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  1. Vegas over/under on touches for samuels is 16.5. take with that what you will.
  2. Wish i had roster space for him...carrying 3 Defenses hurts. I love Conley's talent. Had him on my list to breakout last year and it never happened (plus he got injured). This could be the opp he needs, but i think he'll still be inconsistent.
  3. All we "know" is what Samuels said -- they will alternate packages. To me, that sounds like 'between the 20's' and GL carries will be divvied up based on who's turn it is. A true committee...
  4. Very possibly starting him -- good matchup and my other flex options are worrisome for other reasons (J. Adams, Boyd, Baldwin, Drake) I'll probably come to my senses and plug in Adams, but I think he could do OK...
  5. Neither throw was inaccurate... what are you talking about?
  6. Honestly, the Dez report feels like they're just updating their emergency list...
  7. This upcoming game feels like one of those "reverse trap" games. Everyone is down on baldwin, paired with a winnable matchup out of the slot means he'll probalby have a good game. It seems plenty likley that moore is a bit of a flash in the pan -- and that baldwin is due for a TD. I'm still not sure i have the guts to start him since i have other options this week.
  8. Well to be fair, they aren't winning anything this year, so why not get value for an older player? Definitely influenced by a desire to accelerate the development of young players, but it doesnt indicate they think Sutton will be better immediately. I'm still high on his talent, so he can be a wr 2/3
  9. Did you watch the game? Kamara took a short pass to the 1 yard line and then they did hurry up and pounded it in. Both a "he deserved it" and a strategic move there to give it to kamara. I'm not advocating hes an RB1 or anything, but i think he'll still get GL looks.
  10. That sucks. i dropped him in 2 leagues already... not sure i wanted to wait a few days anyway w/ it being championship week. Good for baseball that hes okay though.
  11. Its still only week 3. Bad signs so far...but lotta games left to play. He'll be moved to the bench by anyone with usable options to plug in
  12. So wait -- will he leave the game if/when the baby comes?
  13. That's just not the case though. Gore had 5 of his 9 carries in week 1 in the first half. He's used on alternating series. Watching the game makes this pretty clear. Drake also saw MORE carries once they were truly trying to run out the clock. Yes, gore had a role...but Drake and Gores usage isnt strictly dictated by game script. I'd imagine gore also sees carries in opposite scenarios. It's pretty clear the staff wants to use both backs because they're both effective, and it keeps Drake fresh.
  14. Drake also left the game in the 2nd half briefly for some type of injury. So Gore's snaps/carries in the 2nd half were influenced by that too. As you've pointed out, he also isn't the back to kill the clock either.
  15. This is literally just baseless opinion. Not reality Gore has rotated series with him. He's not salting away anything. Drake finished the game/
  16. Yes, he came back. It looked like he just tweaked somethign in his back. he was stretching and then sat on the sideline for a series/2
  17. D. Cook said it was just cramps FYI
  18. http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/11263/kenyan-drake very lazy reporting from Rotoworld. Yes, drake had 15 touches vs Gore's 10 -- and yes it *appeared* as though gore was used to kill the clock. But, since their blurb writers seem to be glorified interns, they failed to report that drake left with an injury at one point, which led to gore killing hte clock for a short time. An injury on a nice run too, so id have guessed he had more touches coming.
  19. So anyone gonna talk about the injury? obv too early to say -- but word was its a hammy.
  20. Castillo. cant trust the other two http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/719829-bench-roark-in-points-league/
  21. That is tough. zimmerman should be 'safest' in terms of matchups. Prolly would stream him first, then go LeBlanc 2nd -- he had been solid.
  22. I'm up 55 -- but i have roark and im worried he'll put up a negative points start. Am i right to bench him? or can he still eek out some points at atlanta?