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  1. Yeah, I ended up not starting him as the matchup was not one I liked. Also looked at stats centers had against the Pistons last few games and it was in the bottom 3rd. However, I'm proud of what I have seen and may very well play him every game now in all honesty.
  2. How do you guys see him doing against Drummond and Griffin tonight? I love what I've seen so far, but I don't know about this matchup.
  3. Who else do you have on your team? As a quick answer strictly based on the players.. I do like the deal, to be honest.
  4. I appreciate all of the help on mine! Any more help would be highly beneficial!
  5. Dayummmmmmmmmmmm! First thing is first.. Thank you for the help on mine. I would 110% get Embid in that deal. You are getting not just best player in deal in landslide, but you too are getting Embid at a sweet discount. As for the second trade.. I'd probably do it. No offense, I think both Jae and Markieff have fell off in fantasy. If I had to pick the better of the two evils, it would be Markieff. It seems to me like Jae has lost his opportunity.
  6. Thanks for help of mine. I'll personally stay away from Gallo and Smart for the time being with injury concerns. You definitely are lacking in guards. First, if you have an IR spot.. I'd grab Reggie Jackson and hold onto him. If you aren't as confident in Reggie, Marcus Smart in IR is more than serviceable for you. As for your pick-up, I'm a fan of Aminu's well rounded fantasy game. I'm surprised he hasn't even been brought up in the forum for he's been so low key for yearsssssss.
  7. Appreciate it guys! You guys are high on De'Aaron Fox for example? I do think Trey Lyles has expiration, but it makes a bit of sense for me as Paul Millsap owner, who I really hope returns soon. Essentially.. Bogdanovic > Lyles > Ish?
  8. Hey guys! Both Trey Lyles and Bogdan Bogdanovic have been dropped in past 2 days in my league. I’m a big fan of both and would most likely want to pick up both, as well. Who would you consider droppung to pick them up? I definitely would say Ish Smith as one, while other I’m not sure! My team is the following incase you cant see it. 12-Team H2H PG - Lillard, Smith Jr, Ish Smith, Fox SG - Oladipo, Mitchell, Murray, J-Rich SF - Batum, Prince, Fournier PF - Green, Covington C - Drummond, Horford IR - Millsap Lastly, I really have appreciated this forum a lot this year. A lot of my players are guys this forum has been high on as potential breakouts, or second half ones. Thank you!
  9. I'm still holding to be honest.. Guy's too talented to not figure this all out with all this opportunity.
  10. I'll be watching this closely.. Swapping Ish Smith for him is my option if I like what I see plus he'd have ROS value. Another thing.. later in season Spurs may rest some guys and I doubt they rest Murray.
  11. I will agree 110% with what you are saying. Anyone in particular if you don't mind me asking? I floated his name around everywhere. Is a Marquese Chriss worth it with his injury risk? Not sure.. I like your team a lot, by the way. Very nicely done for a 14 team especially! I'm going to assume you might some nice pick-ups/trades.
  12. What kind of value are you expecting as a Batum owner? Curious as I'm looking to do the same.
  13. Drafted him this year with hopes of overtaking Murray.. I am all in once again on him next year 100%. I was patient all season with him and I will do it again.
  14. :((( You've been lethal this year, Vic. Rest up!
  15. Honestly may need to drop him to activate Evan Fournier.. I had high expectations for him start of the year.
  16. Not worried at all! He'll be fine with the plethora of other stats and I'm sure he won't shoot this little consistently.
  17. !!!! Just keep in mind it says he's on a minutes limit from tweets I have been reading on this. Whatever that "restriction" may be.
  18. Any other current buy low/sell high options at the moment? Looking mores at buying low on some players as I have strong depth at all positions.
  19. Conley (Achilles) has started performing light on-court work and conditioning, Michael Wallace of reports. An official timetable for a return still has yet to be determined. Added 6:15 pm (EST) It was announced in late November that Conley would miss two-to-three weeks. We've entered the two-week portion of that timetable, though there haven't been reports of his progress up until this news. It doesn't appear he's approaching a return very soon, as he's apparently still working on putting pressure on his Achilles and trying to get back into game shape. In the meantime, Andrew Harrison, Tyreke Evans and Mario Chalmers are all pitching in to fill in minutes at point guard.
  20. I like the Covington and Rondo/Milos.. I really do. Rondo is who I'd choose. I wouldn't mind making the move because you are still set at PG. Who do you have as SF/PF?! thanks for the help on mine!
  21. With all your injuries piling up.. I'm in on Rolo to be honest. Keep tabs on Dedmon though throughout, but at the moment stay with Lopez. Thanks for the help on mine!
  22. Appreciate all the help fellas! My team is as follows: Everybody Loves Draymond (12-Man NBA H2H Auction) PG - Mitchell, Murray, Teodosic SG - Oladipo, Fournier, J-Rich SF - Batum, Prince, Lamb PF - Green, Horford, Covington C - Drummond, M. Gasol IR - Millsap, Smith Jr I think after the trade.. I become crazy deep with depth, which I love in a 12-man.
  23. Horford, Draymond, and Drummond are all center elligible!