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  1. Philip Rivers 2017 Season Outlook

    Worried a bit about this match up. Might have to dust Dalton off instead, I am gonna really think on this and the way the Cowboy game might go.
  2. Tough one, here is the way I see it Williams is a lock for 15 touches and the Ravens run D is crap to be honest Witten is hit or miss but the game flow and the fact Zek is out, man I would have a hard time benching him Full disclosure, my personal rankings this week in which I compile every Saturday night while drunk as a skink Williams 16/75 2/6 TD chance 20% Witten 7/65 TD Chance 30% Pick your poison mate
  3. Super flex spot so we can start a QB Seems easy but considering Dalton outscores Cooks more than not......... Dalton at Denver Cooks vs Raiders
  4. Upside, Ekeler..... If you need a safe 10 points, Williams
  5. Austin Ekeler 2017 Season Outlook

    Pulling what hair I have left out over Ekeler's ability, or Jamal Williams volume this week!! Got to see Ekeler play live last week. If this dude were giving the keys and given a leash, he would be top 10 PPR week in week out no doubt!
  6. Philip Rivers 2017 Season Outlook

    Full practice. I have never seen these words regarding concussion and had that player sit that week, all systems are go to expose the Bill garbage pass D!
  7. Davis has the safest floor and highest ceiling with Reed out again, go with him. No way he does not have 12+ points in a classic PPR Good luck man!
  8. it is fair, the jealous cry baby owners need to play in free leagues next year or learn about value and perceived value when it comes to fantasy I like what Red fan said above about perceived value Drake may have close to CMAC's value in 3 weeks who knows, I mean with 15= touches and a good schedule anything is posible Watkins classic buy low. I do not love him but nonetheless, buy low!!!!
  9. Fournette out I need a replacement
  10. Marquise Goodwin 2017 Season Outlook

    Garçon to IR Goodwin will be a nice flex very soon
  11. WHich QB to pick up? WHIR

    Thx dude lucky you got Ben!! McCown over those guys. I think Dalton is close but man that Jag pass D is pretty good me thinks good luck
  12. Thx man for the help First off Eagles no doubt about it! QB is tougher. I have it between Winston and McCown but you have to make the decision now due to TNF. I go Winston. I think he will be fine and pure volume will get him at least 20 points Good luck this week dude!
  13. Full PPR Benjamin @ Jets tonight Witten vs Chiefs
  14. No INT deductions. Only + points league, 6 per TD Siemian @ Phi Hundley @ Det Bortles vs CIN McCown vs BUF (Thursday game) Cutler also an option