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  1. Yup, that's the plan but I feel I need to wait for a few good games before doing it.
  2. Agree with all the above that Batum is the drop. Thanks with mine
  3. Thanks and correct waiver wire is slim. Is there anyone that I should be targeting?
  4. 14 team 9 cat h2h league PG/SG: Lillard, Harden, Payton and Teague SF: Butler, Matthews, Hayward, Anderson PF/C: Marc Gasol, Harrell, Allen, Saric, Biyombo IL: RHJ and Mitchell Robinson
  5. Agree with the others, it's a good deal for AD
  6. Currently I'm at the third spot
  7. Point taken. But is there a concern with Lowry's injury? I think this is what makes or breaks the deal.
  8. In a 14 team 9 cat h2h league. I was offered Vucevic and Lowry for either my Lillard or Harden. Any thoughts on the trade? Team: PG/SG: Lillard, Harden, Teague, Payton SF: Butler, Hayward, RHJ, Kyle Anderson, Matthews, PF/C: Marc Gasol, Allen, Harrell, Saric
  9. I'll take your side on that deal. Hold for sure
  10. Pretty good deal for PG, I would do it. Agree with the keepers above