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  1. Jarret jack is injury prone.... not long.
  2. OKC has always needed 3 point shootin. The problem is when hey get these shooters, hey suck at shooting in OKC.
  3. I would of thought Mirotic was on his way out. Jeez he sucks as a Bull!!
  4. If they get Tyson that kills Ibaka value lol
  5. Biggest winner is the Lakers! They got Magic and finally got rid of Kupchick
  6. Looking at it from a non fantasy. Getting Tyreke a second time is not going to do wonders, especially for s guy who has bum knees. If you doing a rebuild, you rebuild young not old and broken.
  7. I just need Tyreke to get bought out and Terrence Jones to find a home.
  8. I will always remember when he took over Madison Square Garden. He was on fire.
  9. So Terrance Jones like...
  10. So is this what Mare Carrol has been all season long. What is it with players who use to be good and now are worth penny on the dollar? Should of stayed in ATL.
  11. Leave.
  12. Fantasy Friendly coach? Ask brook lopez if he fantasy friendly.
  13. Wiggins thinks he is Kobe, Lavine thinks he is Steve Francis.
  14. I must be a wizard because I drafted this dude. Y'all picked him up from the waiver!!? Kudos to you guys....