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  1. I know AD is practically consensus #1 draft, but I told myself 2 seasons ago I’d never draft the guy because I can’t handle how often he visits the locker room. Just not worth the heart attacks. Although if you’re a seasoned AD owner maybe you’re numb to it at this point.
  2. Easy cut if you're in 12-team or fewer. Maybe borderline in 14? Although I'd probably still cut there. What's funny is everyone said there's no way he could keep up his shooting percentages, but he's still at a respectable 53% on the season about 1/3 of the way through. Still, his volume is just too low to make that worth holding him for.
  3. Official Nuggets update is fracture on right big toe. If there's any possible optimism here, in 2011 Gallinari fractured his large left toe and was out 7-10 days.
  4. BBM has his projected return on Jan 23 after 20 games, which is at the tail end of the estimate given by Dr.Google of 4-6 weeks.
  5. 2018-2019 Most Overrated Players

    Was anyone drafting Tatum in the 2nd? Looks like his ADP was 44 in yahoo, which is right around where he is.
  6. 2018-2019 Most Overrated Players

    Not everyone punts in h2h.
  7. 2018-2019 Most Overrated Players

    This doesn't make any sense, so he's the most overrated by having an ADP 3 above the range you gave? Dipo was doing great before his injury trending way up, but somehow all of a sudden we're calling someone overrated because a guy who historically hasn't had any major injuries is currently injured? edit: sorry that 2nd part is not actually directed @Trench Mob just a general statement regarding these forums and recent hate towards Dipo.
  8. Video of the incident if you're curious.
  9. Harden doing harden things flopping, got Gobert upset and he smacked a cup on the announcer's table.
  10. Yikes, just ejected.
  11. Lol I have to say I was joking when I said I was freaking out earlier, but suddenly a bunch of posts also freaking out. I trust Woj way more than this random dude. Taken from Reddit by Pat Boylan (sideline report for the Pacers): edit: to sum up, don't freak out. If it were something actually season ending, they wouldn't have him doing 4on4s, dunking in practice and s--- like that.
  12. That was my guess 7-10 days ago. I'm freaking out.
  13. Agree with MJ. I think Middleton>Porter and Ayton>Nurk.

    Agree with most of these, except for maybe I think Mirotic>Jrich. If you're hurting for big man stats, I'd do the Collins trade, but looking at your team above you seem like you'd be fine without doing that trade especially with Love waiting IL.
  15. 12 team 9-cat standard: I'd be giving Dipo+Gobert, is this giving too much? If so, is countering with Otto+Gobert too much of a lowball? Been trying to do a 2for1 lately with news of Cousins coming back so I need to free up a spot on my roster.