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  1. I'm really trying to find a way to start him over Sanders or Golladay this week, especially in a win and make the playoffs week for me. Really think he's gonna feast again, it's his RZ usage that's most impressive to me, along w his 97% snap rate too.
  2. And definitely room for Howard to be the exception to the trend just as easily, and probably more likely.
  3. Same here. If Gus sits out practice again tomorrow i'm adding Dixon to my IR and Tymont as well. If Gus ends up not playing then one or both of these guys should be solid plays this week vs Atl over my trash RBs (Howard/AP).
  4. Trade is fair and there shouldn't be vetoes used by other sour owners. Unless there's clear collusion, or the trade is a kicker for Michel. I'd leave the league tbh
  5. I just know this plug is gonna go off this week, on my bench when I finally sit him. It would make sense bc Howard and bc Nagy 🙄
  6. Gotta hope I can get this kid on waivers so I can start him ahead of Jordan Howard, with my playoff hopes on the line. Yeah it's sadly come to this 🤦🏻‍♂️
  7. Reynolds and it's not really even close. Can't trust anyone on the Bears, Reynolds is on for 90% of snaps and is a good bet for TD any game.
  8. I'd lean Drake over Alshon, but I think all 3 (incl. Coleman) are gonna be risky plays.
  9. Cooks, Rams are gonna throw a ton vs the Lions, NO D has looked a lot better recently and Cooper can easily put up a dud for you.
  10. I dont think I'd use the claim on any of them tbh. Week 13 is meaningless to you, and you've got the bye in week 14. Fournette will be back by then and I don't see any of these players cracking your lineup barring injuries. Smith i'd consider but he's banged up, and I suppose you could use it on Yeldon to block someone else if thats what you want. Otherwise i'd save it and see who clears waivers and add them after. Thanks for mine.
  11. I'm in a 4 way tie for the final playoff spot in my league, so winning this week and maximizing my point total will be crucial to make the playoffs. I've got a few decisions to make and looking for some help - standard scoring. WR/Flex (start 3) - Allen @ Pit, Sanders @ Cin, Golladay vs LAR, Reynolds @ Det RB (start 2) - Howard @ NYG, Peterson @ Phi, Burkhead vs Min, Jackson @ Pit TE (start 1) - Reed @ Phi, Everett @ Det Basically my RBs are total trash and Howard has cost me huge so I don't think I can trust him anymore. The wire is picked clean - Justin Jackson is the only "startable" RB up for grabs. Do I hold my nose and stick w Howard in a good matchup (expecting a bust) or roll w Burkhead or Jackson (if I get him off waivers)? For WRs, i'm playing Allen and Sanders, but leaning towards a triple Rams stack of Goff, Reynolds, and Everett. If I play Reynolds then i'll need to sit Golladay (or Sanders) who will get a ton of looks but I think the Rams completely destroy the Lions this week and the Lions actually have a stout run D now which should make the passing game for the Rams even more potent this week. For TEs it's basically roll w Reed or stack Everett w Goff and Reynolds for the basically the same reasons. Since i'm stuck starting AP I'd rather put faith in the Rams offense over Wash, even tho Reed has a very beatable secondary in the Eagles. What are the right starts for me? WHIR guaranteed as always, just leave a link, thx.
  12. No worries guy, in your world anyone who was drafted outside of the 5th round is apparently a lotto ticket and can't be depended on for any production whatsover, and everyone should just be thankful that their 6th round lotto ticket hit right? Stop being so smug and claiming that people failed at drafting because they came to rely on Sanders production throughout the season.
  13. You're convincing no one. But keep looking back on where someone was draft since it's week 11 and that really matters at all at this point. As for complaining, no one is, but people making the point they had come to rely on Sanders and his production through weeks 1-7 isn't just being gifted s--- all. Anyways, congrats on winning your 4 team league and all these 6th round lotto tickets 🙄