  10. Sunday's game marks 26 days since his last regular season game. Trading AD for him is blowing up in my face
  12. Traded AD for him just after AD came back.... good stuff right there
  13. My Davis Kyle Anderson For Embiid Crowder (likely drop for Robinson or Kenrich) Just have to much AD fear.