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  1. I'm going for the season as I own Gary and he is the epitome of a handcuff.
  2. He was on a minutes restriction, if 14 minutes is a restriction then he should be up around 20 when he's back full speed. I think he'll be OK.
  3. Should still get the minutes. Basically him and Oubre have switched, which is OK because Oubre was getting decent run.
  4. Everybody knows that an MRI and Xray go before they even book in a specialist. Was he going to turn up to the appointment with no images and be like "Err, my shoulder is still kinda sore, aye". Rubbish.
  5. I recall a few years ago Mirza Teletovic had a nice role as a stretch four for the bucks. Totally different offense this year but hoping Miro can at the very least carve out 22 minutes as the primary bench offensive weapon.
  6. So I've been offered Love for my Fox. Currently holding Mirotic and Gazza as well but I'm first place with Harden and Kat carrying the squad. Take K Love for the run home? WHIR!
  7. News is always dead quiet over the break. It sucks.
  8. I see him taking on a similar role to Bogdanovic at the Kings with less scoring and more stocks. He should be the ball handler after Conley and Wright.
  9. They sent Gasol and Green away and brought back JV. I don't see how his minutes could go anywhere other than up.
  10. He'll rest til after the break and it'll be all systems go. *Fingers crossed , anyway*
  11. Someone in my league just sold him for Simmons and I don't know how to feel. It's a safety net for the Ad owner but one hell of a sell low.
  12. I cut him for Rabb. The minutes just aren't there and with Parker and Portis both capable of filling that front court spot, he seems like the odd one out even though he starts.
  13. Man, Delon Wright and Ivan Rabb are both on my wire and would probably be good pickups if he's out but the Grizz are just so coy about his status.