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  1. Robinson easily in a keeper league IMO, though depends on your points settings I'm not sure I'd even keep Aldridge over either of them though
  2. Have this if you're interested. You wouldn't be taking over a team so to speak, but would have your chance to draft your team via a dispersal draft.
  3. I like the RB/WR/TE positions... your QB could be a little shaky and I don't really love the guys available for your flex spot, but that may just be because I'm not high on Ingram/Dede/Cohen
  4. I like most of your roster, especially the later round fliers for a dynasty league. Could be in trouble out the gate with Zeke possibly not playing, plus Luck's retirement puts you in a bit of a blind (including a downgrade to Mack IMO)
  5. Thanks for helping on mine. I'd stay put personally, I'm not particularly high on Moncrief and I think you could get CJA for less.
  6. In a 10-team, I'm not very comfortable with Burton as me TE. I would probably look to trade one of your top 5 WRs for a TE upgrade Help me?
  7. I would probably lean towards Trubisky. I think he has the least upside there from a fantasy perspective. Help me?
  8. I'd definitely go with Tyreek based on the price differential alone. Slight edge to LeVeon overall, but he's not worth $25 more than Tyreek. With the rest of your keepers, I doubt it matters much though lol since you should win either way. Help me?
  9. Mulling over this trade in my 12-team PPR league. It's a keeper league for what it's worth, but the only Carson (3rd round), Njoku (6th round), or Jones (6th round) could be kept for next season. So really only thinking about this year at the moment. Roster: QB: Matt Ryan RB: Dalvin Cook | Chris Carson | Ronald Jones | Justice Hill | Edmonds | Montgomery | Howell WR: Michael Thomas | T.Y. Hilton | Tyler Lockett | Josh Gordon TE: David Njoku Not sure how comfortable I would be with my WR corps without Thomas now with the Luck retirement, but the upgrade at TE would be nice. And yes, I currently have a lot of flyer RB picks due to potential injuries / keeper status. WHIR 100%
  10. Have a 2nd year dynasty basketball league in need of replacement owners after some unfortunate turnover last year. $100 entry (2 years of $ required upfront), 8-cat, on ESPN. LeagueSafe payment, but will accommodate those who cannot pay through LeagueSafe. Last year we did not pay multiple years in advance (under the previous commissioner who has since resigned) and we had some bad apples who dropped out. There will be 6 teams continuing from last year and 6 new owners, who will draft from a player pool of: Lillard, Westbrook, Middleton, Jokic, Draymond, Mitchell, Holiday, Bledsoe, Hield, Durant, Randle, Cousins, Kyrie, Blake, Simmons, Lebron, CP3, Derozan, Trae Young, Oladipo, Paul George, Ayton, Siakam, Fox, Mccollum, Levert, Aldridge, Wall, Capela, John Collins, plus rookie draft rights (including #2 overall) and a lot more players. PM me if interested.
  11. Who would you rather have this upcoming season in an 8-cat league? Both look to be starting at C this year. Powell played very well towards the end of last year, but figures to see a diminished role with Porzingis coming back Zeller was banged up last year but, if healthy, could see a lot more opportunity without Kemba and Lamb on the team WHIR
  12. Many of the people, yes, but the people putting a ton of $$ are the ones really driving the lines, and they are definitely more in the know than your average person/gambler.