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  1. I can still do SGA for Jamal murray straight up
  2. The trade now is : shai + dejounte murray + Myles turner for Jamal murray + Wiggins + mitch Robinson what do you guys think ?
  3. My Ingram + Lou + Lonzo for his Booker + bogda ( sac ) + rose do it ?
  4. He changed his mind . now he’s asking for TT Lou and dejounte for Mitch rob + Winslow + Dwight Powell ! what do you guys think now ?
  5. I ended up sending cp3 horford lamb for shai harris murray
  6. do it . Rubio is killing it, he's even outplaying bledsoe. once Mitch Rob starts heating up ( he only needs playing time ), this trade become a robbery.
  7. no one... if you feel the need for his stats, drop barton, but i wouldn't do it.
  8. kuzma for me, we dont even know his role on this squad.
  9. sure thing. its curry at the end of the day .
  10. I would do it, Bledsoe is great, but isaac is heating up and he's a beast. help with mine ?
  11. I'm currently discussing a trade that would send : Al Horford + Lou Williams + Jeremy Lamb for Montrezel Harris + SHAI + Dejonte Murray please note that im punting 3s and FT obviously. what do you think?