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  1. What ranks are you looking at? No 8-cat or 9-cat ranks have him anywhere near that high
  2. What are you talking about? That wasn't the initial report. Danny Ferry said that Anthony Davis will play the rest of the season, then said it will be on reduced minutes. https://twitter.com/FantasyLabsNBA/status/1098739703648444416 https://twitter.com/_Andrew_Lopez/status/1098739205595910144
  3. That's insane. Someone gave up AD for Collison even after the announcement that he'll be playing for the rest of the year?
  4. That's... not happening lol. They'll rest Embiid if they think he's still hurt, but the play of Boban has absolutely nothing to do with it.
  5. When did these guys have "full shut downs"? Cousins and Oladipo each had a year where they missed 3 or 4 games in mid April, but most fantasy leagues are over by then. Again, most "shut downs" are due to actual injuries, as is the case with Gasol especially when he repeatedly got hurt with legitimate foot injuries.
  6. Most teams are unlikely to shut down anyone - it doesn't happen nearly as often as it's feared. Most cases of shut down are simply a player getting hurt and being held out longer rather than risk reaggravating the injury.
  7. By this logic every player on a non-playoff team should sit out. Believe it or not there's value to playing from an individual and team development standpoint. It's just not the way the NBA works and the "everyone should be shut down" logic seems like it's a narrative driven by people watching their first year of basketball.
  8. Nance definitely had a top 20 stretch when TT and Love were both out, this guy isn't saying that Nance has been top 20 this year
  9. Keep AD. You're better off riding it out IMO
  10. Mirotic > Warren > Levert > Payton > Kristaps for me
  11. Still not sure why everyone came after me in September for saying that Dipo was likely regress and that he shouldn't be taken ahead of Kawhi/PG/Lillard. If you're drafting someone in the first round, proven first round value > one year of first round value
  12. If anything I'd be more worried about an athletic guard coming back from an injury like this than Cousins. An athletic guard relies on speed/explosiveness to produce, whereas Cousins relies more on skill and size. He doesn't need to be able to beat someone off the dribble, he'll be more than capable of shooting, passing, and backing down
  13. Ariza has been top 40 per game in 9-cat over the last month and BBM projects him at 60th overall. Bagley is ranked outside the top 180 per game and BBM projects him at 150th overall. Since you're definitely not keeping either of them, I certainly wouldn't be holding onto Bagley.
  14. Wait you're holding Bagley and Tristan when Ariza is on the wire?