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  1. Tomorrow will be 1 week of the 1-2 week "re-evaluated" timeline. We MIGHT get something tomorrow.
  2. If the last two spots aren't taken, let me know as myself and a buddy are looking to join a league. Thanks!
  3. I've been the commissioner of a 14 team turned 12 team H2H 9 cat keeper league for about 6 years and myself and one of my league members are looking to get into a more active league as ours has fallen off. We're both extremely active not only in our league but others as well as DFS and looking for a league that is active. Really looking to talk some ish and have some fun vs set lineups and watch games every day. Also open to taking your money Emails are: for myself, Jesse Prins. for the other guy, Cory Mead.
  4. Good to see him back on my opponents roster and not mine. Denver is starting to look like Bos with to many mouths to feed and Barton isn't even back yet!
  5. Have you owned him at all? Dudes FG % goes down to 15% at times for ten game stretches then he comes back to where is is now. To many mouths to feed in Philly especially with Chandler coming back. That being said i got Gallo at 118 and if he plays 60 games like he is now i like him over Lord Covington.
  6. Yuck. Roco is almost more annoying to won than Gallo
  7. I hope the thing that suffers the most is Parker's Jaw. #freeportis
  8. Drop Hield for Lamb. Hield might not even start and Sacto is a wasteland. Lamb is starting now and I wish I had him. Also your FG% wont be great regardless with this team unless you grab a few more big's. Also update your signature
  9. Gotta be able to field a lineup still... I'm sure there will be a PG or two i can grab for gortat.
  10. Portis is a flyer as he will start for about two months until Lauri is back. Easy to drop after that. Grabbed Brogdon as he'll start for MIL and i need a PG and think hell be healthy and better than he was as a rookie. Gortat was another random grab as he'll start and solidifies rebounds and blocks for me. I only see this team lacking in assists. what else do you see?
  11. I would take it and grab the hot FA the first week. there is always someone who isn't on a team who ends up being a top 50 player. I don't like ROCO this year. Help:
  12. Lyles. Could be the nuggs 6th man. Help: