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  1. Had Gould going tonight, he misses 2 FGs and had another blocked. Lost by 2.4. This game sucks.
  2. Put him in or get fired! Booger is a clown.
  3. One more call from Booger for Gruden to be fired. Booger should be gone with him.
  4. Agreed. Boog is the worst and calling for the firing of an active coach, no matter how terrible, is just awful.
  5. How they don't give Monty more work is beyond me. Unreal
  6. AP is a team killer. Terrible football player.
  7. JG Wentworth commercial was better than Blink
  8. There are 2-3 plays in almost every game that could go either way. Wasn't a great game. Wasn't terrible. Couple plays either direction and it could have been great, or just as easily terrible. If this is bad Lamar, owners are in for a great season.
  9. Pretty sweet floor. Didn't turn it over. Couple of overthrows that would have been big plays, and Harbaugh made a couple questionable calls. If this is bad Lamar, I will be a happy camper this year.
  10. Both on hand. Bought the Grand Marnier last year after drafting him. This is gonna be a great Sunday.