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  1. I actually like Jordy Nelson here. The guy has been getting at least 40-50 yards but throw in a touchdown and a few more yards and you got your 15. Thx for the help!
  2. Well, the news broke that Gurley is sitting! At least he's sitting and allowing us to make one more move. I currently have both RAM RB and Jordan Howard on my bench. Who would you recommend going with? Howard is on the road at SF. CJ or Kelly also on the road at Arizona. Thx. Will help if you still need help in return.
  3. I have Jordan Howard as an option. Would you guys recommend Howard over CJ/Kelly?
  4. My take on this is this is just a writer trying to put a spin on things. Isn't that what writers do? Trying to make a prediction hoping it comes through and get the notoriety for it if it does? And if it doesn't, nobody ever remembers what he says anyways. Thinking along the lines of this season, Carlos Hyde was acquired by JAX and didn't start that week. Charcandrick West was signed by KC and he didn't suit up either. Furthermore, he actually played for KC and knew the system. The time range is too short for a player to know the playbook. In my opinion, CJ will most likely suit up, but simply to be an extra RB body in the game. I feel Gurley will play, but will give way to Kelly. Those will be your 2 backs in the game. CJ will be there, but probably just to give Kelly a breather or in case Kelly gets dinged up. But CJ will be nothing more than a body standing on the sidelines with an occasional simple run play that McVay probably was impressed with at practice. I mean, to have only 2 active RB in a game is a bit thin. So naturally 3 would be ideal hence the reason for CJ. Again, just my 2 cents.
  5. Is this a PPR league? I'll assume it is and these are the 3 i'd choose: Sony Michel vs Buffalo Dante Pettis vs Chicago Robert Foster vs New England Thanks for your help on mine!
  6. Hilton. Luck has been a beast while Goff has been slumping bad. Thanks for your help on mines!
  7. I'd recommend going with DJ. Still a hell of a player, just on a bad team. He'll probably get a ton of screen passes to help your PPR as well in come back mode. Thanks for your help on mine!
  8. Allen has been red hot, but I'd still go with Rodgers. Samuels over Cook as well. Thanks for your help!
  9. Championship weekend and this is my weakest link! These are my only 2 options at TE. This is for a PPR league! Vance McDonald @NO - The game is suppose to be high scoring, but the Saints are good at shutting down TE. At least gets red zone looks and has Big Ben throwing to him. CJ Uzomah @CLE - Has a ton of targets past few games but does nothing with them. Also has a dreadful QB in Driskel. But with no Boyd or AJ, more targets to him. Plus CLE is terrible at covering TE. Please leave a link! WHIR! Thanks in advance!
  10. I'd go with Doug Martin. Technically he's facing a very soft Bengals rushing defense and SHOULD have his way. Thanks for your help!
  11. Who would you take for the last 2 games in a PPR league? They are both on the wire and I would most likely drop Adams for one. Tyler Boyd who is the #1 WR but has Driskel at QB? Elijah McGuire who is now the #1 RB in NY but for a dismal Jets team? My current players in each position. We start 2 in each and a FLEX: RB: Gurley, Miller, Ware, Howard, K. Johnson, Adams WR: Evans, Lockett, C. Davis I'm leaning towards Boyd since i'm weaker in WR but again, most likely FLEX which is why i'm considering it. Your thoughts? Please leave a link! Thanks!
  12. I wanted to play devil's advocate and choose anyone but Lindsey to sit but I have to agree with others on that choice. Nevertheless they are all really really close as far as what I project for results so they should all put up similar numbers. Good luck and thanks for help on mines!
  13. Hey all, I got Josh Adams on my bench and Elijah McGuire on the wire. Who would be the better hold for stash for the remaining 2 games of the fantasy football season? Might even need one of them for FLEX! This is a PPR league. Please leave a link. WHIR. Thanks in advance!
  14. Who would be a better bench stash? Josh Adams or Elijah McGuire? I'm leaning towards McGuire cuz at least he catches passes I would think?
  15. Not the greatest choices to choose from, but i'd probably start Cousins out of that group. He's playing at home against the lowly Dolphins and at least has the best group of receivers out of that bunch. Thanks for your help.