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  1. nah, deep league, it is my Flex #2 spot I might go Burkhead and Garcon
  2. Love Vance McDonald and the floor of 10ish Garcon is hit or miss and Zona's pass D is tough Marvin Jones vs Saints looks good but might be fools gold What do you think?
  3. With Parker out and considering the Ravens stout run D, there is no way Landry does not have 7-9 catches at the very least. The past is the past fellas, and lady, all aboard!
  4. Ajayi has not been great with that O line and vs Baltimore, NO THANK YOU! Hill is not a Pro Bowler but he is getting touches and some catches now and the Eagles run D is not good, not horrible but not good. I play it safe with Jeremy Hill and know the floor is probably 50-60 yards and 3-4 catches for an easy 12 points PPR
  5. Got Miami on my bench, rolling with Jags this week vs Denver. Denver in Jacksonville will give it away, a lot, I think the Jags are top 8 this week
  6. Would be nice to see your whole team I would not bench Smith vs MIA for Watkins
  7. Ppr flex Jennings vs Cle Marshall va NE Landry vs SF
  8. It's week 11, Marshall has sucked, they have a bad QB situation and we can all see the writing on the wall with Prosise
  9. I say do it. They LOVE Prosise and in a Ppr his floor will be 10 a week similar to James White
  10. Thx man I would do both for Lewis alone, so yeah, I do this and sit back puffing my cigar............
  11. Ware for sure and I like Pryor this week over Matty
  12. PPR Redraft I get McCoy Give Landry and Howard Landry is honestly a bench guy for me because my WR are (Brown,Marshall,Cooper)
  13. After a few weeks of Tom terrific getting things sorted and the bye week, Edelman will be a beast ROS. The offense has changed with big dog at TE2 now and things have been a little mixed up. I think there is no reason at all to worry
  14. Basically just the Bears TE2 now and with Jay's but buddy Royal coming back, later gator...................