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  1. He's a troll. dont bother with him
  2. Frazier has hit .163 with a .518 OPS in the past 14 days, so its not like he's strengthened his case since then.
  3. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/yankees/2017/07/21/clint-frazier-aaron-hicks-brian-cashman/498616001/ this is like the 4th result when you google "clint frazier aaron hicks"
  4. Left out BAL with Britton, Brach and O'Day
  5. TBD. not jumping to conclusions yet -- Keuchel is having his first start off the DL, and Peacock only pitching 3 innings last time out.
  6. http://www.stltoday.com/sports/baseball/professional/goold-working-to-save-his-vision-pham-never-loses-sight/article_b68ad641-d05b-56cc-ba51-46972eb19597.html No -- he just has a solution w/ his current contacts
  7. 3/4 with 4 walks in the past two games. Guess he's back in Hall of Fame consideration
  8. Nats are scouting Pham. Probably a positive move if it happens.
  9. He's the poor man's Rodney. Has blowups but there's no one to take his job. Doesnt have the stretches of brilliance like rodney but is valuable nonetheless.
  10. Madson had said he doesnt want to close. From the beginning, it felt like the Nats would make a 2nd move. Madson has been in MR all season, im not sure why people thought he was a shoo-in for closer.
  11. Aren't you gonna be late for the game? http://charmcitywire.com/bowie-baysox-are-having-a-salute-to-seinfeld-night-with-kenny-bania/
  12. All is well. He's in the lineup today.
  13. Just sent to AAA. His cold streaks just outweigh the hot streaks on the whole.
  14. You forgot he was pitching against the Baltimore "set career highs in Ks" Orioles.
  15. Wily mo may just have jinxed it with all that 'patting himself on the back'