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  1. Still seeking an active manager(no guys who log on once a week). I see there are quite a bit of leagues needing replacements already which makes it tough this time of year so if you need a replacement I'm willing to join your league if you join mine.
  2. 1 spot open. Excellent League. Seeking extremely active manager. Free. Scored on yahoo. 40 man rosters(25 MLB, 15 Minors) Minors Draft each offseason Free Agency each offseason if interested. League Link: Roster Link:
  3. 3rd round pick that I missed: Marcus Davenport-DE-NO FA Pick- Vance McDonald-TE-PIT
  4. I trade my 1st OTC pick to Mek Daddy for Soulcrusher's 2019 3rd.
  5. Skip me again. No need to wait. I'll be on(for more than 2 mins at a crack) in the next day or two to make or trade both picks.
  6. Skip me. Too much life s--- going on.
  7. I'll take Baker Mayfield and Josh Rosen.
  8. Round 2 15. predator_05 (from JMak) - Anthony Miller WR CHI 16. Du5t3r (from sportsguy21792) - Kalen Ballage RB MIA 17. Jmak (from merkman_21) Michael Gallup-WR-DAL 18. ArmchairGM Roquan Smith-LB-CHI 19. KennyWoo (from Du5t3r)-OTC 20. ArmchairGM (from vikingapocalypse) 21. ArmchairGM (from predator_05) 22. DerrickHenrysCleats 23. stankyleg 24. Sportsguy21792 (via Du5t3r (from Drake) 25. sportsguy21792 (from megamoviejohn) 26. Mek Daddy 27. MekDaddy (from Iron-cock) 28. ArmChair GM (from KennyWoo)
  9. I'll take Mike Gesicki and Nyheim Hines to close out the round.
  10. 1. JMak - Saquon Barkley RB NYG (traded to predator_05) 2. sportsguy21792 - Rashaad Penny RB SEA 3. merkman_21 - OTC @merkman_21 4. ArmchairGM - Ronald Jones RB TB 5. Du5t3r - Sony Michel RB NE 6. Du5t3r (from vikingapocalypse) - Derrius Guice RB WAS 7. Du5t3r (via JMak (from predator_05) - Nick Chubb RB CLE 8. Du5t3r (from DerrickHenrysCleats) - DJ Moore WR CAR 9. stankyleg - Calvin Ridley - WR ATL 10. ArmchairGM (from Drake) -Courtland Sutton-WR-DEN 11. megamoviejohn OTC 12. DerrickHenrysCleats (from Mek Daddy)Â 13. ArmchairGM (from Iron-cock) 14. ArmchairGM (from KennyWoo)
  11. Round 1 1. JMak - Saquon Barkley RB NYG (traded to predator_05) 2. sportsguy21792 - Rashaad Penny RB SEA 3. merkman_21 - OTC @merkman_21 4. ArmchairGM - Ronald Jones-RB-TB 5. Du5t3r -OTC 6. Du5t3r (from vikingapocalypse) 7. Jmak (from predator_05) 8. Du5t3r (from DerrickHenrysCleats) 9. stankyleg 10. ArmchairGM (from Drake) 11. megamoviejohn 12. DerrickHenrysCleats (from Mek Daddy) 13. ArmchairGM (from Iron-cock) 14. ArmchairGM (from KennyWoo)
  12. I got a notice that I was up, but don't think I am. If merkman picked somewhere let me know and I'll make the pick, otherwise I'll wait. Thanks.