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  1. I would be surprised if he didn't get 10
  2. There's no chance he goes that high. He wasn't even close this year. He has another disappointing year under his belt with more competition for targets next year.
  3. Newsome has looked way better than Jackson. This is trouble. Need a fumble.
  4. Some guy on twitter said West would get 8-12 touches, which if accurate, means a 50/50 split. I would take the opinion more seriously if they had phrased it like that, mostly because 16-24 rb touches is not a given for the chiefs in this game. Either way its a bummer right now.
  5. Hunt got 4.9 PPR against the chargers earlier in the year, so the 10 point floor is not real as usual. I'm still playing him over Ingram though.
  6. I would be surprised if they do. I think that's a unique interpretation we just read.
  7. Because he's a new player and everyone has to say what they think he will do and who they're starting him over. None of the points count if we don't do it.
  8. The playcalling and Trubisky himself are too inconsistent to trust anyone in the offense outside of Cohen and Trubisky. There aren't any matchups left in the season where I think the upside is worth it.
  9. I certainly don't like the current usage. Drake would do the job well and he'd bring an explosiveness to the table that's been well documented here. I thought he would when I drafted him. It's just not nearly as black and white as Jones/Charles.
  10. That was Todd Haley, and that was the gold standard of awful coaching. This situation isn't even close because as has been noted, Gore is capable of positive yards (and actually good, although I don't really wanna mention that here.)
  11. Is Wentz TD not showing for anyone else? Edit: ah there it is, now go get two more
  12. Yea, no. Jackson is the opposite of the pass catching back in that offense and Ware plays (or played) for the best passing offense in the league. Jackson over Ware is a fine move but you just named the two main things Ware has in his favor.
  13. They just ran him into a brick wall 20 times when they had a perfectly healthy rookie in the game, so I doubt it.