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  1. Maclin or Martavis?

    I'd go Bryant
  2. Standard 12 team league. non ppr. I have been mulling this over all week.
  3. David Johnson 2017 Season Outlook

    Does this win increase his chance to come back?
  4. David Johnson 2017 Season Outlook

    Why drop him now? Years from now you can look back on your team and see the 7 points he gave us, while winning with guys like Chris Thompson, Josh Gordon and Chris Hogan types. I lost DJ, Zeke and Allen Robinson, yet managed a 9-4 record. This is a year i'll never forget.
  5. David Johnson 2017 Season Outlook

    In that video he looks like he wants to be back on the field.
  6. 12 team league non ppr. League is through My team QB. Drew Brees RB. Ezikiel Elliot RB. Christian McCaffery WR. Chris Hogan WR. Martavis Bryant TE. Delanie Walker Flex. Chris Thompson K. Stephen Gostowski DEF. Seattle Seahawks ........................................ Bench Cam Newton.....Probably going to start him Derrick Henry Orleans Darkwa.............I don't know what to do with Henry and Darkwa. I really want to start one of these guys over McCaffery. I just have a feeling McCaffery is going to break out. Eric Decker....leaning on starting him over Bryant Ameer Abdullah BYE WEEK David Johnson injured
  7. Cook for mccaffrey ?? WHIr

    McCAFFERY and not close for me.
  8. New guy in our league drafted this team. but some didn't have a computer. Not sure if he had one.
  9. New guy in our league drafted this team.

    I'm kinda surprised he even drafted Lynch
  10. 12 team league. This guy said he had experience. Other owner dropped out at last minute. We did our draft at a bar, so it's not like this was some troll on the internet. Just for kicks I thought i'd show who he drafted. I would say this diminishes our league, but for a 150.00 buy in, I guess i'm fine with it. Rd.1 Andy Dalton...4th overall pick Rd. 2. Marshawn Lynch Rd. 3 Julias Thomas Rd 4. Rishard Matthews Rd 5. Alshon Jeffery Rd. 6 Frank Gore Rd. 7 Pittsburgh Steelers Rd. 8. Tyler Boyd Rd. 9. Rob Kelly Rd. 10. Ted Ginn Rd 11. Jermaine Kearse Rd. 12. Giovani Bernard Rd.13 Cameron Brate Rd 14. Mohamed Sanu Rd. Stephen Janikowski Good news is I play this guy two times
  11. Not sure what to think of this team, Please rate

    Thanks, yes it is a 12 teamer too.
  12. QB. Drew Brees RB. David Johnson. I had number one pick RB. Christian McCaffery WR. Allen Robinson WR. Martavis Bryant TE. Coby Fleener Flex Ameer Abdullah K. Stephen Gostkowski DEF. Seattle BN Ezikiel Elliot. Hated taking him, Got him in the 2nd/3rd round 25th overall pick Jamal Charles Cam Newton Josh Gordon Corey Coleman Mike Wallace
  13. Vent & Rant Thread 2017

    These stupid poems and corny heart warming stories ESPN keeps doing to start off opening day. There once was a time when ESPN gave out halfway decent info.
  14. Terrible Trade Offers 2016-2017

    Got offered Mudley for Gobert.
  15. 2013-2014 Playoffs NBA Finals Game Thread

    What about Lebron James telling his teammates to follow his lead in his corny motivation speech before the game.