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  1. Thats what i was getting at -- i benched too.
  2. So is Kelley going to be unavailable today after pitching two straight days?
  3. Treinen in. Gave up leadoff single. Washington has Romero warming already which is interesting. Just gave up a 2nd single.
  4. Id ask for another piece back in the trade.
  5. He pitched pretty well last year. So its a combination of that and him being a veteran as a closer, and just being 'seasoned' and 'mature' enough to handle the stress. I don't know who else you want him to consider -- they all have question marks of their own. Why is leclerc any better?
  6. It was a unique situation since they scored 2 extra runs. Barnette was warming up but it was no longer a save situation. Thats exactly what you do when you have a closer -- don't use him unless its a save situation (or he hasnt pitched in awhile). I agree with you that Dyson could eventually get the job back.
  7. While true -- he is swinging way more than usual. See the fangraphs article Patience is key tho. He was pretty bad the first half last year only to bat 400 over the second half.
  8. Any naysayer at this point is forgetting how long the season is. Reynolds is perhaps the streakiest hitter in all of MLB. To think he or a platoon guy in Parra will 'wally-pip' Dahl is silly. I like Parra but hes had one-half a season of starter worthy performance in the past few years. Dahl's biggest threat to playing time is his own health.
  9. Typical overreaction to ST stats. I still think theres a decent chance Thames struggles though -- so it does mean (in a couple months...) that the team could give Aguilar a shot.
  10. Brady Hopkins Parker
  11. Ingram -- thanks for help on mine. Sammy isnt gonna get enough targets
  12. bump WHIR
  13. Robinson for sure I'd probably play Jordan Howard at flex -- but if you want a WR then i'd go with Sanders. Tyrell has a tough matchup and sammy is too much of a question mark. I wouldnt blame you for shooting for the moon with Sammy tho -- hes dynamic adn can do damage with only 50% of snaps. Thanks for help on mine
  14. Non-ppr. Who would you start at flex? Ingram James White Sproles Also have Will Fuller... Thanks in advance
  15. Now with the team -- played catch today