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  1. Yes and people also use specific phrases like "non-zero chance" to account for that likelihood. Speculation is a key part of gaining an edge in fantasy football if you haven't noticed by now.
  2. Pats have given up healthy rushing numbers to Ingram and Chubb the past two weeks, matchup may not be as bad as it would seem.
  3. A similar viewpoint last year about him being waived by Oakland didn't do fantasy GMs skeptical of CJA any favors.
  4. I've got him stashed but is anyone else worried the team would sign CJA if Fournette were to go down?
  5. Crazier things have happened. All I'm saying is Mostert should be owned in 10 team leagues and larger.
  6. Based on what I read there's a non-zero chance this was disciplinary. I mean he did cede touches in a critical spot Monday night. Likely wishful thinking but this could possibly indicate a passing of the torch. Mostert is worth a speculative add in every league IMO.
  7. Perhaps. But it's been consistently clear Breida can't be relied on to stay on the field and that Mostert is far better than a #3 RB. Shanny certainly sees this. Mostert's abilities on special teams are what gives me doubt about this shift occurring, however.
  8. This guy passes the eye test for me all day long. I think he gets more than the 8-10 carries I've seen being projected and I'm not sure Breida gets his role back when he's healthy.
  9. Agreed, he was waiting for the hole to open. But his acceleration seemed to be lacking significantly when he did make his move.
  10. I held him through the bye. Nice target floor and he played # of snaps as Ertz week 9 (first time that happened all year).
  11. Goedert currently 3rd in PFF TE rating behind only Kittle and Andrews. Largely supported by an excellent run blocking grade and exceptional pass blocking, but still. Played >70% of snaps the last two weeks and 8 targets last week. 4th in TE separation per the tweet below. I'm buying.
  12. Gardner on Oliver back in May “He’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced,” said Minshew via the Florida Times-Union. “That much size, that much speed … it’s going to be a lot of fun.” https://jaguarswire.usatoday.com/2019/05/25/jags-qbs-impressed-with-rookie-te-josh-oliver-so-far/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  13. Doyle's usage stats trending up. 8 targets and 2x the snaps of Ebron last week. KC this week.
  14. You know there's such thing as points for rushing yards too, right?
  15. I added bc I like the Detroit run game and KJ it seems will always have his workload limited. 8-10 touches makes Ty flex-worthy in 12 team leagues. If anything happens to KJ you obviously benefit as Perkins stands no likely chance on passing Ty on the depth chart. This all goes without saying that the coaching staff liked Ty enough to let go of CJ.
  16. He's at the top of the depth chart after some uncertainty during camp. If people are jumping all over Wilson why not Gesicki too? He certainly has the talent and opportunity. I'm taking a flyer on him in my 12 team redraft where I'm light at TE.
  17. He's a set and forget WR1 ROS. Let's not overthink this - his QBs consistently feed him, QB quality doesn't hurt his floor and he's a monster in the red zone. Large sample size. And he had Dez Bryant comps coming out of college. AR15 is legit.
  18. Unnecessarily kept Fox in with my matchup in hand, he tanked my FG% and I lost my matchup by .001. I'd be in the finals if I'd just benched him.
  19. I got Jokic and I'm in the semis so...
  20. Dropped for Kleber. Though schedule remainder of this week and only 2 games next week.
  21. 12 team standard: Lamar Jackson Stefon Diggs/Robert Woods/Robby Anderson Melvin Gordon/Edwards Zach Ertz Ka'imi Fairbairn New Orleans John Kelly Bench: Josh Allen, Nyheim Hines, Jordy Nelson, Chicago, Robbie Gould, Chris Godwin