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  1. Just posted to Twitter
  2. This is simple. The Yankees want him as the starter, now and for the next 10 years. If he looks to be dominating in any form in AAA for 3-4 weeks, he is coming up. When I say dominating I mean a hot streak that looks like he can handle the bigs. This has nothing to do with Chase, all to do with Torres and his current level
  3. If I were drafting right now and knew he would play 145 games in '18. I would take him around the 15th OF (Yelich, Krush range) He has the skills, he has shown the skills. I say the floor is top 35 OF next year, ceiling 10th or so overall OF ranks
  4. I'd take Faria over Newcomb who just got the call.
  5. Yes indeedy thanks man much appreciated! contenplating him just wish I knew if he'd stay up
  6. What SP was called up today? Saw earlier and now cannot find it. He was a top prospect
  7. Saw him in person and thought the same thing. Could K 10 but give up 3 bombs. Looks hits me to often. Maybe he's learned to locate better not sure but I need SP enough to to throw 15% at him tonight
  8. Change of scenery can turn zeros to heroes more times than you may think
  9. Even if activated anyone think the Rox will send him to Philly to start the week?
  10. I've seen almost $500 in a $1000 league so big bucks is worth it in my opinion ......but I do not think you need him that bad. I like what you have, it'll only get better for you
  11. My FAAB runs at 10 stay tuned for the Reed bid... 1000 budget Team that had only one closer won Reed at $234
  12. HA nice!! Did something similar in '13 but with mayo and chicken. Doc told me I was healthy as a horse that fat is fine as long as it was not on top of donuts and bread
  13. Yup. The clot thing has me thinking he will not see the field for 2-3 months at best
  14. 1 Cather 5x4 seasonal Martin Mesoraco Hedges
  15. I think Hamilton will be about the same value as Abreu so I'd do it and take Alonso as a bonus