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  1. BIG TIME suggestion - NEVER EVER look at ANY sites "projections"; I literally believe it's the most overrated thing that members quote on this board. Have you ever seen a young player's "projections" go from something like he hit .280/10/50 in 2018 (for instance) to .295/32/98 (or the flip side of that matter)? Believe it or not players make that leap/jump and those "projections" never accommodate for that. I like McNeil and think he far surpasses the "projections" of 8 homers and 15 steals - they're simply going off of the playing time he had last year.
  2. SOME young kids go through this - needing to learn how to hit w/n the strike zone. That's what he has to do & why he's starting this year in AAA - based both on what he did last year and what the Cubs saw this Spring Training.
  3. IF healthy he should produce around the third/fourth catcher overall. I like him better than Posey, Molina & maybe even Contreras.
  4. I had started to type that you should be keeping Ramirez, regardless. However... more info is needed: By keeping Vlad Jr in the 17th round - how long do you get to keep him at that value?
  5. VERY nice pitching staff - you're going to have to move Touki, obviously. You may need to find one other big bat, but overall very good/well balanced team. A bit of concern for your two INF positions. Help? Be completely candid. Thanks!
  6. I love that trade for you, actually. Take Betts/Trout & then go Arenado. Good start!!
  7. I'm still confused on how you ended up with picks 2 & 3 in a redraft even via a trade? What did you trade to get picks 2 and 3?
  8. How did you end up with picks 2 and 3 in a redraft via trade? What was the trade you made? Help?
  9. Hoskins and Clevinger and I'm not entirely sure it's close - Hoskins is an elite hitter that any team can find a spot for. Nola will outproduce Clevinger but not by a wide enough margin that the addition of Hoskins isn't totally worth it. Help?
  10. I'd imagine if Voit doesn't pan out you can find someone else, yes? I like your team - very nice job! I'm not big on Murphy even in COL to be honest with you - Mondesi sure is a wild card on many teams for where they are drafting him. I'd like your feedback on my ten team league - should I be as skeptical as I feel this morning?
  11. Bump - added Greene (as he was drafted and I had too many beers last night to remember to include him in this post)
  12. Yep - I agree with others... not close. You'r trying to acquire a true/true Ace - those are near impossible to find. You SHOULD be paying dearly for one of those - going to have to give up an elite hitter to get one. Springer & Suarez are super solid and would be on a lot of fantasy championship teams... but I'd bet you're going to have to deal a top 15-ish bat+ to get deGrom. Thanks for help with mine yesterday!
  13. Solid team for sure - you're going to need to find another closer, and add some speed. I shied away from both Donaldson & Peralta - I'd hope that Donaldson regains form, and I hope (for your sake) Peralta's power surge last year wasn't just a flash in the pan. THanks for help on mine yesterday!