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  1. Buy low / Sell high 2018-2019

    If his time in Charlotte shows anything, Steve Clifford does not favor young players, especially when they clearly aren't as good as the veteran (like we see with Bamba and Vuc). Charlotte's prized rookie Malik Monk only saw 14 minutes/game last year playing behind Jeremy Lamb and Batum (who was frequently hurt).. Let alone the fact that Vuc is pretty clearly their best player, I don't see the Magic tanking/limiting Vuc's minutes with Clifford at the helm.
  2. His 'purpose' is not being barely inside the top-75... He has the potential to be a great scorer on offense and shot blocker while helping in both percentages and all he's really doing is chipping in 2 blocks a game with little else to show.
  3. I'd keep Love and Turner, they're my 2 favorite players of that group of 4 even
  4. How to get embiid? Whir

    Too much
  5. Depends who's available on waivers but I'd probably stick with Booker/Draymond unless DDs/TDs offer a significant boost for Westbrook
  6. Definitely prefer Gordon, I like his role and fantasy opportunity a lot more than Saric's Help me?
  7. jamal murray for otto porter?

    I'd probably stick with Murray but this one is pretty close to me Help me?
  8. Drop Osman for any of the FA? WHIR

    Definitely drop for Lou Will even in a keeper league Help me?
  9. I'd stay put with your current guys, don't believe SGA does much in the crowded Clippers backcourt Help me?
  10. 8-cat, 10-team league Core (have a few other streaming spots): PG: Kyle Lowry | Mike Conley | Kris Dunn SG: James Harden (PG) | Zach Lavine | Nic Batum SF: Danilo Gallinari (PF) | Jonathan Isaac (PF) PF: Anthony Davis (C) | Jaren Jackson C: Nikola Vucevic Generally worried about Turner's role and lack of aggression. Seems like Jackson has a clearer path to minutes (playing both PF and C) than Turner's timeshare with Sabonis
  11. Note that in 8-cat this is 31/12/12/11... big difference based on league settings
  12. Vuc > Horford > Blake > BroLo > Millsap Blake's a drag on FT and FG too now 44% last year), plus has a lot of turnovers and always gets hurt. Horford doesn't rack up stats like he used to. Both are overrated in general IMO
  13. Uhh what? Dillon Brooks? He finished outside the top 200 per game last season (and outside the top 140 over the last month if you think he "broke out" at the end of the season). I have yet to see him get drafted in a mock or real draft. Unless you're in a 20-team league he's not a "mid-late round" pick nor is his ADP high. Even BBM projects him to finish around #200 overall this season
  14. Who did you pick at 15? Seems like there's a big drop off from Kawhi to everyone else on your roster, definitely like him a lot at 14 though