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  1. Mar/April Closer Thread 2018

    Ha! The less you read his name here the better
  2. 5x5 redraft Mahle Chirinos Wacha
  3. Mar/April Closer Thread 2018

    The Hand owner used 20% of his budget 2 night ago on Yates, I razzed him but now the add might not be bad. Yates looks and acts the part, not sure how much longer they stick with Hand but I'd say the leash is very short now
  4. Miguel Andujar - 3B Yankees

    Once he starts taking, how in the world are they going to send him back down?
  5. 5x5 redraft can't keep both
  6. Blake Snell 2018 Outlook

    Me likey Snell threw the 4 hardest pitches of his career in the first inning tonight vs Boston #draftdaysteal
  7. Rhys Hoskins 2018 Outlook

    The sound off Rhys bat on the HR he just hit off Folty was a sound I haven't heard for 15 years. McGwire was the last I heard with a crack like that. This kid is gonna make haters feel so bad sooner rather than later
  8. Mar/April Closer Thread 2018

    Eye test alone tells me Givens should be closing in Bal, can someone tell me why he's not?
  9. Off-season Closer Thread 2017/18

    I am having a hard time holding onto Lyons. If they wanted him to ever be closer he would have had the gig last year I think. Thinking of dropping him for Strickland who may be the closer ROS if he can figure our how to pitch to lefties.
  10. Thor, Ozuna then Marte for me
  11. Glad to help Use it as much as you want, I think the deal expires April 3
  12. Lineups are weekly (Monday) FAAB daily continuous rolling LIVE Yahoo Auction Tuesday 7 PM Eastern Cash League Settings: Entry Fee $100.00 Payment Deadline: March 27, 2018 Number of Teams: 12 First Place: $700 (58.33%) Second Place: $350 (29.17%) Third Place: $150 (12.50%) C 1B 2B 3B SS MI CI OF/OF/OF/OF/OF U P/P/P/P/P/P/P/P/P Bench - 8 DL- 3
  13. Noah Syndergaard 2018 Outlook

  14. We fill every year DO NOT wait All money handled by Yahoo no fees full payout 1-3
  15. Which SP would you go with? **WHIR**

    Corbin = more k's, more IP, more wins, more upside