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  1. Think he plays today? It’s only a first round game.
  2. This is the vent and rant thread. Let me help you understand what that means: it means that folks get to “vent” and “rant” here. If you need further clarification hit me up.
  3. Not a lot of talk about AD so far. If he's traded to a decent situation, does he go with Greek, Harden and KAT in a clear top 4 tier? And if he's not traded, where do you take him?
  4. What a lame showing this week with Embiid out. Is there anyone still arguing that this guy is elite? I might even pass on him in the third round next year.
  5. Because it’s too little too late, obviously.
  6. I expect uninjured players to play. Maybe a couple games rest last two weeks of season if they need rest for playoffs. But this b.s. along with the Davis nonsense is seriously making me consider not following the NBA and not making it a part of my kids’ lives. It’s just rank behavior.
  7. I wish I did t own him because I would really enjoy laughing at his bs coming back to bite him in the a**.
  8. Sad excuse for a human being. And to think he could’ve been a contender.
  9. Not only does he skip a game for a hangnail this week, but he is singlehandedly costing me Fg%. Really growing to loathe this guy.
  10. Dude is almost incapable of putting together two big games in a row.
  11. Mini slump. And getting schooled by .... Derrick Favors.
  12. Tempted to drop for Isaac but how often have you seen someone struggle first couple weeks back from injury only to turn the corner and blow up? His post-ASB numbers last year are way superior to what anyone on waivers has up their sleeve.