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  1. Change of scenery can turn zeros to heroes more times than you may think
  2. Even if activated anyone think the Rox will send him to Philly to start the week?
  3. I've seen almost $500 in a $1000 league so big bucks is worth it in my opinion ......but I do not think you need him that bad. I like what you have, it'll only get better for you
  4. My FAAB runs at 10 stay tuned for the Reed bid... 1000 budget Team that had only one closer won Reed at $234
  5. HA nice!! Did something similar in '13 but with mayo and chicken. Doc told me I was healthy as a horse that fat is fine as long as it was not on top of donuts and bread
  6. Yup. The clot thing has me thinking he will not see the field for 2-3 months at best
  7. 1 Cather 5x4 seasonal Martin Mesoraco Hedges
  8. I think Hamilton will be about the same value as Abreu so I'd do it and take Alonso as a bonus
  9. Your basing this on what? 3-4 minor league seasons at an age when most are living with the parents and being slugs? Has the raw skills and they're getting better monthly and at his age the sky is the limit I just live how some check out the minor stars and draw a conclusion, what a talent that is!
  10. Getting called up to be Giants everyday 3B per Rotoworld
  11. 12 man redraft offered Estrada for Quintana thoughts?
  12. I get Glover I need a second closer bad!!
  13. With guys like Alonso and Freese on waivers Frazier has to be benched right now, he's putrid!!
  14. Saw in person twice and three times this spring. Looks like a $5 CI with a few hot streaks every year to me
  15. Maybe 1B eligible by weeks end