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  1. A clear front-runner for the Biggest Bust of 2018. Never drafting a vegetarian again ever! We got Gronked!
  2. No Mack for Bears D today in what Mother Nature is scripting to be a run-heavy game plan. Starting with slightly more confidence than usual!
  3. Whatever the projected TV ratings are for this clunker, I'm taking the under. zzzzzzz
  4. Probably the best outcome for us cursed Freeman owners. At least now he's not hogging up a roster spot! P.S. Screw you Devonta! Guys like you keep guys like Leveon Bell from getting paid.
  5. Curse you Shanahan!! I thought the Shanahandjobs @ RB ended when your father retired. Thanks for the 2 point loss#@$@#@#!#$#@T%#($(#@$)
  6. I agree that Dion is an explosive kick returner and could be a vital component of most fantasy team's Defense/Special Teams unit. We are trying to focus on maximizing RB fantasy points here though.
  7. Congrats fellow owners!! 100 pages before a single snap!!!
  8. Per each player's official NFL Combine stats: 40 yard Dash Henry 4.54 Dion 4.62 20 yard Dash Henry 2.67 Dion 2.68 10 yard Dash Henry 1.60 Dion 1.60 So, in fact, this much larger beast Henry is exactly as fast as Dion at 10 yards, slightly faster at 20 yards, and quite a bit faster at 40 yards. He truly is a freak of nature and it is common to assume he is fast 'for his size' but actually he's fast for any size. Here's a clip from an article listing Henry as one of the Top 8 Most Explosive Players in the 2016 Draft: Derrick Henry, RB, Alabama If you're looking at straight-line speed as your only measurement of explosiveness, then Tyler Ervin from San Jose State might be the more appropriate choice among running backs for this list. But consider this -- Henry ran only 13-hundredths of a second slower in his 40-yard dash than Ervin despite outweighing him by 55 pounds. Henry's vertical (37 inches) and broad jump (10-10) were in line with Ervin's (39, 10-10) as well. On the field, Henry's ability to break big runs once in space was a sight to see, as was his ability to go through arm tackles at the line of scrimmage. With the right surrounding cast, Henry's going to be a playmaker. Derrick Henry = Explosive by any measure
  9. On one of Henry's 50+ yard TD runs last year, he was clocked as attaining the top speed of any player in the NFL that week. Including all the smaller guys that were trying to catch him. Again, that's ALL NFL players, not just running backs. I agree that having a single 40+burger does not make one 'explosive'. Though I think it is fair to say that multiple 40 (or 50, or 60, etc) + yard plays with 11 defenders trying in vain to catch you does indicate a level of 'explosiveness'. You are always free to disagree.
  10. A general rant: Why does Atlanta hate to run the ball so much? If any team should know better (besides the Seahawks) it is them! They are masters of snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory. P.S. Yes I own Freeman
  11. It was an arbitrary definition indeed...but go ahead and define 'explosiveness' as whatever mathematical function that floats your boat. Henry will still have more of them than Dion. Why? Because he's more explosive!
  12. Dion Lewis has a total of 2 plays over 40 yards (1 run for 44 and 1 catch for 40) over his 6 year career on 417 combined carries + catches. Where does this myth of Dion's 'explosiveness' come from?
  13. We usually don't lose this much in 24 hours outside of game days. Thank God for alcohol!
  14. Et tu, Martavis? We seem to be just packing up shop waiting to go to Vegas. Bring on the NBA season I guess.