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  1. I am driving the Juancho (not Juan, put some respect on it) bandwagon. Join me folks.
  2. Does anyone have a link to a site that shows pitcher schedules ROS in one table? I recall someone shared one earlier but I can't find it. Thanks.
  3. I have no inside information, but I suspect there is more to the Romo issue than just matchups. Even when they've mixed and matched closers in the past, the Rays have utilized Romo in other roles. To not pitch for a full week is abnormal. I'm curious why Rays beat writers haven't asked or mentioned it. My guess is that either they're doing so out of respect for the situation, or they aren't very good at their jobs (unlikely?).
  4. Some typing and two clicks gets you to the answer. 9 singles, all clustered together. It happens. Just random dumb luck.
  5. Only came here to post the craziest RW blurb of all time: :...but it's not easy for small market teams to acquire a player of Kawhi's caliber, so they'll take the OKC approach and try to woo him during his time in Canada". Never those concerns about that monstrous market in Boston.
  6. Which is sort of insane, right? Like that's legitimately wrong information that would cause someone to bench a guy. Brutal.
  7. Strickland shouldn’t get a save right? Yahoo has it accurate but ESPN and mlb apparently don’t.
  8. Trea Turner's OBP last season: 338. There's your answer.
  9. Free money for any platform engineer reading this.... Make three way trade offers a possibility.