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  1. Covington, Teague, and Rose all out for the rest of the season. Someone has to score...
  2. It's hard to play well when you're arguably on the worst team in basketball and only have one other player out there who isn't an NBA role player talent wise.
  3. People have such a short term memory in 82 game seasons.
  4. Kenrich 100% considering opportunity. If Diallo were to actually be getting minutes it would be a different story.
  5. This dude is killing it coming out of nowhere over the last 5 or so games. Now that JJJ is sitting out for a hot minute, he could actually put up decent value. He did so even with Val actually playing well and getting minutes.
  6. Please stay healthy, don't get shut down. Please stay healthy, don't get shut down. Please stay healthy, don't get shut down. Please stay healthy, don't get shut down. Please stay healthy, don't get shut down.
  7. They played next to each other and then Nurk was traded because it didn't work.
  8. Rotoworld is just trying to keep up with ESPN in ruining a good thing.
  9. Yea, dude is 34. He would be insane to not want 25 mil and to stay on a team that can go to the finals.
  10. I think people sensationalize way too much existential dread and life crises into a bunch of millionaires throwing an orange ball into a hoop. Players in the league want stability, money, and fame. Everyone in an organization is tradeable (e.g. DeRozan, Gasol), and either way you swing it, the players continue to amass ridiculous quantities of wealth and notoriety no matter where they play. If players want to sulk and play poorly because they're less valuable than Anthony Davis, then they're just diminishing their future earnings and stability, paradoxically. On the team front, Pelicans will pursue whatever nets them the most return and future team growth. If at the end of the trade season this summer the Lakers have the best residual offer, then they'll take it. They're not going to turn down the best offer because Magic Johnson complained.
  11. Depends what you're looking for in a player, since they produce in different categories for the most part. Huerter's position is rough to forecast. He's definitely a future part of the franchise, but cedes touches and minutes to some combination of Bazemore, Prince, and Bembry. He has a better ceiling than all those dudes, but who knows if he gets anywhere close to it this season. Kenrich seems to be pretty solidified in the rotation right now, with only Etwaun Moore threatening future minutes (and he's pretty bad). They are going to try to not play Solomon Hill so they don't have to pay him, and they don't want Julius Randle and AD on the floor at the same time. All that being said, if you need PTs, Rebounds, Blocks, and 3s, go with Kenrich. If you want PTs, a little bit more assists, steals, and slightly more 3s production, go Huerter. I'd feel better with Kenrich, currently. Huerter probably hurts you a little more on TOs (not really noticeable).
  12. Yea, my thought with Denver is just them wanting to win now and Milsap being injury ridden. Faried isn't really a center, so Kanter would provide someone actually big enough to play the 5 with Capela on the bench. With the 6ers, they're only giving Boban around 13-15 minutes and lack any real offensive off the bench now that they've moved JJ Reddick to the starting lineup and purged their offensive role players in the Tobias trade. With the Nets, Davis is pretty lackluster. Really any team he goes to will have someone already filling up the minutes. He'll realistically provide an offensive upgrade to people who may already exist. The Bucks are a good call. That could work out pretty well for them, but he would definitely be limited to only playing while Giannis isn't on the floor since they need to surround Giannis with people who can shoot 3s.
  13. I'm a Celtics fan, but if I remember right it was Beverly, Harrell, Louis Williams, Gallinari and I think Shamet. Shamet is the only one I'm unsure of.
  14. I don't think any rebuilding team will want him. Teams would want him to be an instant offense off the bench kind of guy in a rotation missing big men. From a pure fantasy perspective, I think places like the 6ers, Nets, Hornets, Nuggets, Rockets, or Spurs would be beneficial.
  15. Especially because his value isn't on the ball. Rebounds, blocks, and efficiency is where he really pulls through, and he can do that as long as he gets minutes.