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  1. Let us not forget these very same Patriots back in 2007. What if this 'could be' Brady's last year and they decide to go out in a blaze of records? Here's a snippet of the 2007 season summary...when they also acquired a talented but volatile WR from Oakland.... The Patriots entered the offseason following a stunning loss to the rival Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship after blowing a 21–3 first half lead. After having lost their two starting wide receivers in the previous offseason, the Patriots added Donté Stallworth in free agency and traded for Wes Welker from the Miami Dolphins and Randy Moss from the Oakland Raiders in the spring. Welker would tie for the NFL lead in receptions with T. J. Houshmandzadeh in 2007 while Moss would set an NFL regular season record with 23 touchdown catches (part of his 98 receptions). The season began with controversy, when Patriot head coach Bill Belichick and the Patriots organization were penalized by the NFL for their involvement in the videotaping of opponents’ defensive signals from an unauthorized location in their Week 1 game against the New York Jets. This came to be referred to in the media as "Spygate". Early in the season, the Patriots won their first two games by identical scores of 38–14, and followed up the next game with a score of 38–7. Despite the media scrutiny, the Patriots continued to gain momentum, winning mid-season games by scores such as 49–28, 52–7, and 56–10, as quarterback Tom Brady emphasized the team's desire to blow out and “kill teams."[1] The Patriots set the record for most points in a season with 589, shattering the previous record by 33 points. The Patriots won 12 games in which they surpassed the 30-point mark, four games in which they surpassed the 40-point mark and two in which they surpassed the 50-point mark.
  2. My guess is yes! Lord knows AB will rapidly turn carcinogenic if he feels 'the man' is keeping him down yet again by not getting enough playing time and targets to hit his $$$$. Plus he just lost his helmet $$$ on top of the money he left in Oaktown so he'll be extra twitchy.
  3. If he can't put out vs. Miami it will officially be time to panic. Personally I suspect a blow-up game that gets his 2019 campaign back on track!
  4. Agree with this 100%. No matter how many points you are behind, you can only score one TD per drive regardless if you are running it or throwing it. Henry has shown he can score from anywhere on the field. This beast wears down defenses but only if you let him. DO NOT ABANDON THE RUN!!! Especially if the dude throwing the ball would be (Ja)Marcus Mariota.
  5. Good for the Raiders. This clown wants to bitch about $13k practice fines let him miss a few game checks / guarantees / bonus dough. No player is above the team!
  6. What happened to all them folks from preseason last year proclaiming how 'explosive' Dion Lewis is?
  7. Titans should give Henry 600+ touches if only so we don't have to watch series like these ever again.
  8. Zeke and agent Drew cannot be liking The Battle of Texas....$$$ flying out the door as the offense continues to roll?
  9. The Darwin Thompson train has come to a screeching halt!
  10. A clear front-runner for the Biggest Bust of 2018. Never drafting a vegetarian again ever! We got Gronked!
  11. No Mack for Bears D today in what Mother Nature is scripting to be a run-heavy game plan. Starting with slightly more confidence than usual!
  12. Whatever the projected TV ratings are for this clunker, I'm taking the under. zzzzzzz
  13. Probably the best outcome for us cursed Freeman owners. At least now he's not hogging up a roster spot! P.S. Screw you Devonta! Guys like you keep guys like Leveon Bell from getting paid.
  14. Curse you Shanahan!! I thought the Shanahandjobs @ RB ended when your father retired. Thanks for the 2 point loss#@$@#@#!#$#@T%#($(#@$)
  15. I agree that Dion is an explosive kick returner and could be a vital component of most fantasy team's Defense/Special Teams unit. We are trying to focus on maximizing RB fantasy points here though.