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  1. Hope he fares better against Anthony Davis then he did vs chriss next game.
  2. how is marquees chriss outplaying hin. Sigh. 0-0-0 stats and fouls or Ryan Anderson? I guess I will take Ryan Anderson.
  3. Curious can jjj play center? I think that might be his best position with a floor spreading PF.
  4. curious what’s his dynasty outlook? He isn’t the youngest guy in the block but is his real life play actually this solid and does he have a strong future as a top 60 player? Or is this kind of a short term thing? I have him in my 30 team dynasty (picked him up for free which was huge).
  5. Any updates with his injury? Whats the chance he is back by next week?
  6. He just needs to be taught some defense and he will be really good.
  7. jokic has been playing pretty bad so a few more attempts for murray isnt out of the question. So I do think thats the only way he can increase on his stats.
  8. I agree the assist jump was a big and it does take time. But jus watching his games, he really does not feel like someone who will be anywhere as good as Lillard. But I might be wrong who knows. But like I said the biggest reason why I think he won’t improve as much in his 4th year is because of his situation. Players you mentioned like Lillard/kemba was the best player on their team with not much depth. Murray is not the best player in Denver and they have tons of depth.
  9. Only number that improved year 2-3 is his assista. Points went up only because of more attempts. All other numbers went down. And so far his numbers this year is also identical. Not saying he can’t improve but it likely won’t be drastic.
  10. I am not saying he isn’t a good defensive player. But that his real life defense will be better then his actual stats. Fact so far is that on games where he is not in foul trouble, it is because he isn’t trying to block too many shots or attempt steals or even hustle a rebound. That’s normally when he gets in foul trouble. Sure he can eventually figure out how to do all that without fouling but I just don’t think it will happen this year. For now he is kinda of a guy who will give you 3s but if those aren’t landing, he will give you a very dry no rebound no assist steal or block line. I am praying I am wrong though. I needed him to give me a block or 2 tonight sigh...
  11. I just think we need to adjust our expectations of him. I see him more of a 3 specialist now. He won’t give you much steals blocks or rebounds. Just points and 3s.
  12. I have had enough. Good luck fellas but I am making the drop.
  13. Trying to decide wether to drop JA or Tauren prince...
  14. Myles side for win now and the future.
  15. Disregard signature. I am talking about John Collins our til dec 23.
  16. problem is I dont :(. However collins is sitting on waiver now... And my team is strong enough to take the hit ... hmmm.
  17. Also TJ warren possible drop. Who should or can I drop? 9 cat h2h
  18. is this guy still considered a 12 team guy?
  19. This wasn’t a game where he was in foul trouble though so we can’t blame that. He just got the fouls in 4th.
  20. Still that fear... when his shots not falling... sucks that his defensive stats disappears when he is not fouling and being aggressive..
  21. It’s possible but like you said small sample size. If he can religiously control his fouls I think his blocks could go to 2.3 but more then that will be extremely hard. 2 is more likely.