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  1. Must add? I have scrubs like Tyler Johnson at the end of my bench lol
  2. i will definitely be adding him. Think he’s in a great fantasy spot and top 90 isn’t out of the question in certain builds
  3. The dude has been with a brand new team for less than a week. Give him some time to integrate Jesus
  4. Are we expecting the back to back restriction and the random rest days to be lifted now that Gasol is in town? Surely they need to build chemistry before playoffs
  5. White sounds like he will be back in about 2 weeks
  6. I’m wondering if Gasol coming to town will force Kawhi to play more. They will need to develop chemistry with the starting 5 before playoffs. Also, I know I’m being stubborn as a Kawhi fan, but aren’t say 5 extra games of Middleton and Cousins (whose minute limit should increase soon) better?
  7. You guys still holding strong? Or think the new additions and tanking will hurt him?
  8. Still halfway kicking myself for trading him for Cousins and Middleton but he needed to go regardless how much I like him
  9. Curious to find out what Kawhi owners are expecting in return in a trade. Personally I’m a huge fan but if I didn’t own him I wouldn’t be giving up a top 20 asset who regularly plays for him, especially in a head to head league where games matter
  10. That was me lol. Getting a lot of heat for it on some other forums, people saying it’s a horrrible deal. In theory it is, but I cannot continue collecting random DNP’s in a head to head league where im in 9th place and playoffs are top 8
  11. I really feel like I will miss the playoffs if I keep getting DNP's and resting on back to backs from Kawhi though. OBviously im selling low, but in head to head where i am getting more games out of the players I receive, I'm tempted. Any other thoughts?
  12. Traded this dude for Middleton and Cousins. I know it’s selling way low but I’m outside the playoffs and these DNP’s are killing me in H2H.