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  1. 12 Man CBS Commissioner $100 and CBS Fee (about 12 dollars) gets you in FULL Payout 1st-$750, 2nd-$350 $100 for league points leader PPR H2H 3 Divisions 6 Make Playoffs (Top 2 bye for playoffs first week) QB RB RB WR WR WR TE SUPER FLEX K D Bench 7
  2. Redraft 5x5 I'm first in HR, second in RBI and 10th in saves but could gain 4 spots with a stud closer I get Chapman and give Joey Bats
  3. I saved about 5 bucks for each owner in my new CBS Football Commissioner, here is my link for you to use. Usually is saving 20-30% for all new leagues you create. No renew, just NEW Enjoy!
  4. I will assume you are in a 1 PPR Redraft RR I would try to get WR early and often! Picking at 2 you could get 3 top 20 WR easy and a solid RB with your 4th pick. I think you are right. WR's have so much less risk inside the first 4 rounds. I mean look at last year. It was a bloodbath in the RB department. I do not think we see that again but there are plenty of RB's in round 4-7 if you only need to start one.
  5. Over/under on 10 SB's from here on out?
  6. So I moved to Cali a few years ago from NYC and I must say, why in the world would anyone want to live on the East coast!
  7. Look like we are changing this league to a 10 man league and other owners are asking about moving it to ESPN
  8. Need 1 CBS Commissioner 12 man 3 divisions Playoffs weeks 14-16 $100 buy in plus CBS fee Full payout top 3 Online draft starting weekend of the 27th PPR Basic scoring QB, RB 1-3, WR 1-3, TE, Flex, K, D Reserve 7
  9. No bench, it is best ball Fun/hard part is you draft and that is it. No trades, no reserves, no trades. Takes skill, luck, wisdom. Do not need to be a vet, 2 years ago a rookie won the league with luck and a couple risks. Decimal Scoring 1 point per 25 yards thrown 4 points per TD thrown 1 point for every 10 yards rush/pass 6 points per TD rush/pass DST 6 per TD 1 per INT 1 per sack 2 per safety Basic PA/YA scoring for DST
  10. Best Ball 12 man league PPR Run with CBS Commissioner No adds No trades Live draft August 29th QB RB RB WR WR WR TE Flex (RB/WR/TE) K DST $100 buy in 1st place $800 2nd place $400
  11. Placed on bereavement out minimum of three games. Odds it's more then three? Can't afford an empty OF spot all week
  12. 12 man redraft need a C Gattis Sanchez D'Arnaud
  13. So my IT buddy told me today the odds are about the same as being hit by lightning. Got any insight? I'll occasionally DL some comics and random tv show, nothing major
  14. Yeh not to be cheap buttheads,are my thoughts as well. Your not giving much but getting Myers and Kenley us great for keeper and awesome this year
  15. I do not need SB's at all but need HR and batting average I get Murph and Carter