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  1. Okay I guess Cousins is just a average has been huh?
  2. Contender for lottery ping pong balls. All Thibs is going to do is run him into the ground like before.
  3. Boston would be great defensively against Cleveland? With what they had this year they gave up about 117 points per game. I don't think Butler is a -15 difference or something similar.
  4. As a person who lives in LA, many were hoping that Clarkson would get traded. It was obvious to most Laker fans that Russell was the clear favorite over Clarkson and many had thought that Clarkson had reached his ceiling. However, like I mentioned here, Russell while a good player, didn't really mesh well and secondly while yes he had some great games, his shot selection was very poor. Russell could shoot you out of games, but could also win you games as well. My thoughts on Randle, he gives me Lamar Odom vibes. A PF who can bring the ball up court and sometimes initiate the offense, or take the defender off the dribble. However, again yes while young he makes mistakes which I why I favored Nance over him as a starter. Right now you are looking at a Ball, Clarkson/Young, Ingram, Randle, Lopez starting lineup in the hopes of achieving a: Ball, <insert SG>, Paul george, Randle, Lopez starting 5. I feel bringing in PG13 hinders the development of Ingram as you put him in a reserve role where PG commands 32+ minutes.
  5. I look at it as, they trusted Clarkson more than Russell. Russell was benched multiple times by Walton.
  6. Dame always spitting the truth.
  7. Agreed. Jerry West will probably have them rebuild. Clippers had 5 years and 2 coaches to make that situation work. Rebuild, get picks and hope that by the time the stadium is built here in Inglewood, you have a competing team, that can win a championship in its own building.
  8. I don't foresee him leaving either. He has won 3 titles, won 1 for his hometown city which had never won anything in like 5 decades and he is a player/coach. Don't be surprised if you don't see him as a coach/executive for the Cavaliers down the road. Many players today dream to play for their home city and win a championship (PG13, Wade, Blake, Howard).
  9. If Durant isn't on the Warriors, we are not even having this conversation and this series is probably still going on heading to Game 6. The team the Cavs constructed was based off the moves the Warriors did. Warriors signed McGee and ZaZa, Cavs signed Bogut. Of course Bogut got hurt which killed the momentum and Durant was a 1000% upgrade of Harrison Barnes. The Cavs had no answer for that Durant signing.
  10. Plus, why would you guys want the Cavs there again and to see Lebron for his 8th time in the finals? Half the board is going to bring up his Finals record, the other half will complain about parity and the rest will say the East is weak. Boston may make some noise if they get Hayward/Butler. I hope for one this offseason a "Star" player decides to team up Witha cousins/Davis in New Orleans. Spurs even if they get CP3 ain't making any noise with Gasol Aldridge eating up that cap space.
  11. Explain how they improve? Who can they get that could possibly Do a better job of containing Durant? Jefferson is retiring. I doubt they keep both Shumpert & JR. Deron might want more playing time and Korver failed to do his only job he is known for. If the Cavs want to get past the Warriors you can't match offense with offense. You need to slow down the tempo and maximize your possessions and not run and gun with them. This team had all the firepower, but when their offense wasn't kicking, their defense was severely lacking. Final score of Game 7 last year was 94-89. You can't beat a Warriors team letting them score 110+ points per game.
  12. There won't be a rematch. This was it folks. Warriors vs. (Insert East Team).
  13. Remember folks. Lebron sucks in the fourth and his teammates have nothing to do with this win. It falls on Lebron!
  14. But would they have made it to the Finals with Wiggins? I don't see Wiggins grabbing those 15+ boards and shooting lights out from three like Love was.
  15. So it's not the team choked... it's Lebron choked? We're going to ignore the Kyrie bad shot selection, the Korver missed 3 and Love scoring only 9 correct?