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  1. anyone know how to see matchup acquisitions on desktop in espn? this new layout is absolute trash
  2. 2018 Fantasy Football Platform Central

    ESPN running slow today?
  3. what's up with landry?
  4. Pick up Mack? Whir

    drop doyle for sure
  5. Thursday night flex

  7. still need one?
  8. Matt Breida 2018 Outlook

    ankle sprain for breida per shanahan. let's hope it's not a high ankle sprain or he could be looking at a multiweek absence.
  9. me too...
  10. Should I let this trade slide?

    it’s a 12 team league— super deep. all of these players have been owned since the beginning
  11. Should I let this trade slide?

    i edited it with the one dudes explanation
  12. These guys in my $150 league have just accepted a trade that sends TJ yeldon, powell, jared cook, and desean jackson to a 3-1 team for Adrian Peterson to a 1-3 team. The trade seems fishy and I’m inclined to veto. The guy who is 1-3 and traded for AP says hes “trying to claw back into relevancy” and “AP is his favorite player”. I don’t know anyone else in the league so it makes it even more suspicious. Any thoughts or opinions on what I should do?