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  1. I’m not ruling it out, but Harris definitey has the same upside either way
  2. I’d go Harris then given how many PGs you’re already keeping
  3. How can we answer this without your league settings or rest of team?
  4. Dynasty: JJJ or WCJ?

    Misread that haha... same answer goes still. I like JJJ’s fantasy upside more, mostly due to his great 3s/blocks combo potential
  5. 2018-2019 Auction Values

    Harden’s 8-cat BBM value last year was 1.28 and Giannis’ was .84. That’s a massive difference to overcome. CP3 is a year older now and I really don’t see Melo affecting his touches. Not sure Brook does all that much for Giannis either. I’m not ruling out Giannis taking a leap, but I’d be shocked if he outperforms Harden, let alone pay more for him at the start of this season.
  6. Dynasty: JJJ or WCJ?

    JJJ by a mile. WCS still hasn’t done much on the Kings and even when he gets minutes he doesn’t have nearly the versatility that JJJ has
  7. 2018-2019 Auction Values

    AD is too low IMO and Giannis far too high. Giannis won’t see the 37 MPG he saw last year and even he didn’t finish top 5 then. He’d have to make a significant jump in his per-minute fantasy production to get there. I’m not saying it’s not possible, but IMO it’s crazy to value him higher than Harden
  8. Honestly don’t see a lot of value in most of your picks... feels like you overpaid for guys like Lou Will, Rubio (in punt assist), Kuzma, Nurkic. Also don’t love Oladipo as a more than a mid second round pick
  9. I do auction drafts too, and my recommendation is still just try to get the best value overall. Assuming you’re in a somewhat active league, it’s nearly always worth it to get the best value and make trades along the way
  10. Got him for $73 in my 10-man league, paired with Harden at $72
  11. Honestly in the first few rounds just draft the best player available, rather than worrying about complementing players
  12. Who is better?

    Really depends on the league settings...
  13. Veto this trade - yes or no.

    The fact that you can make reasonable a case for both sides of the trade means you should 100% not veto here. Hell I probably prefer the Cousins side in a dynasty league with how poorly Turner closed out last year.
  14. Veto this trade - yes or no.

    No... why would this be vetoed?