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  1. bucs for a 2nd makes sense for sure. bucs have the worst rb group in the league
  2. i do DFS and manage 1 team per season. i can't be rooting for and against the same player at the same time.
  3. if DWill gets hurt, Shady could be a league winner on that offense. Shady is the last player on my bench. Feels good man.
  4. don't sleep on diontae johnson. 3rd round pick. not right away but he could be the 2nd guy by the middle of the season
  5. although i agree that carlos hyde sucks, i'm afraid to play duke johnson yet again
  6. same here, i drafted him in the 8th round of a 12 teamer today. so doesn't seem like he moved up much
  7. paid. didn't get any espn commish/league emails though.
  8. im not seeing any new emails..the last 2 emails i got were the invite and after i joined
  9. how do i pay on leaguesafe? i need the link.. i joined the league @ espn with team name X Men
  10. bump. the lowest i'll join is 8x. such as pay 50 and champ wins 400. prefer to draft today. 12 or 14 or 16 team league 412-712-7198 (text) - if league champ wins less than 8x the cost to join i'm already not interested.
  11. The league I've been in the past 6 years the commish didn't reopen. It was a nice league you'd pay $35 and first place won between $400-$500. Basically a nice 11x+ reward to the cost to join. I either want to lose my $50 or win a decent pot. I don't like weekly payouts and all that stuff where everyone feels like a winner. Anyone have a league drafting today that has about 10x reward to risk and is about $50 to join let me know. I like PPR. Auction or snake doesn't really matter.