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  1. Dudes taking and with Byrd taking a vacation who knows. Yeh Grady lite
  2. Thug life takes over + the wad he gets from the LAD, no need to put the effort in all the time
  3. Starting with confidence! Couple ER but I'll take the win and 6+ k's vs Minny
  4. Is Casilla a sneaky guy to target right now? No competition and may get on a roll when SF kicks it into overdrive soon
  5. 1 no 2 yes I the veto but the Altuve deal is like giving 15 to get 40, you gotta vote it down
  6. Yeh you got hosed brother
  7. I like Segura and believe the run he is on but he will cook. I think he will end up being a $15 player, I would take Segura in this deal if you can afford to give up a closer
  8. Nope I stay put man
  9. Yeh, all signs point up I'm gonna give him a go Passed my SP eye test as well.
  10. Cozart knee issue........
  11. Compared to Schoop stinking up my MI, Cozart is nice suprise. I have watched several Red's games and his contact is amazing right now, really stroking it well.
  12. Just a start I would guess no matter how well he does
  13. 2 starts HOU and DET, anyone have the hoo ha's to roll him out?
  14. It's a 5x5 Roto redraft
  15. I'd take Braun and Upton and run!!