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  1. Tempting to keep Lillard but I think Jokic has the higher upside long-term, plus he's a triple-double threat from the center position which is incredibly rare.
  2. Out of the options provided I think Bagley is probably the safest long-term bet. You've basically laid out all the same concerns I have for the other guys. JJJ is def an intriguing all around option but a little rawer than Bagley is currently.
  3. I think you've got the first 5 ranked correctly. If you have an IR slot, John Wall seems like a pretty solid if not risky stash. I wouldn't blame you for picking Lonzo just to lean younger, but I'm still not sure where his ceiling is with LeBron. It's possible he gets traded this offseason though. I'm not super high on Lonzo's fantasy value going forward personally, so I would probably still lean towards Wall.
  4. Out of my three teams I only have one still alive in the playoffs. I'm in the second week of my final matchup and need help setting my starters for the week. Annoyingly, this league locks our lineups on Monday so I got screwed by early injuries to Nurkic and Markannen last week. I have a few other guys banged up and need to try and determine who to bench this week. Check out my lineup below: PG - De'Aaron Fox SG - Donovan Mitchell SF - Khris Middleton PF - Tobias Harris C - Joel Embiid G - Luka Doncic F - Nikola Jokic UTIL - Bojan Bogdanovic UTIL - Jamal Murray UTIL - Marvin Bagley Bench - Mitchell Robinson, Lauri Markannen, Kelly Oubre IR - Jusuf Nurkic I want to potentially start Robinson over one of Doncic, Embiid, Murray, Bagley or Middleton depending on health. I think there's a good chance Doncic gets shut down for the year, but I'm currently trailing in threes, assists, turnovers, fg% and ft% in my matchup with strong leads already in blocks and rebounds where Robinson helps most. On the other hand, Embiid is missing two games this week so I figure it might make the most sense to replace his production.
  5. He just got dropped in my 20 team league and I picked him up as a speculative add. It is frustrating though to not have any sort of concrete time table available.
  6. Was trying to determine what the impact of this trade would be on his fantasy value. I know his ceiling is already somewhat limited on the Knicks, but do you see his minutes/touches going up in Sacramento?
  7. Yeah, I think Booker is def going to light it up from deep this year and probably will get a healthy chunk of assists too. That said, I think a lot of his stats can still be covered by the combo of Conley and Cov. Plus Covington can help you with stocks and rebounds. He's incredibly underrated, especially when it comes to fantasy but he's one of those guys who generally returns great value and finishes far above his ADP. The risk with Conley is definitely injury though, so that's the major downside here.
  8. I def prefer RHJ to James Johnson, but I don't think I would drop any of those guys until I see how he plays. Out of those 3 I probably would consider Osman or Isaac right now, but I like the upside of both of those guys.
  9. I'm with the consensus here. Definitely prefer the side with Ingles in the first deal since I'm pretty high on him in general, even if he does cool off a little bit. In the second deal the Tobias side wins due to the upside of Harris and Kuzma. As others have mentioned, Kyrie is also somewhat of an injury risk as well.
  10. As much as I love Luka's upside, at this juncture of their careers Harris is probably the better bet.
  11. I'm in a 5-CAT 20 team league with only 8 roster spots and NO BENCH or IR. I've been holding onto John Collins since picking him up last week, but with the recent news that he needs be re-evaluated again on November 4th, I'm not sure if I can justify holding onto him for that long. For reference, guys like Will Barton and Kris Dunn have also been dropped in our league as well for the same reason. I'm wondering whether it makes sense for me to pick up Montrezl Harrell for the time being instead and just hope Collins is still around by 11/4. If not, I could always try to grab Dunn/Barton before they get back. I feel like Harrell is already putting up the type of stats I would expect from Collins and seems to be getting increased minutes in the Clippers offense. Here's my team for reference: 20 Team, 5-Cat, H2H, NO BENCH, NO POSITIONS: UTIL - Nikola Jokic, Marc Gasol, Mike Conley, Nikola Vucevic, Jonathan Isaac, Derrick Favors, Danilo Gallinari, John Collins Let me know what you guys think and I'll try to help with any of your questions too. Thanks!
  12. Yeah, I think I prefer the Doncic side as well. LeVert does look good, but I agree that Luka has the better upside. I would offer the deal and see what the owner says. I do think it's pretty early to panic though since games just started a few days ago.
  13. Not sure if you're trying to flex, but that is a pretty killer team. I have no idea how you ended up with one so deep (curious about your league setup). Pretty amazing that you ended up with AD, PG, Gobert and Oladipo! Plus you've got tremendous depth as well. I don't think I really have any major suggestions to be honest since I like basically everyone on your roster and it seems to be pretty well balanced. Great job!
  14. For someone who claims not to know much about fantasy basketball you've got a real solid team for a 14 team league. Davis, Gobert and Kemba are a great foundation to work with. I think you also got some pretty solid supporting pieces as well. Your strengths def seem to lie in rebounding and blocks, so picking up Damian Jones to contribute off the bench might compliment those categories. As others have said, you're def punting assists with this build, so I might try to lean into your strengths more. Def could use some additional 3 point shooting. I would probably try to trade guys like Teague and Brogdon if possible.
  15. Guess I would need to see the rest of your team too to make a real decision on this. I think Jrue still offers far better value obviously, but Prince has enough upside to consider this offer, especially if he continues to develop his game.