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  1. There are duds, and then there is what he did tonight. I'm sure he ended a lot of owners' seasons tonight. Still a great play going forward though. I'm pretty sure Teague is done. Jones has been around 7 APG as a starter so 7 dimes with 1.5 steals feels very reasonable going forward. He's a low turnover guy too.
  2. That's a huge win. The other owner is significantly overvaluing Russell. Buddy is likely going to be worth more than Russell during the playoffs due to his schedule. You're pretty much getting Cousins for free here.
  3. Semis in most leagues. They have two B2B sets after that as well but they come after most leagues are done.
  4. They have one on the 19th/20th. @ CHA then home vs. BOS.
  5. I'm not that worried about Love. He could get some random DNPs but I don't see him as a major shutdown risk. The Cavs are still terrible with him and the new lottery odds help. They're locked into the bottom four so a big finish to the season could only drop their odds of getting the top pick 1.5%. He's also not stopping some young stud from getting minutes. AD is the only one that really jumps out to me. The top teams in the East won't shut anyone down. The Bucks and Raps will be fighting for HCA the rest of way and will be trying to stay ahead of the Warriors. Boston and Philly will be trying to jump ahead of Indy and avoid a brutal first-round matchup.
  6. We're at the point where it's a disappointing night if he only blocks two shots. Beast.
  7. I don't really have a problem with the new forums. The main page is a pain now though and the player pages are absolutely horrendous. Too much going on and now you can't see a team's rotation, only the starters.
  8. Tough landing spot. Nurk is at about 28 MPG these days so that's 20 to be divided up between Kanter, Leonard, and Collins depending on the matchup. Can't think of too many games where the Blazers could get away with a Kanter/Nurk lineup so we're likely looking at 15-18 MPG. He should have some nice usage in the second unit since the Blazers don't have too much bench scoring, but he looks like only a real deep league guy for now.
  9. Been rolling along in a 16-teamer punt assists build despite starting with Kawhi and Jimmy and having some nightmare weeks early on due to rest/pouting. Pretty happy with the team. Strong in both percentages which I always aim for with punt assists and dominant in TOs. It was a little weak in blocks, but Mitch Rob fixed that. Could use a little work in 3s because I recently traded away Ross in a package for Capela (Whiteside + Ross + Zeller to a punt FT% team getting smoked by injuries). I keep waiting to run into problems rolling with punt assists, but I haven't yet. Fairly easy build to pull off. Your floor is very high if you are decent in both percentages and TOs. In my 12-teamer, I started with a punt blocks team built around Jokic and it's morphed into more of a punt threes team with below-average points. Blocks are pretty solid now with Mitch Rob exploding, Cousins back, and Harrell stepping up his defense. Picked Love in 3, so that was fun. Luckily, I also went Nance in 8. I was in first for 10ish weeks and then I had two weeks where I had 7-8 injured players. I'm in a dog fight for the second bye now. All things considered, it's been pretty successful. I'm not surprised my team has turned into a weaker threes and points team. I find I value stocks and percentages from my waiver-wire adds more than points and threes so most years I end up improving those cats and weakening my points and threes as the year goes on.
  10. JV has quietly been having a bit of a breakout season. He's at 24.5/14/1.5 BPG per 36 on great percentages. He's going to be awesome.
  11. I feel for the guy. Ya, he already got paid, but this is probably the end of him as a decent player. Can't feel good. He'll be 30 when he comes back and his game is super dependent on athleticism. I wonder if this changes the Wizards approach to keeping Beal or Porter. It should. Assuming Wall is done as a borderline All-Star level player, they'll basically be trying to win with 65% of the cap for the next four years. They'd be crazy not to blow it up and go all-in on the tank.
  12. Sato's 9-cat ranking since the Wall injury: 60th Wall's 9-cat ranking this year: 60th NOT BAD
  13. Looking forward to the meltdown that Jimmy and his camp have when he gets offered nowhere close to the max. They have played this season terribly. There's a ton of great UFAs this summer. Why would a team want to take their shot on an aging, injury-prone diva who hasn't even been that good this season. He's only played at least 70 games twice in his career. He also has a shaky jumper and his offense is dependent on his ability to get to the line. He's not someone who projects to age all that well. Everything about Jimmy screams "trap". We'll see who is dumb/desperate enough to take the plunge.