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  1. I wonder if Jimmy ever looks at his shot chart, sees all the Os near the rim and the Xs everywhere else....
  2. 4 and 5 points for the last few games. Well, I'm expecting 39 against the Mavs on Sunday to get him to his season scoring average for this week then. Ugh, I can't believe I drafted this guy over Gobert or Beal...
  3. Me: "Hey, he had a 12-4-7-2-1 line with 2 treys! Not bad!" Me, realizing the 7 is actually turnovers: "How can you turn over the ball so much and still have 0 assists?"
  4. Gotta pass on this guy. The multi-cat contributions are nice, but his weak PO schedule, combined with poor %s and the fact that he's not playing after an entire week off is too much. haha, totally superficial, but he looks more like he's a chess player than a basketball player.
  5. Damn it, just came in here to say that. At least we'll have a good game from him next time, right?
  6. Finally removes face mask. Proceeds to miss 1st game after the ASB+rest for random injury. Yeah, I know how you feel. It seems like Myles either literally wins you blocks one week, or loses you blocks the next (basically, if he has a weak schedule, or misses time due to injury, or you're simply relying on him for blocks and start messing with your team to address other weaknesses and he doesn't come through). Right now, I'm barely ahead in blocks, so Myles' absence is seriously hurting.
  7. Yell "stop fouling!", or yell to the Knicks' guards, "pass the ******* ball!" Seriously though, can y'all imagine Mitch Rob on a team like the Warriors (1st in the league for assists), instead of the Knicks (tied for last in the league for assists)? I can't for the life of me remember when Knox or Trier passed the ball to Mitch Rob instead of taking a contested shot.
  8. Well, either way, he complains about both. OKC and Charlotte, huh? Neither are great destinations for him really. He's behind Adams, who is invincible, and Noel. Or competing with Willy/Biyombo/Zeller. Ugh.
  9. Yeah...REALLY limited. If he went to the Raps, given that Ibaka nor Kanter have been playing PF, he's behind two excellent Cs. Going to the Raptors would definitely not give him the PT he desires. Also, the Bulls don't seem like they're buying out RoLo for some reason, so Kanter's value is really limited right now. Maybe a timeshare with JV on the Griz or something? I just don't know where he'd go now that he'd get decent fantasy value. Best case scenario still seems like the Bulls.
  10. Exactly. Surprised nobody is talking about him. Let's say he goes to DET, which is very likely considering he just got bought out. For DET: 1.) They moved Bullock and SJ, opening up the 2-3 spots. 2.) They're ranked 28th in 3P%. Ellington is a 38% career shooter who averaged 2.3 treys in ONLY 21 minutes a night for a crowded MIA backcourt off the bench. 3.) Their current 2-3 spots are held (likely) by Kennard and Brown after the trades, both of whom are inconsistent rookies and not likely to play heavy minutes each. 4.) The Pistons are 1.5 games behind the 7-8th spots in the East for the POs, and they can potentially overtake the Heat or Hornets in order to make a late PO push. 5.) They've got a 4-4-3 PO schedule for Weeks 22-24, one of the best. So anyway...I'm imagining Ellington starting in Bullock's minutes/role; he basically does nothing but shoot, letting Blake/Drummond work down low and stay open for kickouts, since the latter two are excellent passers. I agree--he'll average about 3-4 treys a game in a good amount of minutes that he didn't have before. Don't expect much more than treys, but expect a LOT of them. Looks like a perfect place for him to land.
  11. It's not a reason to avoid him, but it's certainly a reason to be cautious. Week 22 is in 4.5 weeks. 3.5 if you're combining next week's ASB. It's actually not too far away. His schedule is about average (2-2-4-3) before the playoffs, so you need to seriously consider why you'd want to add him over someone else, given he'll be backing up Conley and possibly Bradley. To your point about streaming, the problem is that his PO schedule is back-loaded, so if you're adding him, you're adding him AFTER that 2 game week, and using HIS spot to stream. And yeah, if you are actually USING a bench player with a 2 game week during your first week of playoffs, when you absolutely need to survive, you must be in a really really deep league. Yes, he's a good wire add...but for what? And when? His use case right now is having him play out the next two-three weeks in order for you to improve PO seedings or to actually get into/survive the PO rush. Furthermore, if you're comparing him to other hot FAs that might've been improved by the trade deadline (e.g. Zubac, SGA or whoever else is available), and who potentially have better PO schedules (both of those FAs have a 4-3-4), then it makes more sense to grab them over Delon. Point being, the POs are important (given we need to get to, and go through them), so adding FAs at this time means fantasy owners need to consider their PO schedule...well, GOOD fantasy owners, at least, lol.
  12. Fair enough. I do agree Morey is really active, but as much as I hate him (Mavs fan here), I don't think he'd do anything that stupid. It makes more sense for them to grab a power forward.
  13. I'm not too upset about Conley not leaving. Delon gets minutes at backup 1-2 guard spots for about 20ish minutes. Probably not the best 12 team add, but I could see him being a good 14-team add. Also, unless you've got a dominant PO schedule, the Griz go 2-3-4 in weeks 22-24, so he may not help you if you need to survive your first week of playoffs.
  14. I dunno what's more exciting (and more inconsistent), the FREE ZUBAC movement, or the FREE BOBAN movement. It seems like Rotoworld never learns its lesson with some of these hype centers. I remember when Harrell was so boring and quietly underappreciated to own, but he's one of the best wire adds this year.
  15. Eh you know what he means. 0/10 from the field, 0/10 from range (basically he shot only treys and missed them all) and 10 TOs. Dunno how that's a triple double, but I can certainly see some awful lines from him in terms of shooting. Honestly, I think his shoulder gives out before he even attempts that many. Either that or Steve Clifford yanks him for not passing to Vooch (at least this year, haha).