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  1. Totally.... So let's say Bryce goes 290/35/95/100/15, where does that put him draft wise. It puts him at 2 in my book
  2. If the bat is going, Terry will not care about the throw out % WHATSOEVER, believe me
  3. Exactly. When the stars were aligned he was real good, not great. Niw he puts the doughnuts away and all the sudden he's ballin'? I ain't buying over the upside unknowns being drafted in the same area he's going.
  4. Ha and your reasoning is because he's due to miss game's right? What a genius
  5. Your FAAB settings look good if you wanna run them every night. The discount is still working and the last report 6 days ago had an entire league getting free for 1 year!
  6. If he would just learn (again) to keep the fastball down he would be fine but with the rate at which that fastball is belt high he is gonna have games that are real good then, 1 walk, a hit, a 3 run bomb. That is what he is not. Good most of the time but get's bit on that location with the heat.
  7. Good point. Several RW members are saying they do not see this but you have to create and pay for the league first. Here another discount below Discount Link
  8. Use as many tines as you want I assume auction is included, I've not tried
  9. Did not impress me at all vs Nats. In fact Fedde for the Nats looks like the better bet Gsellman looks a bit sloppy mechanic wise to me. Will get in trouble with the long ball
  10. All the links I posted in this thread give you the CBS Commissioner deal
  11. Redraft 5x5 12 owners slow draft in progress who's better so far A Story Marte Kershaw B Arenado Stanton Syndergaard
  12. Sure, if you have not paid. Get a new league, invite your buddies, you are set. You have to set your league up and pay for it to get the final discounts
  13. I'm salivating at Martin's ADP!
  14. My first league with the link above was $149 after that me second and third created were $89 seems like once you pay for one you get a big discount later After you pay call CBS and they'll refund you $60, no questions!!! Just make sure to use this link CBS Promo also the link only works on desktops or tablet. Hustle emailed me and said on smartphones it opens up CBS new so......
  15. Hammel and Snell we are talking like a 6 starter right?