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  1. At some point there needs to be some due diligence from the Utah Jazz organization about their fans. This is not the first time, a player has complained about remarks from fans attacking players. His deleted account also shows that this guy always complains about Westbrook and his play, which indeed were “racial”. All this deflection, turning a blind eye, or ignoring the issue at hand, whatever works for you in your bubble is fine. All I want to get at is Utah has a serious problem with its fans saying derogatory, offensive, racial remarks to basketball players. It’s almost to a point like the MLB has the issue where multiple players state they hear racial remarks from Boston Red Sox fans. Clearly there is a problem, and it needs to be handled. It is 2019, as a basketball player I shouldn’t be hearing deragtory or racial comments in this day in age. I wonder what Wilt Chamberlain dealt with.
  2. Reading this thread. This is why America is **ucked. Hilarious. People either are oblivious, or have a blind eye.
  3. No, I agreed with your post. The Philly response was to someone who said Lebron should of stayed in the East and if he wanted to be competitive join up with the Sixers instead of trying to revamp/reshape the Lakers roster. Also, reason I said last shot is because, people on here bring up that Lebron is in decline and he is 34 going on 35 and at the end of his contract he’ll be 38. Who knows how competitive Lebron will be or how in shape he’ll be in at 38 years old. If he could play like Vince Carter until he is 42, but who knows.
  4. Hayward has been misused IMO. Is it because he hasn’t been looking for his shot, or has he been nervous on going 100% in? Who knows but the Celtics shouldn’t have been struggling like they have. However, I would last blame the coach not first.
  5. Never trust a guy who writes a paragraph about how Lebron will never reach Kobe legacy and then retype what happened in the playoffs with a Lebron like we wasn’t all alive then and watched it.
  6. This could be true. I just don’t see Kemba leaving the Hornets. I think he wants to be the greatest Hornet ever. I mean his legacy will last probably forever haha. Only reason I said Kyrie is, it is well documented Kyrie is not a leader, he is delusional if he believes he is a leader or can somehow lead a team to championship as him being the alpha. He has had two chances (Cavs) albeit he was really young and now (Celtics) where he has caused more dysfunction and I would argue Morris & Smart are leaders more than Kyrie. Kyrie hasn’t proved anything except being a clutch scorer, but leadership skills is not in him.
  7. Well I thought if he wanted to win now he would of went to Philly, but again you would of had the same issue with him playing to Ben Simmons but I digress. He came to LA to retire and give it one last shot. If players don’t want to play in Los Angeles, then so be it. They can try to beat Golden State on their own on teams like the Knicks or the Mavericks, or some other crap team with cap space.
  8. Right, I wonder why players always go to the Yankees instead of like the Marlins. Or why they go to the Patriots instead of like the Browns.
  9. I know that. But me personally would rather go to a team that has a history of winning, than a team that has no history of winning at all. Yes New York is a big market as well, and many players have went there thinking the same thing “Oh big market, I can win a championship here...” and get ran out of town. Carmelo being the latest.
  10. Sure, that makes since. Let’s play for a team who has never been known to win anything just for the sake of it.
  11. Somebody is going to want to play for the Lakers. If Lebron is as old as you say he is, then after year 2 or year 3, it’s your team to shine in one of the NBA’s biggest market, so who would not want that opportunity. I said realistically Klay/Kyrie. With the Boston situation, I think Kyrie realizes he is not a leader after all, and Klay ( I have a feeling the Lakers will over pay for a 3 point specialist) similar to KCP. DMC is a wild card if they swing out one of those I mentioned earlier. DMC is a head case so I doubt many teams will pay for a head. He might sign where Rondo goes again.
  12. You had to trade Russell to get rid of Mosov terrible contract that shouldn’t have been signed in the first place. Who was going to pay Randle? You wanted to pay Randle? who was a poor mans Lamar Odom. Zubac we all agree was a head scratcher but I suppose they wanted to rid of Beasley too and free up a roster spot to sign “Carmelo” but that never materialized plus Muscala is another expiring deal who can shoot the three unlike (Chandler, McGee & Zubac). Who else you want to talk about? Clarkson who is playing good on a crap team? We hear about that all the time. Only one I can give you credit who they should of kept was Brook slopes, but again, Lakers being cheap to sign Lebron and whoever else they sign this summer.