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  1. You're saying Coleman will be a top 5 fantasy RB?? Too many other great fantasy RB to justify that call IMO but Coleman certainly has big upside if he's the main RB under Shannahan. It is worrisome though how Coleman basically flopped last season after Freeman went down...
  2. Really nice landing spot for Funchess IMO. Big upgrade in the passing game from Cam to Luck (especially with Cam's shoulder issues/surgery). Unless IND adds a significant WR via the draft, Funchess doesn't have to beat out any big time talents for the #2 WR job in IND. He's a nice RZ target and he & TJ should compliment each other well. Will be interested to see where his ADP is at come August but definitely a player on my radar as a #4 or 5 fantasy WR with nice upside
  3. All of those are great choices as well, known quantities that are safer. I also expect all of those guys to be ranked ahead of OBJ in the majority of the preseason ranks (along with guys like MThomas & Julio and maybe JuJu & AB). It's the Monken/Kitchens pass heavy offense + Baker + extreme talent + assumed playing with a chip-on-his-shoulder that has me excited about OBJ's 2019 fantasy prospects.
  4. Anyone want to focus the discussion on OBJ's 2019 fantasy value??... I think that the move to CLE is phenomenal for his fantasy value. HUGE upgrade in QB and offensive system. With Kitchens & Monken drawing up the game plan and calling plays, plus year 2 of Baker, the Browns should make a big leap in their passing offense. OBJ is near uncoverable and CLE has other offensive weapons that teams will have to be focused on as well (Landry, Njoku, Chubb/Hunt and Higgins & Calloway are very solid too). Not sure how my top 5 WR is going to shake out but OBJ will definitely be in there and I would not argue against anyone wanting to rank him at #1.
  5. TB just lost a ton of targets and production with the exodus of Humphries and DJax. Obviously they will draft or sign some replacements (John Brown reuniting with Arians is a logical fit**). Still, most of the offseason focus will be on the Godwin break-out (and rightfully so) but what about Evans. He's sort of flying under the radar behind the other big name WR but he could certainly be in for a career year under Arians in his age 26 season. **nevermind, just saw Brown signed with BUF.
  6. Murray a clear downgrade from Ingram. With regards to Kamara's fantasy value, I'd much rather have him competing for touches with Murray than most of the other top FA RB (i.e. Ingram, Coleman, Lynch and even guys like Ajayi, CJ Anderson, Mike Davis, etc.)
  7. Not sure why people think JuJu will regress if AB leaves PIT. He will definitely see more targets (team will be losing 168 from 2018 AB). Also, it's a small sample size but he's played very well in games that AB has been knocked out or missed (2017 week 15 - 6 rec 110 yds 0 TD, week 16 - 6 rec 75 yds 1 TD, week 17 - 7 rec 143 yds 1 TD, 2018 week 17 - 5 rec 37 yds 1 TD) Opportunity (increase in targets) + Talent (JuJu a great and ascending player) = big things for 2019. At this point, the only guys I would definitely rank over him are Tyreek and DeAndre. Obviously could change my mind and push guys like Devante, Michael Thomas, OBJ, AB, or Julio above but for now, No.
  8. I agree. Most early 2019 rankings too low on Bell IMO. If he ends up in one of the situations above, I will be ranking him above Gurley, Kamara, and CMac.
  9. BAL the dark horse team to watch IMO. Team building the offense from scratch under new OC Roman to cater to LJackson's strengths. Expect them to want to run, run, dump-off pass/screen, run some more, then set-up some play-action shots downfield. Plus, 2 revenge games against PIT each year. They have the cap space, it's just a matter of BAL being willing to pay Bell what he wants. It makes a lot of sense on paper. Another team to watch for is HOU. They are ready to win now and a RB talent like Bell is the piece that they've been sorely missing on offense.
  10. Well, Carr did support 2 top 15 fantasy WR in 2016 (Crabtree #11 & Amari #13) & the year before they were both top 25 fantasy WR. AB is better than both and has lesser competition for targets.
  11. So assuming Brown does indeed leave PIT, are there any realistic landing spots that absolutely tank his fantasy value? - not saying that he will be as productive as he was in PIT but is there a situation where you would no way rank in your top 10 fantasy WR. NYJ have the cap space and I worry about any team's offense that's being coached by Gase, so I'd say NYJ for sure. TEN, BUF or DET would not be good either. Probably ARI although the volume in the passing offense should be there with Kingsbury and it's not out of the question that Rosen makes a big year 2 improvement. I'd still rate him top 10 in OAK. Gruden would scheme to get him the ball and Carr is good enough to support a top 10 fantasy WR. IND, SF, HOU or GB would all be good spots and 3 of those teams (SF excluded) are in win now mode.
  12. Per Fantasy Football Calc (and I know it's way early) but his 2019 ADP is WR8....dude just finished as the #1 fantasy WR and has Mahomes throwing to him. Crazy how Tyreek could be undervalue coming off his last 2 seasons, but he currently is. Will be the #1 WR on my board. Also, Tyreek set to make $2M in the final year of rookie contract. To keep things in context, his teammate DeMarcus Robinson is set to make a couple hundred thousand more than Hill in 2019. A hold-out could be looming if something's not done to get his pay in line with what he deserves...
  13. Yeah, I made this same mistake last year and tried to argue that Watkins would steal some of Tyreek's looks and stats. That prediction couldn't have been more wrong....
  14. The AB situation is not going to be like the LeVeon one. For 2019, AB will be the highest paid WR in the NFL (22M+). He's also igoing to be 31, and this guy has an ego (i.e. cares about stats and being considered one of the all-time greats). I highly doubt that he's not going to forfeit this huge sum of money and waste one of his waning peak years. Either PIT finds a suitable trade partner (SF still makes a lot of sense both due to their cap space and high pick in rd #2, plus another later picks or 2020 pick) or AB is back and playing for the Steelers in 2019. AB is definitely making some questionable decisions lately but forgoing this kind of money would be another whole level crazy....
  15. Sutton actually had a pretty decent rookie season (too many 1 or 2 reception duds though after DT was traded). The biggest issue is that I'm not convinced that he will even be the best fantasy WR on DEN. DaeSean Hamilton and Tim Patrick both outscored him in PPR to close out the year after Sanders got injured (last 4 weeks of the season). Both of those guys will be very late rounders, whereas Sutton will most likely slot in towards the end of middle rounds. I'd rather take the guys that are essentially free, who could end up being better for fantasy. Overall though, a pretty solid looking, young WR trio in DEN. Maybe there's some upside to Flacco in DEN after all.
  16. I didn't think that BOS was open to dealing Tatum but, if that's the case for AD, then I can see this being at least as attractive as the Lakers offer.
  17. NO turning down a package of Ball, Kuzma, Ingram, Hart, Zubic and 2 future 1st rd draft picks seems crazy to me. What better offer are they going to get than that? What is this monster package that BOS can offer?
  18. Decent weeks...he was the #1 scoring fantasy QB over that time, I’d say he was pretty decent... Allen has the upside to be the #1 fantasy QB for 2019. Not saying it’s going to happen but it’s not crazy to say.
  19. You’re right & there’s nothing more to say at this point. First comes FA period, then the April draft. We should know where things after that. Just have to add though that Damien really “sucked” his way into elite fantasy RB production these past 7 weeks & KC’s playoff loss was due to his inability to make plays & score TD’s. Also William’s fault that Mahomes blew that 2nd quarter TD by overthrowing a streaking & open Williams in the end zone...
  20. You're using Kevin Kolb from 2008 as your example against taking Damien Williams for 2019?? You can't come up with a better or more relevant example than that? There are a bunch of examples of RB that were overlooked heading into the season even though they were locked into the starting job and were going to be a big part of a good offense. These guys went on to majorly outproduce: 2008 - Michael Turner (drafted as RB 20, late RD 4), finished as the #2 fantasy RB in 1/2 PPR (275 points) 2010 - Arian Foster (drafted as RB16, late RD 3) finished as the #1 fantasy RB in 1/2 PPR (359 points) 2011 - Marshawn Lynch (drafted as RB30, early RD 7) finished as the #5 fantasy RB in 1/2 PPR (230 points) 2016 - LeGarrette Blount (drafted as RB34, late RD 7) finished as the #8 fantasy RB in 1/2 PPR (229 points) All RB who were either unknown, unproven, or thought to be busts heading into their break-out year, in which they had the clear lead RB role for their team entering the regular season. Again, if KC spends significant capital at RB in FA or the draft, then all bets are off for Damien for 2019. However, if the team sticks with Ware, Darrel Williams and/or some lesser RB, then odds are Damien will be the lead back for KC in an Andy Reid offense that tends to favor 1 workhouse RB that plays all 3 downs.
  21. Another point on Williams sticking at the starter in 2019 - the Chiefs have potentially huge contract extensions coming up for Tyreek & on D Chris Jones & Dee Ford. Then after those, a monster deal for Mahomes. Why would KC spend any big money or draft capital on the RB position when Williams just proved on this 6 game run that he's capable of big production in the rushing and especially passing game. They will have other RB on the roster obviously but Reid likes to stick to one guy and Williams has proven to be that guy over the last 6 weeks.
  22. Zeke was even better in the 2nd half after the team acquired Amari and the offense started to move the ball and score points. The #2 RB in PPR from weeks 9-16 in both total points & per game, behind only CMC. Tough to fault anyone who ranks Zeke #1 overall next year but not a bad year to have pick #5 with Gurley, CMC, Saquon & Kamara (especially if Ingram leaves) also all squarely in the mix for #1.
  23. So if KC doesn't spend money on another FA or spend significant capital on another RB, you don't think the KC starting/workhorse RB (who has proven that he can produce big stats for fantasy when given the opportunity) is worthy of being taken before the end of the 2nd rd?? Totally disagree but like I said, we'll see what KC does this offseason.
  24. Always fun to speculate and talk early rankings with FF but with this guy, we really have not clue until we see what KC does in FA and then the draft. Obviously if they don't sign or draft anyone of major significance, then game on for Damien in 2019 and a clear top 10 RB that won't last past the 2nd round.