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  1. Before he was injured, it was technically a committee -- with Casilla getting the majority. I dont think we've seen any quotes to say things have/haven't changed. Casilla has been solid but historically struggles against leftys, so Doolittle could get opportunities.
  2. Except he isn't Fat anymore. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?? There must be another Matt.
  3. WHYYYYYYYYYYY did i pass on this guy?
  4. I love you. (but lets also wait to hear post-game confirmation and all that jazz)
  5. http://m.mlb.com/video/v1525876783/houoak-springer-shaken-up-after-hbp-leaves-game That video shows the aftermath. Definitely looks to be in pain in his hand -- and the initial view shows how the ball richochets towards the dugout. In other words, looks like he took it off his hand pretty hard.
  6. I do this is my points league, but we don't have huge benches anyway. I find it more valuable to have more pitchersand grab the 2-start guys as they can get 20+ pts in one game whereas offensive players arent as valuable unless they're elite level. I've even run with no catcher + no bench bats. Might be more unique to my league tho as we have all positions + MI/CI + 5 OF + UTIL
  7. 2.70 ERA over his last four. He's reverted back to his old slider grip and it has paid dividends. He's on my radar now, but its hard to say he's 'back' yet. http://www.freep.com/story/sports/mlb/tigers/2017/06/20/jordan-zimmermann-slider-detroit-tigers/410919001/
  8. I hesitate to even ask this -- but anyone rolling him out? I feel like a stubborn fool in still owning this guy, but the upside still has me intrigued. I keep hoping he'll 'figure it out' and I'll regret dropping him (not to mention the WW is poor). At Home. Vs the Mets.
  9. Looks like he might keep the 2b job when Villar returns. .988 OPS on the season. Is this guy for real?
  10. I have a feeling this wouldn't be enough to really suppress his arbitration $ in any meaningful way. Allen has been a great closer/reliever for a while now. All the quotes make me think "all is kosher" in the situation. No funny business -- but maybe I'm being naive.
  11. But not QS. Nothing more frustrating than seeing that 5.2 in the IP column. Good start though. Helped everywhere else.
  12. The same blurb says these would be middle-relief options - not their closer.
  13. http://www.rotowire.com/baseball/daily_lineups.htm And then search twitter ("Team name + lineup") if im waiting on a specific lineup
  14. This guy sure sucks this year
  15. http://nypost.com/2015/10/07/matt-barnes-attacks-knicks-coach-fisher-for-dating-ex-wife/ it's a joke