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  1. In his very slight defense. RWB teammates were -19 when he was off the floor.
  2. I agree but I feel Blake Griffin game is more point forward akin to Lebron to a degree instead of more in the paint. The Celtics problem is they have no skilled big men. Olynyk and Amir Johnson are not skilled but they are big. They need like a Monroe who is probably off the market now due to the Bucks success or a Drummond. I wouldnt consider it a failed season. They built through the draft and still have a top pick in this year draft and a young core. Yes they might possibly be eliminated but the Rondo injury may have saved their season and they still have IT!
  3. The last thing the Celtics need is Blake Griffin. He is a more finessed Al Horford. They need a big guy who just grabs boards. Them not swinging for Cousins is really biting them in the butt.
  4. Damn Rondo and Blake out. Changes the whole playoffs.
  5. All about narratives in the NBA. That's what sells.
  6. Harden without a doubt. Best record of the MVP candidates besides Kawhi. /thread
  7. You don't got 4-18 in the 4th quarter and shoot twelve times in a row in the playoffs.
  8. When you have inconsistent shooters like Jeremy Lamb, Anthony Morrow and Andre Roberson, I can see why you don't want to pass. With that said, Ibaka had regressed and Dion Waiters reinvented himself in Miami.
  9. Every team has flaws, but it's not about how you play the game. A W is a W.
  10. "They shouldn't be this bad, as in, 3-12 since James returned to Cleveland for the start of last season. They've lost those 12 games by an average of 14.9 points. They lose these games when Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love are both on the court. They lose whether David Blatt is the coach, or he isn't. They lose when James has no true backup to replace him, which was the case last season. And when he has one, in Richard Jefferson. Ol' RJ is 0-2 when taking James' place." I mean I'm not a stats guy.... but if you wanted to stretch those figures over a season, I don't see how you have the Cavs making the playoffs.
  11. I clearly put in quotation marks tanked as to hint to some people who believed they tanked. I don't have a dog in the fight and I don't really care who comes out of the East, I was simply highlighting a topic that was mentioned the final week that they were "tanking". We we all know their defense is trash it has been well documented but even the talking heads knew, the Cavs didn't want to play a Chicago or a Heat team with their struggles and it seems as of right now it is working for them. Next round they face I believe either the bucks or the Raptors which is still better than playing either Atlanta/Washington. People have Washington going to the finals and as the only team in the East who can legitimately beat the Cavs in a 7 game series. So calm down bud I was already feeling good.
  12. Looking like Chicago is for real this time and Boston was playing over their heads. I see why Cavs "tanked" for second.
  13. It's a shame to. Most people didn't like my picks or thought I was reaching for some players.
  14. Anybody have the Thunder beating the Rockets? How many triple doubles will Westbrook have in this series 5?
  15. Depends. Does anybody really consider the Jazz to make it to the second round? I mean the Jazz, when was the last time you heard of them? During the sloan era with Deron Williams.