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  1. Please rank for overall value! whir
  2. Best FA pick?

    Aminu and Dedmon also available
  3. Best FA pick?

    George Hill is also, and Len will be first couple of games at least. Dedmon is also a FA
  4. Best FA pick?

    Hey guys, just wondering which fa I should choose for total value. Playing a yahoo 9 cat h2h danny green sabonis pau george hill len just looking for some early season value, regardless of team build etc. whir!
  5. I’m picking at 8 in a yahoo H2H league, 12 teams. I’m leaning Jokic, but if he doesn’t fall to 8 I’m considering Kawhi or Lebron. Who would you guys pick, and based on that pick who would you target at my next pick (#17) to complement the first one? whir!!
  6. Ingles and Prince. If you think Isaac can stay healthy then I’d go him and Prince but ingles is a very safe play
  7. Cedi and Beverley for me. Pretty clear cut
  8. My Harden for his Steph and Griffin

    I’d keep harden. Griffin has been disappointing and not a huge fan of his fantasy stat set.
  9. Very very close. Kawhi and Ayton obviously are the better pair when you combine them but may be worth it to get Davis. I think I’m leaning towards keeping Kawhi/Ayton though
  10. Josh Richardson vs. Taurean Prince

    Richardson for me. Crowded in Miami though so Prince has more opportunity, Richardson more talented and those stocks are nice
  11. A.Gordon or Harris

    Garry Harris by a pretty large margin. Gordon is very talented but overhyped imo
  12. Turner or Mirotic?

    Definitely Turner
  13. LeVert, Dinwiddie, Crabbe
  14. Drummond or Butler?

    I’d say they are even but Drummond is a better fit