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  1. I’d go fournette and I’m a Michael owner.
  2. I just traded away Joe Mixon for Michael Thomas. Now this does leave me thin at running back. I now have a chance to trade Antonio Brown for Melvin Gordon. I just don’t know how bad of a deal it is. these are now my running backs—-David Johnson and Sony Michael. My wide receivers——-Antonio Brown, Michael Thomas, Christian Kirk, Will Fuller, AJ Green and DeMarcus Robinson. I have a pretty easy schedule for about 4 weeks, so my lineup could potentially be..... QB. Mayfield or Stafford RB. David Johnson, Melvin Gordon WR. Michael Thomas, AJ Green TE. Delanie Walker Flex. Sony Michael or Christian Kirk or Will Fuller. Is this a really dumb idea
  3. My current running backs David Johnson, Joe Mixon, Sony Michael current wide receivers Antonio Brown, Will Fuller, Christian Kirk, AJ Green, Demarcus Robinson. Really puts me thin at running backs
  4. My qbs are newton , foles and Stafford and rivers are on waivers. My other running backs are David Johnson, joe mixon and Sony Michael with jay ajayi on the bench.
  5. He had a wrist injury. And your watching preseason games.
  6. He can go no where but up. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him as a top 3 running back.
  7. I would go David Johnson and depending on needs I’d take Kittle 5. I think DJ is going to surprise a lot of people.
  8. Is there any chance that this whole thing could be a decoy that Gruden is behind?
  9. im in this pool with 700 people (100 dollar buy in), where all you have to do is pick one winner each week to advance. I can pick the Patriots every week if I wanted to. Last year me and 75 percent of the league was knocked out by picking the Saints in week one. Is there any sure bet this year in week one. its crazy to think that there are rarely ever ties in this thing. It’s usually one winner every year.