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  1. We went from Mitchell robinson and Siakam too Isaiah Thomas and Terry Rozier lol. It’s getting bad in here.
  2. No. As a man, you need to have better control. No excuses. You know you are stronger and as a man you need to be smarter to control your emotions. Oh, then he had the audacity to choke her. The audacity! Never put your hands on a woman. You deserved to be vilified!
  3. While I agree. It’s uncalled for, it’s unjustified. Cousins is a trash human being and deserves to be blackballed.
  4. You put Lebron at the 5 like the Miami days. And I know somebody else said, if it doesn’t work out, you sign Iguodala, and how does that help. Iguodala can’t play the 5 either.
  5. Oh now it’s about spacing. Maybe should of signed Melo instead of a non PNR and non shooting 5.
  6. Honestly, ask yourself this question. When has Dwight Howard last been relevant? Or deemed helpful for a team.
  7. If I’m the Lakers and bring in either Carmelo or Faried. With Cousins you was hoping to have a C who can shoot 3’s. Now that opportunity is lost so you need to refill that 15+ points you just lost from the C position. Faried can score in bunches but can’t shoot to save his life, maybe put Melo to have a scoring option if the goal is to put LeBron or AD at the 5.
  8. Yes because forcing a guy to play a position he doesn’t like will give you great results!
  9. Javale can only play limited minutes (Asthma) and AD doesn’t like playing Center.
  10. He is but who wants to play for the (Hornets, Memphis, Bulls, Hawks, Cavs or Raptors)
  11. Kemba will be the Alpha, Jayson will be the Beta, Gordon at this point in his career is a 6th man. If Ainge tries to force feed him this season like he did last season it will be a crap show. I don’t expect much better than last season.