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  1. A message system finally? Gee, welcome to the 21st century finally Fantrax. Not that text messaging in the fantasy baseball phone app is the best thing ever especially when you have a loudmouth "ding ding ding to the whole league every day" guy in one of your dynasties. But then I can block him I guess.
  2. But they made that great trade with SD that got them a great hitting outfielder finally and ... oh wait, they didn't.
  3. Thank you. 😉 Also the question asked was: So NO it is not for sure. Did you want to say yes it is for sure? Was there an "official" announcement I missed?
  4. Atlanta's rotation announced yet? I don't own this guy but just curious if this is "he has an option and we don't need a fifth pitcher until the second week of the season cause of all the traditional off days to start the season" thing or if someone else made the rotation. Also when should Mike Soroka be healthy enough to return to the rotation for that matter and he would he bump out?
  5. This isn't a fanboy thread. You don't have to own McMahon to post here. You don't have to own any Colorado player to post here or have any horse in the race. This is a thread for people wanting info about a baseball player, having info about same or just having opinions.
  6. Weird that they flip-flopped them back again after announcing earlier Trea was the lead-off hitter. Did Dusty Baker return as manager and I just missed reading about it, heh?
  7. My money is on Archie Bradley. Also no way no how Melancon closes for SF.
  8. Yeah teams are always giving overly optimistic projections on return dates and they are almost always wrong.
  9. They haven't played the season yet. You could be dead on.
  10. That ability has been around for a couple of years now. But what you still can't do though is trade directly into a DL (and they still are DL slots on Yahoo) or NA slot. You have to get your commish to move the players manually for you so never try to use their trade software when dealing with NA or DL players or you will have to drop an active player to bring up the DL or NA player and all that stupid crap and lose a player in the process.