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  1. injuries are teh reason i say DJ. not sure what cooks or kirk will be able to offer. i like kirk if he were healthy though
  2. I sorta like gordon for you there. gordon/fitz? but i can understand putting in juju
  3. d will did look lik ethe lead back again -- i say do it. Youre geting the upside players
  4. then def no. henry isnt due back for anotther week at the very least.
  5. I dont think id do eithe rtrade, but i like trade 2 w/ tyrell the best. Whos your other TE?
  6. These are my WR/Flex options. i can start three of these players. Godwin vs Car Lockett @ Cle Edelman vs NYG Gordon vs NYG Tevin Coleman @ rams Which 3 would you start? WHIR! post a link
  7. Just so its out there. i mentioned this in my last post
  8. Well i agree. I guess entering week 5 i view that as "upside" and im excited more than frustrated.
  9. I dont get the frustration. Hes like the 15th highest on-average RB in standard. RB2...right where you drafted him
  10. There was an update today -- no concern on the shoulder from the coach. Hes still in the protocol but he has the full bye week to recover. I think we can be optimistic hes back in week 6
  11. I really like allen. i think you 'sell high' on terry here
  12. If you can afford to wait, then i like it. I do like Metcalf, but hes not likely to be reliable. Royce is really hard to trust
  13. Michel in .5ppr is probalby less valuable here. So i'd trade him.
  14. Recnet AB news made my decision a little tougher... Standard scoring. Need to decide on who i start at WR1, WR2 and flex Options: Edelman vs NYJ Gordon vs NYJ Lockett vs NO J. Brown vs Cincy Godwin vs NYG S. Watkins vs Bal J. Jacobs @ Min WHIR!
  15. Based on that, i think the breida team is more likely to trade. i might try for damien from them first though. Breida is iffy himself, bu ti don think a QB will net you a bonafide asset, so you have to take a risk.
  16. Ya know -- i wanted to say no, but i think this is a pretty good trade. i like mack as rb2. i dont like aaron jones, but i also expect ekeler to have an expiration date.
  17. i dont think he'd give you carson. i think lindsay is most realistic if you're tradign with that team. Maybe focus on some guys that the other team doesn't "need" -- like if they had breida on the bench, or singletary, mccoy...
  18. id start kerryon. and then the guys i recommended. i assume james white iwll play at this point, but if he didnt, then id plug in rex.
  19. if mixon is out, then bernard. otherwise do brown.
  20. id say brown and brown. hollywood will get something... and AP is a risk. i'd avoid mixon unless reports are super positive tomorrow.
  21. i like Allen actually. i think hes in a blow up spot. i would not drop wilson tho
  22. yeah go with mclaurin. pettis is a wait and see
  23. Mostert. You need a rb over wr. I dont understand your 2nd question...but id start woods, brown and brown. help?
  24. I’d stay put I think. Probably can pick up some streaming qbs and be alright. I don’t like the downgrade from Mixon to Michel as your Rb2.
  25. In a standard league, i am trying to decide who to start at WR2. Lineup: QB Mahomes (@Oak) WR1 S. Watkins (@Oak) WR2 - ??? RB1 Chubb (@NYJ) RB2 L Fournette (@Hou) Flex J Jacobs (v KC) WR2 options: Edelman (@Mia), J. Gordon (@Mia), T. Lockett (@Pit), J. Brown (@NYG) All good matchups -- but i can't decide who to plug in. Could go crazy and bench a RB... Thoughts, and leave a link. WHIR.