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  1. Yeah, I currently have Robert Williams for my last roster spot. You think He’ll eventually leapfrog Kanter and Theis in minutes? I’m torn between him and DJJ but can only add one atm. DJ looking really good this preseason.
  2. I play 16 teams with 14 roster spots. Which has the most chance at value this season? Robert Williams Derick Jones Jr. Jordan Poole Jeff Green Royce O’Neal DJ Augustine (Probable starter but no upside)
  3. Yeah, I need this guy to play BADLY. I’m neck and neck vs team that has both Rabb and Noah and they killed me yesterday.
  4. Man oh man oh man! What a beast! Love having this guy on my team.
  5. Been wanting to post about this and found this forum. This new format sucks! It’s way too bright and too much scrolling. Please revert it back to the original. Is there a ‘default theme’ option for the player news page? Or is it only for the forum page?
  6. Nice line once again. This guy saved my team today.
  7. Mr. consistent quitely putting up a mini 9 cat line. Love it.
  8. Where’s that C eligibility in Yahoo?! He should have gotten it by now wth.
  9. He good. So glad I was able to beat the rush. Let’s go Rodi!
  10. Seems to have found his groove after injury. Lucky I plucked him off waivers!
  11. Lebron beast as usual but man his FT% have been extra bad this season so far. 9 out of last 10 games he’s shooting below 70%.
  12. Is george hill taking some of his minutes? Noticed 11min only first half while Hill got 10.