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  1. His last regular season game was 2/13 vs the Knicks. 25 days actually
  2. Sunday's game marks 26 days since his last regular season game. Trading AD for him is blowing up in my face
  4. Traded AD for him just after AD came back.... good stuff right there
  5. My Davis Kyle Anderson For Embiid Crowder (likely drop for Robinson or Kenrich) Just have to much AD fear.
  6. As of now not on the Pelicans injury report.
  7. Vuc has been linked to Dallas on and off for a few years. I put it at about 80% he'll be a Maverick from either a trade as they have a 12.9 million TPE or come in FA.
  8. If reports are true they are shopping Randle, Mirotic and Moore for picks I will be looking to ship AD off for a top 10 return as soon as he steps on the court if possible as I fear a big tank coming.
  9. Very intrigued by Turners uptick in usage due to Dipo going down. I would pull the trigger.
  10. Drop either Isaac or Winslow for Kyle Anderson? Team in 2nd and roster in signature. Thanks
  11. I would stick with Vuc. Him and Ayton could get shut down and if traded his value could still be that of Ayton.
  12. I agree 100%. Don't remember hearing hand specialist in the case of any sprained finger, but this is coming from Rich Paul.