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  1. let's be ready that this weakling wont play today since he played last game.. and then wont play again on b2b because those teams are bottom teams.
  2. At least Conley has the guts to play compare to this chicken.
  3. ok my bad that is so harsh..then i'll just wish he gets diarrhea for 10 years and then constipation for another 10 years.
  4. i don't care anymore with my fantasy team but i hope he truly injure his body and don't get any money at all..just kidding, just hoping he just get a nightmare and don't wake up at all.
  5. what do you guys think of his injury?..is this just a precautionary rest and treatment or will this linger and make him miss multiple weeks?
  6. With fantasy playoffs just around the corner (3 weeks for some leagues), who do you think are the guys that are in risk of being shut down by their teams?
  7. Didn't you watched thr playoffs last year?..lol Tatum has more upside and hell we don't even know if he still has untapped potential since he is in a very loaded team. But that should be discussed in another forum. You don't just trade your superstar for a bunch of role players, you've got to have young players with superstar potential too (i.e. Tatum, Simmons, Mitchell, Doncic) and not some bunch of guys with low ceiling.
  8. I won't even trade Tatum for Lonzo, Ingram and Kuzma and bunch of Lakers picks. Would you?
  9. damn you kawhi!..just want to punch your face over and over and over again!
  10. or maybe: "this kid is soft and i like him that way..because of that we'll give him his max money and 40 sick leaves for the season"
  11. what a p*ssy! i want my knuckles to land to his mouth and then land his face to my knuckles. so soft!
  12. Lakers is playing terrible right now. After seeing their games and the efforts of their players, it looks like there are games when they lack motivation. I think these are the things they need to do: they need gobert for rim protection, they need kawhi for perimeter defense, they need george for defense and scoring, they have to sign popovich for proper coaching, they need curry for three point threat, kd for isolation plays, kobe needs to come back for clutch moments, danny ainge also as gm, and then spurs mascot for catching wild bats, they also need young cp3 for playmaking and then zion williamson to make their future bright. and yeah of course they need lebron to recruit those guys. lol.