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  1. Draft Tonight!
  2. What I like about this team is that besides LBJ, you do not have any glaring risks for load management. A lot of young guys and upside. Thanks for the help with mine.
  3. I like those three players this year, but I would still take Lillard and hope you can succeed off the wire to make up for the depth you lose. Here is mine:
  4. Really depends on the team, because they give you different stats. That said, I'd probably actually go with Mitch. I know he is getting a wild amount of hype, but he could win you blocks for years. I have always had a hard time trusting KP and given his recent injuries, I try to avoid drafting him. Here is mine:
  5. As more news about Paul George's shoulder injury comes out, it seems he could miss a fair amount of time in the start of the season at least. I was offered Jamal Murray and Julius Randle for him. I'm actually considering it based on this injury. Too little? Thoughts? I have two IR slots so I could just stash him for a month or two. Team is below. 9-CAT H2H 12-Team Jrue Holiday Shai Gigeous-Alexander Jeremy Lamb TJ Warren Tobias Harris Bam Adebayo Mitch Robinson Jarret Allen Brandon Clarke Dejounte Murray Landry Shamet Paul Millsap Kyle Anderson Paul George
  6. Should have mentioned this is 9-CAT H2H with salary cap
  7. In order I would keep Randle, Harris, Murray, Horford, Galo. Help with mine?
  8. If they already rejected KAT, getting Kawhi for Dame is fair, but of course expect to get less games out of him. If you have a two-year limit, perhaps you can flip Kawhi if he gets off to a hot start in LA before he really starts sitting a lot of games. Help on mine?
  9. I am new to dynasty leagues and have always played redrafts. I have both Toby Harris and Vucevic in the team I inherited, but they don't fit the rebuild. I have basically no picks for this upcoming rookie draft in a 30 player league. What kind of draft picks would you expect to get back in a trade for either player? Thanks.
  10. This is my final week in all of my leagues. Thanks.
  11. Coming in on this late, but Ayton has 1 game left this week. Dropping him for someone on the Clippers, Kings, or Nuggets that have three games in the next four days makes sense to me. With only 10 teams and I am sure a few of them checked out, you can try to pick him back up after he clears waivers. Next week you can try to do the same with Sato who only has 3 games or Markkanen who only has 3 games. Like @TheVladeFather mentioned, focus on 1 or 2 categories with your streaming. Here is mine:
  12. Got it. No, I still don't think it is a vetoable trade. The three players on the one side were underperforming or hurt at the time. The one side is betting that they will improve...that didn't really happen so much. Take the output for the past two days as an example. Kemba just keeps playing well most of the time. Here is mine:
  13. You have to weigh how much you care about the third place matchup next week if you lose this week. If you do not care, drop him. If you care about next week's matchup, keep him. In my leagues 3 place usually pays at least the entry fee back. Depends if your current week is a lost cause. He will likely have a big game against Cleveland next week. His latest dud was a product of all touches going to Devin Booker as he tried to get 60 points. Replacing Ayton's production next week will not be easy off the wire. Here is mine:
  14. Not vetoable this far after. Do your settings allow for a veto 4-weeks after the fact? Here is mine: