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  1. Agreed. I was an owner in 2018 and got lucky. If they lean on the run game again like they did this year, I don't see him approaching his 2018 TD total. Could he? Sure. Odds are stacked against it, however.
  2. We do 2 keepers. Players drafted in the first 3 rounds are ineligible. Keeper cost is the round he was drafted in minus 3 rounds. So if a player was drafted in the 4th, he would be your 1st round pick if kept. Following year he is ineligible to keep. No maximum number of years or anything. Keepers are declared and slotted into the draft as that owners pick for that round, so its really easy for everyone to determine value and if he is eligible from year to year. Free agent and WW pickups are slotted as 8th round picks if elected as a keeper. If the player was drafted and then dropped, his original draft position remains his round number for determining keeper cost the following year. So a 1st round pick dropped for a season long injury could not be grabbed later on for an 8th round keeper the next year. This seems to provide enough value for keepers, and cycle players quickly enough as well.
  3. Took 3rd after having the most points scored as well as the most points score against. 11-2 regular season. Lost AJ Green, then lost James Conner, then Odell, then Josh Gordon, then Lamar Miller. Easily the best team I have ever had prior to the injuries late in the year. WIlson, Kamara, Damien Williams, and Carson carried me tonight to the 3rd place finish. Just happy to finish in the $ after the brutal last month. Final roster Goff, WIlson Kamara, Conner, Carson, Miller, J. White, G. Edwards, Damien Williams Odell, AJG, Gordon, C. Samuel, C. Hogan Ebron Zuerlein Tennessee 3 Keeper league. Can keep Kamara as an 8th, Carson as a 9th, Conner as an 11th, or possibly James White as a 14th round pick next year. My first 5 picks may all be WR's.
  4. Need 46 points from Kamara and Curtis Samuel. Hoping for a vintage Kamara game!
  5. I got a bad (possible) beat for you. Beating will continue into tomorrow night. I play the crappiest team in the playoffs after earning a 1st round bye. He is at least 150pts behind every other playoff team. He has been playing Royce Freeman and Kenny Stills all year. Just before the Thursday game he decided to bench Stills for.....yep........Mike Williams. He still plays Royce, so a nice gift to me there. I have the decision between either Lamar Miller or Chris Carson. Had Miller in and decided to stick with it Saturday morning since he gets a little work in the passing game too, and Carroll rotates 3 rbs. My daughter has an all day basketball tournament in a junior high school. Cell phone doesn't work there for some reason, not sure if there is some signal blockers or something going, but I can't check roto, don't get updates, and missed that Penny was being ruled out and Carson was now in a better situation. Game starts, Miller gets locked, and subsequently injured almost immediately. Carson scores 23.80 on my bench today. Add to that, Ebron and Josh Gordon's stellar lines and I am getting crushed by 60. I still have a sliver of hope, but its bleak. Need Goff, Kamara and Zuerlein to be amazing, and Robert Woods to Gordon him. Down OBJ, AJG, and Conner heading into the playoffs. Fantastic.
  6. Of course I play the only team in the world that started Mike Williams...
  7. Maybe its just the receiving work that I am anticipating. Feels like Carson is a lock for 120/1. Miller feels like 90/1. If Williams gets into the end zone, I think he outscores both. Maybe you just talked me into taking the "sure thing" with Carson/Miller. IDK
  8. I have the same situation. I think I am going with Williams and Carson in .5ppr. I think Williams does well tonight. My gut says 12/65/0 and 5/40/1. If Williams sucks, I will probably put in Miller instead of Carson and hope he has another blow up game.
  9. Olsen has not been nearly as explosive as Ebron. I have both and will be running Ebron without hesitation. Ebron averaged 10 targets/game the 5 weeks Doyle was out.
  10. Interesting. Just looked through the settings available on Yahoo and you are correct. Looks like I will save myself the trouble and not bring it up. We would have to switch platforms to change it!
  11. #3 TE in my league, with less competition for touches now with Doyle out. Seems like a slam dunk.
  12. I am commish in our league and nearly lost because of the play. I wouldn't change scoring rules during the season no matter how upset an owner was, but it is definitely going to be one we talk about in the off season heading into next year. Kinda feels like a D/ST score to me, but will put it to a vote. I can see both sides of this argument. What if the Saints run a fake FG and sneak Brees in to hold or something like that? If he throws a TD, I know that owner would be pitching a fit if he didn't get credit.
  13. Would like to at least get a look at him before the playoffs start. Here's to hoping he is good to go next week.