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  1. Waiver Wire - Week 3

    calvin ridley.
  2. Royce Freeman 2018 Outlook

    standard scoring? LOL step out of the dark ages
  3. Royce Freeman 2018 Outlook

    CJA is actually is pretty good RB. booker is only in his 3rd year as a pro. he's been in the league the same amount of time as derrick henry. it's not outlandish to think that a player could improve, thus garnering all the praise he's gotten this offseason and likely the starting role. and sure, i'll take those "cheap" 40 yards with my 13th round pick while you could wait until midseason for your 4th round guy to start seeing the amount of work you thought he would see from day 1
  4. Royce Freeman 2018 Outlook

    so now mixon is just bad... when he was a better prospect coming out of the draft than freeman. ok. and the offensive line was bad. well denver’s offensive line is a bottom half unit this year barring any significant improvements. if their offensive line line is bad, what’s keemun gonna do when he’s under pressure? check down. booker— while he may not be a great runner— is actually a solid pass catcher. in ppr a guy who can give you 5 catches for 40 yards shouldn’t be discounted. booker is that guy on this team. he’s not gonna light the world on fire on the ground, but i’ll take those cheap check down points anyday. you’re acting like freeman’s performance in the preseason holds a lot of weight. the coaching staff is playing him in the 4th game which means they’re not sold on him as the bell cow. freeman has a shot at having a good year; i think he is limited in ppr (only averaged 19 receptions a year in college compared to 40 for booker). booker also averages 30 receptions a year in the NFL and he’s been behind CJA.
  5. Royce Freeman 2018 Outlook

    uh oh, this guy watches nfl network so he must be an expert... go ahead, take freeman with your fourth round pick and wait until mid season for him to get the lions share of the carries. if you can build the rest of your team up well enough to afford waiting for your fourth rounder to put up decent numbers, then more power to you. but otherwise don’t be surprised when freeman turns into the mixon of this year
  6. Royce Freeman 2018 Outlook

    i’d rather save my fourth round pick for a guy who the coaching staff trusts and will give playing time. upside is null and void when there’s roadblocks in my way my friend.
  7. Royce Freeman 2018 Outlook

    ITT: people realizing their golden fourth round pick isn’t even gonna start or get the lions share of the carries unless something happens to the starter or he completely balls out. look, if you have the choice between picking up someone in the 13th round who is gonna start, and is a pretty good receiver at the RB position on a team that’ll probably check down a lot, or a rookie RB who cant win the starting role in the 4th round? sometimes you gotta roll with the coaching staff. if the coaching staff sees something in booker to make him the starter, i’ll take him in the 13th round any day. if he doesn’t do anything, so what. rather that than wait on my 4th round pick to win the starting job after who knows how long
  8. Royce Freeman 2018 Outlook

    rather have the back who's gonna catch more passes (booker) and will still get plenty of carries in the 11th
  9. Allen Hurns 2018 Outlook

    don't sleep on hurns-- just 2 season ago he had 64-1031-10 with bortles at qb. he's gonna be force fed the ball whether he likes it or not
  10. Allen Hurns 2018 Outlook

    biggest sleeper with wr1 potential around right now
  11. sorry man, i really prefer 12 man leagues
  12. 1 more spot first come first serve
  13. 1 more needs to pay... come get it
  14. it's 9:30 ET now... need 1-2 more.