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  1. Fantrax sitting around 65, so no way I get him. some numbnard will grab him there
  2. ah I see Also drafting Conley everywhere, gonna either be a stud MR or a closer by May no doubt about it!
  3. 5x5 12 man roto my choices 4th 7th 10th
  4. 2019 CBS "MFBGA" Making Fantasy Baseball Great Again!! $262 total gets you in using LEague Safe $250 buy in $12 each owner to pay the CBS cost Payout done via League Safe majority 1st - $1700 2nd - $900 3rd- $400 CBS Commissioner AL/NL 12 Owners 5x5 ROTO basic Weekly Lineup sets (Monday) FAAB used for FA's unlimited adds Trades voted on by league owners Rosters C / 1B/ 2B / SS / MI / 3B / CI / OF / OF / OF / OF / OF / U P P P P P P P P P Reserve spots- 9 injured spots- 2
  5. Awesome new DEEEEP league using FAAB daily! $300.00 entry via League Safe + CBS Commissioner fee ($12.50 per owner) CBS Commissioner Payout (Using League Safe Majority Rule) 1st - $2000 2nd - $1100 3rd - $500
  6. 5x5 ROTO 12 owners Weekly lineup sets (Monday) Unlimited add/drops/trades Trades voted on, 5 max objections LIVE Draft mid March CBS Commissioner $200 1st Place - $1300 2nd Place - $800 3rd Place - $300 C 1B 2B MI SS 3B CI OF OF OF OF OF U U P P P P P P P P P Reserves - 10 DL - 3 League has run for 5 consecutive years but we always have turnover, act early if you want it thanks
  7. Last year I shared with 4 others to get the cost down If interested get with me Last year each guy paid like $27 or so each