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  1. I’m going to pass. John
  2. Definitely interested!
  3. I’ll take the other team.
  4. Your link doesn’t work to see roster. I definitely have interest though.
  5. Looking to join!

  6. Looking to join!

  7. I have some interest. The link doesn’t work. What’s the open rosters look like, rules, etc. Thanks John (
  8. 25 Keeper Dynasty League

    Definitely have some interest. John (
  9. This is the Type of League I’m looking for! -Weekly lineup set -Minor League Rosters -Free or up to $10 -Keeper League (Not full Dynasty) If you have what I’m looking for, feel free to shoot me an Email! John (
  10. I have some interest. Your link doesn’t work. I’d like to see the roster of the open teams, rules, etc. Thanks John (
  11. I’m definitely interested! John (
  12. Pencil me in. What’s it’s Minors look like? John (