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  1. Grabbed him. I also had him last season towards the end. Posted respectable stats and with Doncic as the PG, he should be making alley oops often.
  2. I'd do it for the upside. Collison is not giving you much anyway.
  3. I like Siakam better. Plus I think he will play more games than Rose
  4. I'm not too hot on the available guys - but best among them would be Mack If ever you want to push thru, im thinking that Boban and Forbes are droppable. Help?
  5. Gasol is a big risk especially if Memphis season goes on a downward spiral. Murray Mc Collum and Lopez are solid players so I feel you're giving up too much. Maybe remove either McCollum or Murray. They recently had big games, maybe the other party might accept. Help?
  6. I'm leaning towards accepting. My team in my sig. WHIR
  7. Just got him and Vucevic for Simmons and Sabonis Then I remembered those tough stretches. Cant pass up the opportunity to participate in this thread.