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  1. I like AJ. That's the only passing weapon they have aside from Jonnu this week with Corey and Delanie out. Thanks for helping out mine.
  2. Just so i'm clear, you're using Samuels and Singletary, but you're wondering if you should use either Kirk/Williams to replace them? Or are you saying you have an additional FLEX spot? If you're asking about those 2, i'd keep it the way it is. If you have an extra spot, i'd add Kirk. Thanks for the help on mine.
  3. Not sure who to start at my flex position in my PPR league. Beckham at home vs the Bills? Mayfield has been terrible at QB and this Bills pass D is good. David Johnson the road @ TB? Might share snaps with Drake and TB rush D has been good as well. Thanks in advance. WHIR. Please leave a link.
  4. Who do I start out of the 3 in my PPR league? Beckham@ DEN - will be shadowed by Chris Harris Gallup @ NYG - hasn't done much since return but faces a soft NYG defense T. Williams v DET - TD dependent but has scored a TD in every game he's played this year. Thanks in advanced. WHIR. Please leave a link.
  5. Is there a reason why Baker doesn't even look for OBJ on passing plays?
  6. He's my one blemish right now in the fantasy playoffs. I wanna sit him but I feel the moment I do he's gonna have that big game.
  7. I'm not seeing where Jackson is setting up Melancon except for 1 game where Greene was unavailable? Last 2 games in the LA series it was Greene setting up. Then Green pitched a 3rd day in a row in the 8th again for a non save situation to start the Miami series. They rested him 2 days after and then he came out in the 8th for the 1st Mets game of the series. Jackson got to set up in extra innings due to Greene already taking the mound. Last night Greene took the 9th in another non-save situation. I feel Greene would take it back if Melancon implodes or gets injured. The Braves have kept Greene involved in the back end of the game and he seems to finally have his head back on straight since the trade.
  8. Glad to see Lugo still in the mix for saves. Feel that blowup last outing was just an anomaly.
  9. Is there anyone with a longer leash than Diaz? The guy is like a cat with nine lives in the closer spot no matter how badly he's been this year.
  10. Good there any hope for Greene at this point or is droppable now?
  11. Is it safe to say that Greene's stock actually just shot to the moon given this situation? On a better team, their current closer leads the league in blown saves, and only other competition is Chris Martin. SCORE for Greene owners!!!
  12. I still think it is Nick Anderson. This wasn't an actual save situation and the D-Backs were gonna have the stronger part of their line up at bat in the 8th. This includes one of their best in Marte and if he gets on, then Escobar as well. So it only made sense from a coaching stand point to have Anderson come on in to take care of them. It's almost like a save situation without it being an actual save situation. Anderson made it interesting but got the job done.
  13. Betts and Meadows without a doubt. The power/speed combo of those 2 outshine Marte and Gurriel. Thanks for the help!
  14. Tough call. Trout seems to fit the type of player your league rewards especially with his high BB total. At the same time you said it was a smallish league so there should he an abundance of outfielders available on the wire. I would go the route of just keeping what you have and use the wire to fill the 2 spots up. I think Senzel is a good pick up. Don't trade Grandal either. Thanks for the help on mines.
  15. Hey all, Have an abundance of OF and trying to decide who to keep ROS in a H2H redraft league. Currently have these OF and need to drop one. Oscar Mercado, Eloy Jimenez, David Peralta, Yordan Alvarez, and Mickey Brantley. Thanks in advance. WHIR. Please leave a link.
  16. I would go with Morton. I just think he's too susceptible to injury. Plus, I don't think your numbers will take too much of a hit if you trade him away. Thanks for the help!
  17. Hey all, Just trying to shore up my starting pitching. Already have a good group of guys in Hendricks, Bauer, German, Flaherty, and ERod. Looking to lock down that 6th spot. Trying to decide between Dylan Cease or Jeff Samardzija ROS in a redraft league. Cease has the high K potential but is a bit wild on command. Samardzija has been good the past few starts but may just be a small hot streak before it fizzles. Your thoughts? Thanks in advance. WHIR. Please leave a link!
  18. Granted it is the minor leagues, but Eovaldi throwing heat like a closer today. Here's hoping that it is still the Red Sox intentions to put him in that role. Given their struggles in the bullpen, a quicker path to utilizing him in their pitching, and even his openness to take on whatever role is asked of him, I think the signs look promising. With the success of the team and this far out in the season, this is a great potential pickup/stash if you need a closer compared to all other options.
  19. Confirmed to bat 3rd for today's game against a red hot Domingo German. Should be a good challenge for the young hitter.
  20. With coaching like this, I don't see the Rays overtaking the Yankees in the division anytime soon.
  21. Watched his at bats today and I have to agree with what has been said in this thread about him. The guy looks big at the plate like he will be crushing that ball out of the park. But when he swings, he's got a really smooth contact swing of a guy that hits for average. I think his 2nd half will be very rewarding for owners that picked him up or plan to considering he's still widely available.
  22. Oh man......Cease' first win all in the hands of 7 plus ERA Herrera! Close your eyes and hope for the best!