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  1. Superflex spot 4 points for all TD's Dak Prescott @ Denver Tarik Cohen or Howard @ Tampa
  2. PPR Flexing - Kamara or Maclin?

    I think the volume and tempo are with Kamara today Nothing less than 15 touches today, go with Kamara and the BP ability Similar question
  3. 1 PPR Flex Maclin vs Cleveland JJ Nelson @ Indianapolis Or deep guys Charles Simms vs Chicao Kamara vs New England Buck Allen vs Cleveland
  4. 10 man Standard seasonal give DJ and Kerwyn Get Marvin Jones, Fitz and Blount we have 2 IR spots so no biggie My backs Gillislee Coleman Kamara Riddick DJ Kerwyn W
  5. Duke Johnson 2017 Season Outlook

    Last week to buy boys! 46/51 times lined up in slot. Could be gangbusters in PPR with his RB eligibility
  6. Tarik Cohen 2017 Outlook

    Yes you are right, like Devin Hester for that glorious week I mean I get it, I do but more that 10 or 15% is just to much for a guy who should average 8-12 a week in a PPR. Those numbers are on the wire weekly. im not here to argue, if Howard went when watch out, but as they stand I think people are overreacting
  7. Tarik Cohen 2017 Outlook

    Cannot believe the FAAB being tossed around an a complimentary player, astonishing! real life, a gem, fantasy, a bye filler
  8. 10 man league, I just grab a decent combo with like back to back picked in round 6-7
  9. Christian McCaffrey 2017 Season Outlook

    This look like Hunt's numbers after week 10.....ha That is about right for Caf I think. I think give or take 100 yds rushing
  10. Expires September 30th so you are good to go mate and the one I posted seem to be the same discount
  11. 12:30 Eastern Yahoo Live Auction We need 1 more!! Payment are right to yahoo, they hold the money. No fees like some sites I will not name, uhm, LS.......
  12. 1st $190 2nd $75 3rd $25 4th $10
  13. 6 in and paid 12:30 Eastern full payout
  14. Should in 2-3 days after you pay for the league. CBS just would not give $200 worth of stuff away for free for signing up