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  1. PPR Flex Rank These options - WHIP

    1. Coleman 2. Parker 3. Westbrook Thanks for your help on mine!
  2. Which of the following should I start in my last roster spot? - Marvin Jones - Duke Johnson - Marqise Lee - Danny Woodhead - Corey Coleman Thanks in advance! Post your link and I'll gladly return the favor!
  3. 7x7 league with HITS and OBP added to standard categories. I've been offered Jose Abreu, Lorenzo Cain, and Carlos Gonzalez for my Bryce Harper. Is this enough to pull the trigger? Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks for the help on mine. I'm a huge fan of Votto and also a huge fan of selling players high; right now Bellinger can't get any higher. I'd go as far as Bellinger and Trumbo for Votto but try offering less a couple times first...
  5. Is this enough for Harper? WHIR 100%

    Guys look at Harpers stats over the past month or more....I'm sick and tired of name value with him. Both Abreu and Cain are playing a lot better than him. By last years stats Abreu was just as good as Harper alone (3 ranks in difference) for my league settings.
  6. I'm in a 14 team 7x7 league with HITS and OBP added to the standard batting categories...I'm getting a little fed up with Harper and I just got offered Jose Abreu and Lorenzo Cain for him. I'm very close to pulling the trigger, just looking for some second opinions first! Thanks in advance Post your link and i'll return the favor!
  7. I just got another offer for Kershaw. Edwin and DeGrom for him....Is this better?
  8. Who won this trade??

    Wow. That makes me want to throw up lol Basically what you did was hit the jackpot then gave it away immediately lol
  9. It's a pretty deep 14 team league so there's not a whole lot available. I think my favorites would be Solarte, Grossman, Mancini, Gamel, and Parra.
  10. That's not even half of it. You would not believe what has transpired with my team thus far. See my post and help me out please!
  11. Who won this trade??

    Wait, which Jose Ramirez? I sincerely hope no one dropped the Cleveland Jose....If you got Story for the RP Jose, you won it by a long shot. Please see mine
  12. Drop Wacha for Wilson Ramos?

    I like that idea for sure. Ramos is a quality hitter. Please see mine:
  13. Who would you start? WHIR

    I have to disagree...Blach is looking great lately and I personally never choose between two based on their apparent chances for a win only...Blach gets my vote Please see mine:
  14. For reference sake, I traded Freeman, Billy Hamilton, and Altherr for Trout right before Trout got injured :S Please see mine:
  15. 7x7 league with hits and obp added to the standard batting categories and hits against and walks against added to the standard pitching categories. I'm thinking about moving Kershaw for a nice bat since I lost Trout. I've been offered Kris Bryant and Mike Leake for him - is this enough? I should add that I'd still have Chris Sale to anchor my pitching....(I know - save the comments about my league being a joke because I have Kershaw, Sale, and Trout lol) WHIR 100%! Post your link