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  1. this bum needs to retire ASAP. Completely useless piece of garbage.
  2. Fitzgerald is complete trash. Blow up spot last week v Cinci and puts up less than 7 pts. Today vs the Giants less than 2. What a joke, put this guy out to pasture already, can't get it done vs the 2 worst D's against the pass then you aint getting it done at all. Gonna lose my week bc of him and Kerryon's injury.
  3. Every RB has durability issues, it's the nature of the position, look at Barkley now. I just don't think you can make the blanket statement that if the RB was good enough he would be a bellcow. Maybe 3 or 4 seasons ago yes, but clearly the NFL is moving towards RBBCs across the board with a handful of exceptions - the true bellcows like CMC, Barks, Fournette, Bell, etc. but they're getting rarer and rarer. I just don't believe it's purely a talent issue.
  4. I think both strategies have merit, but holding your own cuff (where it makes sense) at least gives you the security to not be scrambling to fill holes in your starting lineup if something happens to your RB1 and you don't own your cuff. I know for this week I'm really glad i've been holding Murray since drafting him now that Kamara is out.
  5. I was going to grab Armstead, then maybe Goedert for SNF. Figure they would have more upside if anything happened than Brown does right now. Esp if Brown may not see the field until after the bye.
  6. Are we holding him thru the week? Prob out this week the seattle next week and then the bye. Plenty of chances for Henderson to potentially pass him on the depth charts?
  7. So Kamara wasn't good enough to be a bellcow the previous 2 seasons? Since Payton ran an RBBC with Ingram and Kamara for that period. Not every coach will use one RB exclusively. Jones is good enough for a bellcow role but he doesn't get it in Green Bay either.
  8. It has nothing to do with not being good enough. With that logic any RBs in a committee like Breida or Coleman, or Freeman or Lindsay aren't good enough. They're in RBBC's, like literally 20 other teams are. Not because they aren't good enough but because of the wear and tear on RBs in general, and coaching staff's choices to utilize their backfields in that way. It has actually nothing to do with not being good enough. C'mon man you're a little smarter than that to use that flawed logic.
  9. So how is cherry picking the last 3 games to prove that Shady isn't better than JAG wire RBs not deceiving? Again look at the season on the whole so far - because when it's all said and done we will look back at production over the full 13 games to judge performance, not a random 3 game sample. Take out this week's game and Shady is still way more productive than any JAG wire RB like Ito or Hines. And to say to drop an RB that is getting the majority of the carries on his team like Shady is, makes no sense since the guys on the wire aren't playable at all, Shady has been and is. Unless you're playing in a 10 team league where you actually can afford to drop a starting RB that is. You wouldnt suggest dropping any other RB getting 12-15 touches a game, so why Shady? Beyond your perceived bias against him bc of your draft of Williams in the first place. And again most ppl paid 12th round value for Shady, not 2nd-3rd round value, so for him to be a fill-in on bye weeks and have upside just sitting on your bench is much better than rostering Ito Smith or Hines.
  10. Rostering a cuff who is only playable if someone gets injured is fine, but that assumes you have 2-3 playable RBs ahead of Shady on your roster, which in a 12 team league isn't that likely. Shady has been startable in a flex esp during bye weeks, a cuff hasn't been. I'd rather drop a WR for a cuff and hold on to Shady who clearly has some value, and could easily see that value rise with Mahomes out now.
  11. In standard scoring McCoy is the 21st ranked RB, ahead of guys like Kerryon, Michel, and Breida, and 3 points behind Gurley. That is an RB2 whether you like it or not. You can pull up his ranking in PPR if you want to but I would expect he'd fall into a similar spot. There isn't a single wire JAG that has produced better on the season as a whole than him.
  12. So easy to ignore the games when he put up 20 and 14.5 - in standard - to back up your claim. Take the whole season total, ppr or standard (and just bc you play PPR doesnt meant that no one plays standard at all FYI), and find me these wire plugs you speak of and show me a more productive one, let alone 5 ones. I never claimed that McCoy was an RB2 or 1, i've been consistent that Shady would have a sizeable role on this team that would grow as the season went on and he was integrated into the offense. That's exactly what's happened with the exception of one game. You have been consistent in claiming Wiliams was the guy to own and Shady had no value whatsoever, on that point you are incorrect. It's time to own up to it. No one has ever said that this isn't a committee (like over half the league is at this point) or that Shady would deliver RB1 value. But to continue to come on and claim that Shady is trash is just wrong. Watch a game, look at the stats, it's clear as day that he's not.
  13. Where is your statistical proof to back this claim up? Your one about last 3 games fantasy points? No real stats, snaps, carries, yards etc. Last I checked a 3 game sample size of PPR fantasy points isn't indicative of anything - because you can look at the prior 2 games where he put up 20 and 14.5 points in standard alone. Anyone with a set of eyes watching any KC game this season clearly can see that Shady is a great back and is the only RB on this team worth holding onto. Not your boy Damien. But you won't be able to back this claim up because you won't find any stats to prove otherwise. Shady has produced more yardage on his carries than any other KC back, and you clearly don't watch any KC games and are just spouting hot garbage as always Dex.
  14. No it's only Dexter coming on trying to convince anyone of that. A salty owner who drafted Williams and has spent all season on this thread trying (and failing) to convince anyone that Shady is washed. Everyone knows what's up with him, and honestly he's just trolling at this point.
  15. Williams isn't getting the touches because he's the one that's trash, and the stats and performance on the field back that up. You keep grasping at straws and cherry picking a 3 game sample size, which you are wrong about as it is, plain and simple. Keep trying to convince yourself that you didn't waste your 2nd round pick on Williams and you were right about Shady being washed and playing no role on this team. Shady is the only back worth owning on this team, and producing in the usage he's getting, while Williams isn't. Is anyone on KC reliable at this point? No, but Shady is by far the best RB on this team and better than any waiver JAG that you mentioned. Just give it up already, you're embarrassing yourself, son.