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  1. My 2 cents, gimme yours.... Marquis Lee has been getting mad work and play the Titans who are giving up CHUNKS in the pass game Crowder has been getting more looks but the Bengals vs slot type WR are no joke Sanu vs the Packers could be huge in a shoot out, or could get 2 catches Hogan is due with Brady back and against his old team..........
  2. Dropped for Gates. Obvious time share and not reason to think Gates is not healthy and going for the record.
  3. Love SD for an under the radar league that hoards DST's i should have said. My league mates love to hoard DST's so my wire has 10 teams on it and SD stood out as a sneaky 5-7 point D I have Dallas in 2 leagues. Rested, motivated, at home in prime time!
  4. Yup, I do it plain and simple
  5. 1 PPR Redraft 12 owners I get Bell and might be punting a win this week (I am 4-3) I have Landry to slide into my other WR spot
  6. With the time share in Chicago, I would
  7. Looks good What I would do is roll with Bennett this week Drop Henry and add Pitta
  8. Cannot wait to see the money spent on Adams and then see those owners crying when he has 3/40 this week while Jordy looks like Jerry Rice
  9. J E T S...............JETS,JETS,JETS! I love San Diego for the next 2 weeks also As a Bill owners it is signora........
  10. Redraft Full PPR Who wins in this? Gillislee and McCoy for J Hill and Jordan Howard I will say that the Hill/Howard Owner has never started Hill and owns Ajayi
  11. Thx You should not be in a league that vetoed a trade like that. A bunch of hippie liberal jealous fascists like to veto things when it does not suit them or hurts them. I would not do that deal Wait for Jordy to have 100/2 this week then deal him
  12. Yeah I guess. I am not high on Charles but compared to Shepard he is a stud LOL... Thanks for the advice
  13. SONAVABENCH So fools gold now or all aboard. I can get a big return this week via trade or wait until he sets NFL records vs Cleveland............
  14. Gotta start one of these guys because I am not starting Rivers vs Denver 4 per TD per 20 pass NO DEDUCTIONS for INT/TO Sam Bradford @ Chicago Trevor Siemian vs San Diego Leave your link
  15. Knowing my luck I blow my FAAB due to lacking a WR3 and Adams drops 3/40 this week similar to a few weeks back. I mean Rodgers has so many options, even Jordy owners have to wonder each week what to expect, am I wrong here?