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  1. Hey Scott I will get in touch with everyone in about 3 weeks or so. I need a little more interest, so far only 5
  2. Starting early this year to gauge interest Last year we did a $350 Pay Pal League and it went off without a hitch and this year going for a $500 league with the same rules Payout 1st- $4200 2nd- $1800 CBS Commissioner Lineups can be set daily 5x5 scoring FAAB ($500 Per Team) League votes on trades (4 veto) C-1B-2B-MI-3B-OF-OF-OF-OF-OF-U 7 Reserves 1 DL PM me if you may be interested
  3. This a Lev bell thread or a 2017 draft thread..........? So this week you cannot start Bell correct? I mean I read 0-5 touches this week? I have a championship in wee 17 and about to spend all FAAB on Toussaint
  4. Week 17 I own Patriots @ Miami and Steelers vs Browns. Both D's are gonna rest but how much will that effect things?
  5. Down 19 need a Christmas miracle Full PPR Eli Rogers vs BAL Dwayne Washington vs DAL Marvin Jones vs DAL
  6. Bench Farrow Hillman....
  7. Just worry about how fast Pats might get up limiting upside
  8. Startable again a so so to bad run D, of course! 18+ touches vs the Bengals is RB2 in most leagues What will he do, who knows but 65 total yards and a couple catches should be the floor
  9. Looks Miller is out so Blue is starting vs Bengals. Or go win Inman vs Cleveland? Benjamin back for SD worries me a bit about Inamn.... Full PPR
  10. Yup SD Good luck and Merry Christmas!
  11. Hogan vs Jets Rogers vs Ravens Marvin Jones vs Dallas Need 1, full PPR
  12. I would rank them Mitchell, Jackson, Matthews, Williams