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  1. Shady is not the player of old, sure we all agree but this will be at least 4-6 less touches for Williams, just an utter nightmare for those who took him within the first few rounds.
  2. Nice, solid B I would package a WR/RB for better TE, but that is my preference. If you did that and had once of the top 5, you would be gold
  3. Kickin' You Butkus 2019 New post becasue my league has been updated. We now need 3 good owners We use pay pal or personal checks, you cannot deal with that, do not bother asking for an invite PM me here or email me here - ROTOGUY@OUTLOOK.COM CBS Commissioner League $162.50 v(Includes no secret charges just CBS fee / 12 owners and buy in fee of 150) Why we use Commissioner you ask? Because we want TOTAL control over everything! Draft pausing, transaction, everything so we run things like we want, no CBS issues Payout 1st Place - $1000 2nd Place - $500 3rd Place - $300 DRAFT SLOW Draft on CBS laid back slow draft! Starts on August 23rd, day after preseason week 3 so no one draft injured players! 4 hours between picks Clock DOES NOT run at night from 11 PM to 7 AM, so no worries about missing your pick!! Commissioner can make picks for anyone, all you have to do is text or email me, easy peasy DETAILS 12 man head to head league Full PPR 3 Divisions Unlimited Trades (Voted on my league, 4 objections allowed) FAAB budget of $500 PLAYOFFS 6 Teams make playoffs, 3 division winner and next best teams based on record, and total points for tie break Top 2 teams get BYE in week 14, the first week of the playoffs Playoff run in weeks 14,15,16 Scoring Fractional scoring used -- i.e. 110 rush yards shows 10.1 scored, it's the only way to score!! 1 point per 10 rush/receiving 1 point per 25 yards passing 6 points per TD rush/receiving 4 points per TD thrown 2 points per 2 point conversion 3 points per FG 4 points per FG 60+ Defense basic scoring see league details ROTOGUY@OUTLOOK.COM
  4. ROS will have more value than da Judge, just saying...... Dude is streaky we know it but even with another cold one, he is having a career year and a roto dream if you own him!
  5. Well, I guess if you pay the League Safe fee. I think it is around 2% I would have to pay your league due with my credit card on League Safe
  6. HA HA I hear ya dude, that was a lucky year for me, I usually finish bottom half Forgot to post the lineups, duh pretty important Starting Rosters QB 1 RB 1-3 WR 1-3 FLEX (RB/WR/TE) 1 TE 1 K 1 DST 1 Reserve-7 What does the 1-3 mean at RB and WR you ask. It means you can start a combo of 1 RB and 3 WR, 3 RB, 1 WR or 2 WR and 2 RB.
  7. We have used KDS (Kentucky Derby Style) and have also used the CBS random generator. Not sure this year, leaning just basic random selection once we are all in and ready to go
  8. Biggio Gibson Pollock Note: Pence's age and hamstring have me worried. I mean Pollock is made of glass but I think ROS, he is the best bet Good luck!
  9. Got a funny feeling CMart 2nd half ends up being a top 5 closer. Dude just looks so much better, aggressive. Sometimes knowing you have an important roles lights a fire under your azz I think
  10. Matz to the pen for now......... Writing is on the wall