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  1. League is free to play. I'm not sure i want to go through all the players keep prices for next year, so in my opinion it would probably be Chris Archer for $10, Carassco for $20 DJ for $10
  2. Hey all, I need a new reliable owner for my league. We are an auction style draft league with 3 keepers every year. Keepers are kept at what they were drafted for last year plus $2, if they weren't drafted they will cost only $2. Keeper date is set for tomorrow, and draft is on March 29th at 9:00 PM EST. New owner has to be active and be at the draft. If you are interested please leave your email. Thanks Team: League Settings:
  3. Sorry about that! I'm inviting now!
  4. Hey all, So i need 3 owners for my 5th year keeper league. There are 3 keepers maximum, that can be kept at the cost they were drafted at last year plus $2, if they weren't drafted they will be kept at $2. The keeper date is March 20th and the Draft is set for March 29th. It is mandatory that everyone makes the draft! I am only looking for active owners, as everyone else in the league is active daily. If interested message me or leave your email. League Settings: Team 1: Team 2: Team 3: