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  1. NBA Playoffs Talk

    So we lost Chris Paul & Kevin Love in 24 hours!
  2. NBA Playoffs Talk

    I would agree, but these supporting casts (Clarkson, Hood, Nance, JR Smith) are used to playing without superstars (Kobe, Hayward, Melo) and they are still crap. I was just having this discussion last night. How do you go from a bottom dweller team like the Lakers/Utah where you can get all the minutes you want and pretty much shoot terrible shots and not get yanked, but come to a championship caliber team, and play like a deer in headlights. It’s coaching. Plain and simple. Best believe IMO if the Cavs would get eliminated, they would go after Casey.
  3. Warriors Legacy?

    Dang, let me time travel real quick. If only I was born 30 years earlier.
  4. Warriors Legacy?

    0 But I was alive when he won his 85 and 87/88 title.
  5. Warriors Legacy?

    Maybe because I wasn’t alive during the 60’s Celtics?
  6. NBA Playoffs Talk

    That Warriors-Celtics finals about to be epic.
  7. Warriors Legacy?

    If they win this year they are a legit dynasty in the making. They would sit at the 5th spot on Top 5 dynasties. That 73-9 record to get to the finals and lose a 3-1 lead to Lebron is a legendary loss to me. If anybody is wondering who my Top 5 dynasties are: 1. Lakers (Magic) 2. Bulls ( Jordan) 3. Lakers (Kobe) 4. Spurs (Duncan) 5. Celtics (Bird)
  8. 2018 NBA Draft Discussion Thread

    I don't see Trae Young going higher than 8th
  9. NBA Playoffs Talk

    Dwayne Wade Chris Bosh Lebron James then after that its (charmers, Cole, Birdman, Rashad’s Lewis , Battier & Ray Allen) is a the most talented team over.... Ginobili Kawhi Duncan Parker then you have (Danny Green, Tiago Splitter, Boris Diaw and Stephen Jackson, Cory Joseph & Patty Mills) I don’t know about that.
  10. NBA Playoffs Talk

    Remember Curry is Injured.
  11. NBA Playoffs Talk

    Duncan had a great career winning 5 championships with arguably the greatest coach in the NBA. Always had solid role players (David Robinson, Ginobili, Robert Horry, Tony Parker, Kawhi Leonard), his team always put up 55+ wins per season for 15 years straight. Like was mentioned earlier, was 1 Ray Allen three away from tying Jordan ring count. Mr. Fundamental is in a league of his own. Probably top 3 when it comes to greatest power forwards IMO. Lebron will probably go down as top 2 or best SF ever in the NBA. Minus all the s--- that people want to hate Lebron on ( ring count, finals record and changing teams) he has been Top 5 in the league since he joined and this is his what 13th year? And he has been to the finals 7 years in a row? Longevity, No extensive injury history, and his Passing, scoring and rebounding ability . Anybody who argues against Lebron James is just being delusional and just wants to argue that Jordan is the GOAT. We get it, you was born before 89.
  12. NBA Playoffs Talk

    What are the requirements for GOAT? Rings = Bill Russell MVP’s = Jordan Back to Backs = Jordan/Magic/Bird/Kobe/Russell Finals appearances= Magic, Lebron, Bird, Russell Points =Chamberlain/Kobe Im so lost on the criteria.
  13. NBA Playoffs Talk

    I’m here trying to talk about this Celtics vs Warriors finals we about to get, and all im seeing is MJ and Lebron, and some old school video. We get it MJ was great 6 of 6. Duncan was great 5 of 6. Let it go. I wonder if Hockey fans argue about Gretzky and Ovechkin? Do Baseball Players argue about A-Rod and Bonds.
  14. NBA Playoffs Talk

    Okay let me try this again since everybody wants a good series from these two respective series. A foul is fine I’m okay with that. A technical for that when Harden pushes off all day and so does Chris Paul is blasphemous to me. Can we have a discussion rather than I get labeled for being a fan. Jeez.
  15. NBA Playoffs Talk

    Not a warriors fan but that one push that resulted in a Tech for Durant was terrible. With that said, I don’t consider two blowout games an awesome series. Unless you like blowouts.