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  1. What a disaster.... After the Falcons gets smoked at home vs SEA this Sun, Dan Quinn will almost certainly be fired next Monday as ATL heads into their week 9 bye. Look for Raheem Morris or Mularkey to be the interim HC because Arthur Blank can't in his right mind think naming Koetter to that position is a good idea. What a terrible hire by Quinn...Koetter's ATL offense has been atrocious, making Sarkasian look like an offensive wizard. Actually, maybe just keep these coaches employed until the end of this year to guarantee a top 5 draft pick and then clean house.
  2. Fire him up!!! Seriously though with a solid group of WR on bye and other WR injuries, Commandant Lazard a great option this week!
  3. With Davante out this week, anyone out there firing up Geronimo for Week 5 vs DAL? Between injuries and byes, there's definitely worse options out there.
  4. The FA signings were perplexing and discouraging for Mitchell's fantasy prospects for sure (Portis, Randle, Taj, MMorris). There's a lot of possible small ball line-ups where Mitchell can be left out. Who here trusts Fizdale and the Knicks to do the right thing here? Plus, he's had knee soreness and issues this offseason. Love the talent and block potential but hate the situation heading into the season.
  5. One of the most fantasy unfriendly games around. Team crippling, horrific FG% with very low AST and terrible STL and BLK's. Young player (just turned 20) that can certainly improve but his best position seems to be PF and the Knicks loaded up there this offseason with JRandle, Taj, MMorris. Not seeing it at all this year - wasted fantasy pick
  6. Only 22 (in March) and entering his 4th NBA season. LAC signed him to a 4 year $28M contract and there's no depth at C beyond him and Harrell. His 2018-19 per 36 #'s are good (top 75 in both 8 and 9 cat). Very good %'s that have been trending up. All he needs is minutes to pick-up the counting stats. Intriguing guy to monitor in the preseason and potentially worth a last rd pick or $1 auction flyer.
  7. Given his current ADP, the biggest concern is obviously the very poor FT%. Can be a real drain on your team if it doesn't improve, especially if he's getting more minutes (and theoretically more FT attempts).
  8. I think Trae makes the leap this year and will be talked about as a potential 1st rounder this time next year.
  9. I'm pretty loaded at WR but it's really hard not to fire-up Hardman this week for KC's dome matchup at DET. How is this defense going to keep up with him indoors? May have to make a trade to free up a starting space...
  10. Without question, it's been a disappointing start to the year for Williams. However, this SD passing offense has one of the narrowest trees in the NFL. With HHenry hurt and TBenjamin dropping passes and now hurt - all Rivers has to throw to is Keenan, Ekeler and Williams. The double-teams and bracket coverage is going to start coming for Allen and I feel pretty confident that some blow-up games are on the horizon for MWill. I only have him in one league but am looking to acquire him in multiple others.
  11. This guy's killing it for TEN. Great FA signing!
  12. Gordon has to be included otherwise the salaries don’t come close to working & the trade cant happen.
  13. A team like ORL makes a ton of sense because they have the assets necessary and would be in a position to win now. AGordon, Mo Bamba, Fultz and a #1 pick for Westbrook - who says no?? I think it would be a nice haul for OKC and give ORL a roster of: PG: RWB, DJAugustin, MCW SG: Fornier, Ross SF: JIsaac (but guys like Fornier, Ross and AF-Aminu) can player their too PF: AF-Aminu, Khem Birch (plus 2019 #16 overall pick Chuma Emeke coming off his torn ACL in the NCAA Sweet Sixteen match-up) C; Vucevic (and for the back-up C.....bring back Dwight on a team friendly 2 year deal). This team could definitely compete for a top 4 seed in the East. The only 2 teams likely ahead of them are the Bucks and 76ers. Possibly Boston but the Magic would definitely be in that 1-4 seed mix IMO.
  14. No way, Foles to Charkanado going to dominate in 2019!!
  15. I really like TY but just don't see him finishing that high. IND is beating the offseason drum of wanting to run more this season. Having one of the top O-lines and an improving D further backs the team decision to go in that direction offensively. In the passing game, IND has too many other RZ threats with Ebron and Doyle (plus PCampbell added in the 2nd rd) for me to see any significant increase in TD for Hilton. He's talented enough and playing with a good enough QB to fully blow-up but past performance (meaning he's never finished that high before, mainly due to TD and rec totals) plus 2019 team dynamics just not making me see it.
  16. You're right, he's still stuck on that crappy Raiders squad, having to rely on average-at-best Derek Carr to look his way over Michael Crabtree. Wait, what's that you say?...
  17. Unfortunately the injuries are a huge concern and you are not really getting any discount to account for that risk. If Cook stays healthy, then yes, he should be great for all the reasons that you mention above. Usually guys coming of 2 injury plagued seasons can be had outside of the middle of rd 2.
  18. Big potential to really break-out in the new Kingsbury air raid offense. I wish his ADP were lower (currently FFCalc WR33, MFL WR39) but still room for him to outperform and produce much better than anticipated #'s. He could definitely lead ARI in TGT, REC and YDS in what should be a much better offense than it was last season.
  19. Can we trust LaFleur to do the right thing? It took him most of the year to figure it out in TEN with DHenry. I have little confidence in this supposed offensive guru...
  20. Agreed, injury of course always a concern (as it is with almost any player) but the TD # will determine whether Edelman is a good or great/league-winning pick in 2019.
  21. Haha, you have a point. I mostly post while at the office, so that's where my mind-set is at I guess. In this instance though the last post was from 2/12, so this was more about me liking Edelman and wanting to get the discussion going again. I actually get a good laugh from some of the fighting and other nonsense on these boards but some of it is irritating to have sift through all the crap to get to any relevant points. I don't come here to pick fights, insult, or act like I know it all and can't be wrong. Looking to gain and share insight to help myself and others do well in their leagues.
  22. Could not be contained or guarded and killed it in the playoffs (especially the SB where he was the MVP). Even at 32 years old (he just turned 33), Edelman looked as good as I've ever seen him. By far Brady's most trusted target on an offense that's going to want to run the ball and dink and dunk, with the occasional deep shot. He was a 2018 top 10 PPR WR from weeks 5-17 (after he returned from suspension) and I see no reason why he won't repeat this year. Current ADP - WR15 on FFCalc and WR23 on MFL. Definitely some value in drafting Edelman IMO.
  23. On the surface and based on the coaches, yes, and I tend to agree with your statement...but maybe we are wrong for fantasy purposes. There conceivably should be some positive regression for the team's passing yards, which were way down last year from previous seaon's. Plus, DET has one of the narrowest WR passing trees in the league. Golladay is absolutely locked into his role and should run a lot of routes and see a lot of targets.
  24. Just curious as to why you think that Marvin Jones is going to benefit far more than Kenny G from a DET offensive emphasis on explosive passing plays? Both of their career Average YPC are similar (15.0 for Marvin and 15.7 for Kenny G) and Kenny's was higher than Marvin last season (15.2 vs 14.5). I think he would benefit just as much, if not more.
  25. I don't understand the comparison unless you are just stating that you think Golladay's overvalued compared to what Robinson was this time last year. Otherwise, Golladay isn't coming off a torn ACL and playing for a new team.