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  1. Tangent writing. If the Spurs have a way to get rid of Aldridge, trade him to Boston. Boston gets their rebounding problem solved, Boston don't have to worry about paying IT, maybe even throw in Smart and prepare for Fultz. For all you guys that bash IT. Are Boston better without IT? Sure if you want to believe so from a small sample size. Would Boston be the #1 seed a full season without IT? Most likely not, I mean yes the ball movement is great and they won that one game during game 3. But here is the underlying issue, the main 3 guys (Crowder, Bradley & Smart) are all defensive minded players. They were not really known for their offensive qualities. So sure they would win a couple games here and there, but if I needed someone to take the last shot, who am I going with Horford? Brad Stevens for COTY? It's a good storyline, but I give the edge to Spoelstra. All the injuries he had on the team and relying on those rookie guys, it is incredible what they achieved the second half of the season. However, I am also amazed at how Brad has trust in a rookie like Jaylen Brown and a young player in Terry Rozier during the playoffs to trust them to guard great players were most coaches would of either benched them, or ran a 7 man rotation (D'antoni).
  2. So what happens with Aldridge? Does he get traded or what? Had a way to build up his reputation since people thought he never could take over a game especially during crunch time or during the playoffs but it seems that he kind of stinks as a Spurs. I don't know whether it is because he is used to playing 3rd fiddle behind McCollum & Lillard that he doesn't have that freedom here, but he has disappeared in a lot of games for them, and the results have been costly.
  3. Look a close game now guys... and the Cavs lost without the Celtics best player. There you go! It's looking up for the Celtics. However on the devil's advocate side I agree with KD. If you complain about blowouts, don't watch the game. You have 5 sports to choose from: Baseball Hockey Soccer Football WNBA
  4. Again how is it much competition when the same teams kept getting to the finals for 8 of 10 years? You could pretty much pencil in the Lakers or Boston for the better part of two decades? Was the Western Conference weak then? Was this talk about comepetitice balance a thing then?
  5. People complain about competitive balance and how the playoffs are terrible this year and you may be right. Whose fault is it that the Eastern Conference is weak? Everybody makes fun of Lebron for playing in a weak conference when it's not his fault. He is not the GM of all the East coast teams who can't even draft or trade for a superstar to play for their team. All the players mentioned by GoHawks that play for the West all had opportunities to play in the "Leastern" conference as many call it and they don't. Only person that I remember switching conferences was Carmelo going from Denver to NY oh and Garnett going from Minnesota to Boston. I don't know whether it's a money thing where East coast teams don't want to fork the money for superstars and rather draft or it's the players have no interest in playing in crappy East Coast weather I have no idea but I don't see it as much as a problem. As mentioned by someone, between 1980-1989 the Lakers were in 8 out of the 10 finals matchups and right now we are complaining about 3 matchups. I mean we could go back to the days of a Pistons vs Spurs matchup to get them ratings up again! Right?
  6. Celtics had too much rest. They came out flat.
  7. Wade/Lebron/Bosh last year together they was 54-28. So you're saying that without Lebron they would be better than 54 wins and pushing 60 with ease? I don't know about that. People also forget, while yes Love & Bosh were good on their own in Minnesota & Toronto, they were always 9th seed teams missing the playoffs and they made in the playoffs one year and quickly got eliminated. Yes Wade by himself won in 2006, but since then, Miami wasn't making any noise. None of the players, Lebron has played with were making any noise before they all joined up. Sure they were All-Stars or Superstars whatever you want to call these cats. The stats show, they was putting up the stats, but was it translating into wins? Nope. Not everybody wants to be a Gilbert Arenas or a Yao Ming and putting up stats and have nothing to show for it. DeMarcus Cousins best years were wasted in Sacramento. Lebron younger great years were wasted in Cleveland. Chris Paul younger good years were wasted in Charlotte/New orleans. Bosh statitiscally best years were wasted in Toronto. Love statistically best years were wasted in Minnesota. Anybody could put up good stats on garbage a** teams. Any one of us could play for the 76ers and put up 10 & 5 if given the minutes.
  8. I'm trying to figure out the arguement here, but that is the status of the NBA now. Many people forget.... Lakers --> Nash, Gasol, Dwight (along with Kobe) Boston --> Allen, Rondo, Pierce, Garnett Heat --> Lebron, Wade, Bosh Rockets --> Harden, Howard, Josh Smith Currently: Raptors --> DeroZan, Lowry, Ibaka Spurs ---> Aldridge, Gasol, Kawhi Warriors --> Durant, Curry, Klay, Draymond Celtics --> IT, Horford (Tried to Trade for Butler/PG13) Cavs ---> Lebron, Love, Kyrie Bulls --> Rondo, Wade, Butler If you want to have a legitimate chance of competing for a title, your team better have at least 3 all stars (current or former). AT LEAST! Let's see what the Pelicans do if they add somebody else next to Cousins & the BROW. People like to point at Lebron this and Warriors that... but look at the structure of the NBA. If you want to compete you spending for All-Stars and paying luxury tax or close to it. If you not, you competing for lottery balls and are a 8th seed year in & year out.
  9. Lebron signed them all. Crazy, just discredit Pat Riley.
  10. On on hand I would hate to see the Celtics vs. Cavs. Don't know who Olynyk will take out this year. On the other hand I would hate to see the Wizards in the finals against the Warriors.
  11. I remember that Kobe game, that was when everybody said Kobe took too many shots and didn't pass, so he made it his mission to pass the ball. I know Harden has had issues where he has disappeared in games like vs the Heat when he was on the Finals as a 6th man and during the Warriors two years ago when he had 13 turnovers in a elimination game. They've always raved about D'antoni offense liked they did with the Suns saying the run & gun style of offense was a championship type of offense and the suns with Nash were robbed that one year when they faced the Spurs after they had beat the Lakers. So finally when he finally has the personnel that broke all types of records for threes and how many points they were scoring per game and Harden was this "new" man who elevated his game, to see him whimper/quit in an elimination game to me is like what the heck happened. The stars were aligned for them (No Parker, No Kawhi) and a chance to face the Warriors in a 7 game series.
  12. While you guys argue about KD & Lebron all day.... Harden, concussion or point-shaving? How do you only take one shot in the first quarter and two shots in the whole half? You are the superstar and leader of the team and you only take two shots? I mean in comparison to Westbrook who would have took 20 shots by the half but still, in an elimination game? Then to top it off, you have 6 turnovers, take only 11 shots and look clueless on offense standing outside the three. Anywho, Warriors vs. Spurs. If Pop can get his big vs small rotation going, I think he may have an advantage. Using Gasol & Aldridge will be key, along with some flashes of David Lee against his own team. Force GS to match the big with a big (which in this case would be Javale & ZaZa) who are not known as good defenders.
  13. IDK, Celtics got Olynyk and the Wizards have John's wall.
  14. Also blame D'antoni for outcoaching himself. How you think you are going to win with a 7 man rotation? Most coaches run maybe 8-9 some even 10 man rotations. However, this guy only runs a 7 man rotation. No wonder Harden was gassed at the end.
  15. Don't forget JR smith Ankle injury in Game 2 ish I believe it was.