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  1. Carson is the truth. Ive been saying it for awhile now, this Hawks team is GOOD.
  2. He punishes. Love watching him play.
  3. How can these reporters even claim anything regarding pats RBs? Such a joke.
  4. Point blank: if Carson keeps fumbling, he’s done. he fumbles tomorrow, there will be increased consequences. I don’t care what anyone says including Carroll. His a** will be toast and they will bring in someone. Chronic fumbling will not be tolerated.
  5. Hope so. How will you feel if he’s having a mediocre game and lays another ball on the turf? i need Carson in a bad way
  6. Who’s ready to hold their breath from 4-7 tomorrow with me? hate this
  7. I would. I’m bullish on Russell this year, and the Seahawks in general.
  8. I dumped. No sign of any life whatsoever.
  9. Does Carson not ******** realize that the other team wants the damn ball? ******** protect it.