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  1. Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends! We're so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside. Bring yourself, bring your friends, its the show that never ends. Inside we have a most curious collective; inside we have a most perplexing perspective! The circus is in town--our abnormal depiction! What lies in store defies all description! Fix your gaze, be amazed! You won't ever want to stop-- When you play the game under the fantasy bigtop. Tickets please, tickets please--we've got what you seek; come to the big top and claim your football freaks. Honed talents and those naturally occurring--come and see what the circus has a-stirring. Things unnatural and things that are eerie--this league is certainly NOT for the weary. Multi-flex and fourteen teams, this league is much more than it seems. So step right up, step on in--here is where your fantasy fun begins. Will your budget nab a prominent act, or will it force your head to crack? A tight rope to walk between fortune and folly, pick the right acts and it will be your football jolly. So step up your game, let's see who you got! You'll find all your fantasy fun under the big top! [14 team auction, multiflex, 0.5 ppr drafting Sun Aug 26 at 9:00 PM Eastern. Leave an email and I'll get you in the circus.]
  2. 3 WR/2 RB/4 Flex Yes, 4! 14 team partial ppr
  3. Still some spots. Wanna check it out?
  4. It's free. But I promise if you join I can send you a paypal link if you really want to pay.
  5. Still a few spots. It will fill, easily, by draft tomorrow. Show that you really know your stuff by playing your roster.
  6. Platform is yahoo. Orange meow, invite sent. Still some spots for other owners who are able to do more than set a basic lineup and are wiling to put real thought into every aspect of this league.
  7. Tired of leagues that are a piece of cake? Tired of seeing guys on your bench blow up each week? Tired of making tough decisions on which of your seven starting rbs you are going to play in two spots? What's the point of carrying such a large roster when you can't get them in the game? Look, this league aint for everybody. I get that some players really enjoy casual fantasy where there is little skill involved. This league is for players who aren't that. This league is going to require skill--lots of it--in figuring out exactly how to get your best players on the field. Not only is more roster spots more fair--ie there is less chance of a freak 200 yard, 4 TD performance by some receiver ruining your chance of winning--it is also more fun. THe point of fantasy football is to put your players on the field. It also is more realistic. Every team in the NFL has to figure out ways to get players on the field, and it takes a team effort to win, including getting your obscure WR6 on the field once in a while. Here's the deal. Find players who are going to contribute. Put them in. Its a 14 team, 0.5 PPR league. So its a deeper league to begin with. The extra flex spots make you work for your glory. Mine for fantasy gold. Looking to draft 8/20 at 11:30 PM eastern. Interested? Leave your e-digits and I'll shoot you an invite.
  8. Has there ever been a time in the history of Cris Carter's life when he wasn't talking out of his asterisks? Not that this means he is wrong, just saying.
  9. Looks like the word is out. League starting to fill. Draft at 8:30 Pacific tonight, and will certainly happen at this rate. I expect to be full up within the hour. A few spots still open for the ballers and shotcallers on this forum, but they will go quickly.
  10. Draft is 8:30 Pacific...lets get in and see how your early picks pan out. 14 team round robin, 2/3 ppr, 3 flex to make it both more fair and more fun while testing the skill on a deeper starting roster.