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  1. Your offense has got to be the best in league, while your pitching in my opinion is not bad at all. Obviously if you drafted a team like that, you know what to do to improve your pitching. That will be a championship style team. Luck factor should be your biggest fear, which actually will help you in playoffs when you stream pitching to win it all.
  2. Since pitching is hard to stomach, I would take Scherzer and that’s about it for him. As far as hitters go, probably Arendo, because I doubt I would get Trout for him as of right now.
  3. C. Ramos 1b. Alonso 2b. Mondesi ss. Correa 3b. Devers, until Guerrero is called up. of. Acuna, Bellinger, Jiminez UT. Tatis bn. Dee Gordon Sp. Sale, kershaw, berrios, arrietta, Castillo, darvish, shoemaker, paddock, matz. Rp. Holland, Alvarado. DL. Lester, Alex wood NA. Vlad Guerrero jr. I forgot I had dropped buxton for darvish.
  4. That’s the other problem. There has been like 3 trades in this league in 7 years.
  5. I guess I could drop Byron Buxton for him too. But having 3 shortstops makes no sense to me.
  6. The problem is I already have Correa and Tatis. The only drop I would do is Matz, and honestly even after his bad start, I really don’t want to drop him. Am I nuts for leaving Andrus on the wire. 10 team league.
  7. Yeah I’d say so. I think he’s going to tear it up rest of season.
  8. Will Eloy’s 2 homeruns count if this game is postponed?
  9. The way he took pitches today was night and day compared to last year. I took him last year and never even had him on my radar this year, I think I made a mistake.
  10. The thing that really scares me is not too many great elite pitchers in the history of baseball has had peak years that last over 7-8 years. I hope I’m wrong but I think this is the beginning of the end for Kershaw.
  11. I really didn’t want Seager, but he fell so far in the draft I felt I had to take him.
  12. I had too many shortstops. I feel I got an upgrade at 2b for cano and guys I won’t start
  13. I gave up Cano Posey Corey Seager for Aldoberto Mondesi. I still have Wilson Ramos, Carlos Correa, dee Gordon, and Fernando tatis.
  14. little shocked that you couldn’t get a better shortstop. The pieces definitely need to fall for this team to win.