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  1. I like adding the pitching in either one of the those deals, especially the first one!
  2. League info and team in sig.... I get Trout for Altuve, Bogaerts, Acuna, and Rodon....2 years left. It seems like a lot, haha, but Mondesi and Seager would fill in at 2nd and SS...do it?!?!
  3. Soto, Ozzie, Turner, Benintendi, Acuna!
  4. Bellinger may very well be the value more.. Soto may have a bump or 2, but his approach at 19 in incredible. Knows the strike zone and changes his approach with 2 strikes...I think he's the one to keep here.
  5. You can keep 19 year old Soto and 20 year old Acuna forever?!?! To go with 21 year old Albies....I think you gotta do that!
  6. Baez, Jiminez, and Syndergaard, start there...tell him you're worried about Syndergaards health. Go with those 3 and throw somebody else in with Sale to start things off.
  7. I'll hop aboard if you'd like. The most I've done is a 5 year keeper, but always wanted to get in a dynasty. I should be able to catch on to the whole dynasty things pretty quick, follow baseball including prospects closely. If that sounds good, shoot me an e-mail...mbick2003@gmail.com Thanks!
  8. Is this a free or money league? Thanks.
  9. I also have Acuna, and yes he has been inconsistant which makes it hard to get a good feel for what you could get for him?!?! Keeper or redraft? If it's a keeper maybe look at the guys down in the standings to see if there's somebody that really stands out for you and try to move him there.
  10. Don't know your keeper rules, but if you can win this year, you do it! If it's questionable at all then hang on to Benintendi.
  11. Damn that's tough! Keeper or redraft? Ramirez is the best player, but all 5 have had a great first half of the season, not sure you can lose either way, but I like the Albies side.
  12. Trying to get Trout, both teams middle of the pack, can't win this year. Offer 1: Kershaw, Chapman, Mazara for Trout and Shelby Miller. Offer 2: Rizzo, Mazara, Chapman, Rodon for Trout and Miller. Would you trade Trout for either of those? If not what would you put together? I've thought about offering Albies and something as well? Thanks!
  13. It'd be tough to pull the trigger, but basically being able to keep Severino for 5 more years is pretty enticing...I think you do it!
  14. If you're trading Altuve to get Kershaw you don't need to add Strasburg in it. Too much!