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  1. I'd drop either Jaylen or Bamba, as Jaylen is in a logjam in Boston and it seems like you're well covered in blocks already. I'd probably lean on dropping Brown, as Bamba could be unleashed in the second half. Help me below?
  2. You should swipe Danny Green if you're looking for stocks. One of the few guys in the league that can provide 1/1/1 3PT/STL/BLK. He's prone to a dud every now and then, but it looks like he's back to his old Spur days of posting Top 40 value with his new team.
  3. Seems like you're probably not super competitive in boards or blocks. Are you looking to punt those cats or do you want to make moves/trades to be more competitive in them?
  4. Not sure if I'm panicking or if my team is just off to a rough start, but can I please have some advice on how to jumpstart my squad? Lots of good FA options, 10 team league, 9 cats. Roster below: PG: Damian Lillard, D'Angelo Russell SG: Klay Thompson, Eric Gordon SF: Paul George, Danny Green, Kyle Anderson PF: Kevin Love, Montrezl Harrell, Mo Bamba C: DeAndre Jordan, Steven Adams, Hassan Whiteside IR: John Collins Link your question to this thread and I'll do my best to help out!
  5. Have you joined one yet?? Also looking for a free dynasty startup league. If you're still looking, maybe we could start our own and recruit others?
  6. Dynasty auction league (keeper values in parenthesis): Should I trade my Dallas Keuchel ($47) and Dellin Betances ($90) for his Kyle Schwarber ($10) and Michael Brantley ($3)? My team is in 9th place of 12 teams and is in hard rebuilding mode. Thoughts?
  7. Mind posting your full lineup? Based on what you posted alone, I'd drop Dejounte. WHIR?
  8. Team and format in sig below (at this point I'm pretty much punting FT% and 3's) team is slowly trickling down the standings as we approach playoff time, and I'm panicking a bit. Please review my roster and suggest some moves to better round out my squad! I'll answer your questions in return, send me a link! I've also recently been offered RoCo for my Nurkic.... thoughts?