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  1. that's what i'm talkin about!
  2. Is this vetoable?

    We have a league rule that trades will be processed at the end of the week and since the pre and post asb weeks are combined, the trade was supposed to be processed next weekend (smart by that time should have been playing). i am the owner of smart and chriss and I fielded many offers for the two like Ariza and Pau and ended up with Thad Young owner accepting my offer. I am rank 4 while he is outside rank 15. I agree that if there is collusion, it should have been vetoed but in this case there is none. btw this is a redraft competitive league.
  3. Trade Advice? WHIR

    I'll take it any day. Mccollum and Klay cancels out each other with equal value while Embiid is a huge upgrade for Capela. The only takeaway for Embiid is his health but since they are on their playoff hunt, it is very less likely that he will rest and even so, his production will still cover the stats that Capela will give (huge upgrade on FT too!)
  4. Dynasty blockbuster

    Nah even its dynasty I'll still pass on this one. You are giving too much for just Jokic, Harris and DSJ (who may show flashes of upside but may still be uncertain to be a legit star in the future unlike Mitchell and Simmons). RwB, George and Blake are not yet in their 30s so they are stil on their prime who can give you at least 5 more elite years. in my opinion, you can retain either one of the three (rwb side) and still get those three you want. Players on the RWB side are already established superstars and you can acquire more than you will have here. Help on mine?
  5. My bad wrong link sorry. Help on mine pls.
  6. Which side? Whir

    If it is points league I'll take Butler side all day (with most stocks too) with WCS having the most upside. mccollum side is better fit for h2h or roto league due to efficiency. Help on mine?
  7. C.Lee, VanVleet or Satoransky

    FVV is a safer choice (I'll go with Sato if he will be the starter the rest of the season). FVV is beating even on limited minutes, and Casey is using Lowry, Derozan and FVV sometimes in small ball lineups like last game so he looks legit especially if the raps choose to rest some of their guys before playoffs. Help on mine? https://sports.yahoo.com/dailyfantasy/contest/2369051/setlineup
  8. make it and run away!..jrue is a top 25 player this year ros and ingles is very underrated and on a tear lately so bonus player for you if you do this trade is beasly. Help on mine? https://sports.yahoo.com/dailyfantasy/contest/2369051/setlineup
  9. Which trade to offer for towns?

    Why dont you try Simmons and Allen? If he'll reject it, I'll offer Simmons and Capela as it will help you increase your free throw and minimize your TO while still being being very competitive with the other cats except assist. Anyway, you have a monster team there. Help on mine?
  10. Nance or Hezonja

    I'll go with Nance. He is locked in a more defined role in Cleveland especially with Love out for the next 6-7 weeks. Hezonja is ok but with Gordon and Vucevic returning after the all star break, its just a jatter of time before he goes back to the bench and play limited time. Help on mine?
  11. DYNASTY trade. Who wins? WHIR

    Help on mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/693230-is-this-vetoable/
  12. DYNASTY trade. Who wins? WHIR

    Westbrook side by a thousand year. Not only they have Beastbrook but they also have Allen who is a great shot blocking rookie and Colins who will be a monster nxt year. Fultz looks like will have a hard time with his injury.
  13. Kyrie For Horford + Bledsoe WHIR!

    Horford Bledsoe side wins especially if this is a deep league (14 teams or more than). Help on mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/693230-is-this-vetoable/
  14. Jarrett Allen or Dedmon? WHIR!

    I'll go with Allen. While Dedmon is providing greater stats than Allen, the Hawks will surely unleash Collins which will cut on the minutes of Dedmon. Allen, meanwhile is getting better and better. Help on mine?