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  1. Well Yahoo has always had a way larger database of prospects than ESPN so it he is coming from ESPN he will be pleasantly surprised by Yahoo's larger pool. My only complaint about Yahoo -- other than split player Ohtani and now Brendan McKay, hah -- is how the NA slots go away every spring in dynasty leagues so that your prospects are now part of your active roster until after the mini re-draft. You have to work around the problem with various methods of lists or spreadsheets and no online draft as in you don't use the Draft Room or drop too many players to get down to your active roster limit which turns your full dynasty into a mere deep keeper league. Then the NA slots magically reappear after the draft and you go waiver wire hunting immediately to fill in the empty slots on your active roster and NA slots. I love the controls and layout on both the computer and phone app though they are still upgrading the later. They also added lots of sabermetric stats to the traditional ones when checking out a player's vitals this year in their first upgrade. And they intend to keep upgrading since they are under new management starting this year and are putting a new team of software people in place and promise to listen more to the users (we will see) so maybe one day Ohtani will be made whole again. In other words, Yahoo seems to be on the upswing at the same time ESPN is on the downswing. PS: The only negative that may be left if they ever fix the NA slot problem is that I won't have anything to complain about about Yahoo at that point since this is what I have done for years here. Hah!
  2. They said on the broadcast the other night that Alex Cora a day or two ago told him he had to cut down on his strikeouts next season (d'uh) because he has been chasing balls out of the zone all year. His swing mechanics got messed up early in the year too because of a minor injury they said and he was compensating for it at the time but then he never got it back later. So just a couple of days ago Cora called him in for a long talk and gave him a very specific "to do" list of things to work on during the off season and how to go about it. In other words this off season he should be in the shop for repairs to his swing and mental game. Let us see how good a mechanic Cora is at getting him fixed going into next year. My guess is he will have a come back season since he has all the right physical stuff. He just has to re-assemble his skill set back to where it had been as it were.
  3. Wanted to add but can't edit above anymore ... I still can't digest the timing. Right after the game ended last night. Within a few minutes. Bang! Out of nowhere. Did John Henry just snap in the moment? He seems a very quiet and reasonable owner not given to any known big anger fits. But Alex Cora was said to be totally shocked and surprised by the move so it doesn't seem like it was in the wind for days or weeks. This is kind of fun to try and wrap your head around.
  4. Well they will AGAIN offer Betts a generous extension contract in the off season and AGAIN Betts/Boras will turn it down for free agency. But after that? The market is soft for position players so it might be a long wait. Speculation here abouts is he may land in Atlanta. It is nearest his home turf in South Carolina so he might give them a semi-home town (as much as Boras would allow) discount. Markakis was great but long of tooth now and the Braves only signed him to a one year contract last year because they couldn't land anyone better. So they are looking for an outfielder in the off season. Part of the reason Betts may leave may go back to when he was first eligible for arbitration and the Red Sox low balled him by millions and millions. He had to take it to arbitration where they sided with him. Modern players can take affront as in take it personally as an insult to just about anything let alone millions and millions of rectangular green things. Yeah it will be interesting to hear what the Boston sports media will say about the firing and speculation of what it really was about. And why now instead of in a few weeks say. This isn't a quiet dismissal in the off season. This is the walk of shame move. It would be the lead story on the sport talk shows locally today except the Patriots' opener will steal away the headlines and the talk. And it certainly gets buried in the national talk shows because of opening day around the NFL period. Hmmmm, maybe that figured into the timing of the firing. You get to give him the walk of shame and the media doesn't ask why because the story is buried because of football. In which case yeah there well could be more stuff behind the scenes too.
  5. No. They are looking to trade Betts in the off season before his value goes down into his last year with them. They offered him very big time MEGA extensions (money and years) the last two off seasons but he is determined to go to free agency and they can't afford him and his pal, Scott Boras, unless JD decides to leave and/or Pedroia gives back all the money he is owed forever. (Pedroia's contract was pre-Dombrowski to be fair). The Dombrowski firing is puzzling because things leak like a sieve in Boston sports outside the Fort Knox of Secrets aka Bellichick's Pats domain. Not even the slightest rumor had surfaced. Not a ripple. Not a hint of a ripple. Majority owner John Henry has a large input so Dombrowski wasn't doing anything against the owner's wishes that I know of. He was told no signing costly bullpen arms for big cash because the luxury tax HAD to be under the cap this year period so it would reset. (I say firing because I don't see Dombrowski leaving for greener pastures. Wonder if his game watching buddy, Joe Torre, goes too. Those two were inseparable at all the ball games). Aside. And no I don't think Sale is "done". He survived his visit to Doc Andrews so he will be his old self by next year and pitching just fine. But David Price is back going into his pattern of ouchies of late so I'm more worried about him after he had a fairly decently healthy (for him) year this year so far. As for the bullpen the luxury tax was the main culprit. And as bad as they look and as many games as they have blown it came down to the team's slow start (WS hangovers are real) plus the starting pitching in the end that did them in. Overall the bullpen's stats weren't bad at all compared to the starters' stats. Which is scary of course, heh. The luxury tax penalties that scale up over year after year you are over the threshold now get reset back down to zero in the off season which means they can go on an old fashioned spending splurge if they want to this off season. Also Porcello and Rusney Castillo -- remember him, the young Cuban prospect that fizzled and spent years and years in AAA -- come off the books. It may be where the direction of said proposed splurge could have gone that caused a parting of the ways with Dombrowski. I wonder if Dombrowski fought with John Henry over all the mega starting pitcher signings and money tied up in same? Dom is totally responsible for bringing David Price to Boston. How hard did he push for Sale's mega deal? I mean maybe even something like Nathan Eovaldi's big contract (big for an Eovaldi type anyway) was the breaking point? I will say this for Domborwski. He really looked the part. The well-dressed, confident looking silver fox of mega-deal making. Not some dumpy, stout, balding guy like his buddy at all the games, Joe Torre. Guess looks only take you so far anymore, hah. And guess now Brad Pitt doesn't get to play him instead of Billy Boy in another "inside baseball" movie ... "Super Duper Moneyball."
  6. Maybe he should watch the kind and amount of food he eats instead.
  7. Well he actually was cheating if he took a banned substance, aka a known masking agent. And given how these things work ther is no way he didn't know what he is doing. All a player has to do is get all his meds through the team medical staff so there is no excuse for what he did. Why would he need a diuretic normally? Yeah he was lucky they only caught the masking agent. And yes I am totally cynical about this stuff in this day and age where players know not to go out and buy any drug, even aspirin, on their own. Maybe 10 years ago yeah I can see maybe a player or two making an "innocent" mistake among the many guilty ones. But not now. It is too bad he was that dumb because he was having a decent year but maybe that is part of the reason he was having a decent year. Just because he was performing like he was back in the day doesn't say he wasn't taking because he is older and has come back from injuries so it is kind of surprising he was doing so well and had returned to his good old days type of stats.
  8. About Kimbrell. Remember when he wanted 6 years and a trillion zillion dollars last spring? LOL!
  9. Thanks. But it was a really bad trade for Miami because they indeed do have an abundance of good arms and could have traded someone else other than their very best arm of the bunch. Also I'm not sold on Jazz being that big of a deal. A major leaguerer maybe but I don't think he has top tier talent. Arizona scored big in that trade.
  10. Okay Yahoo let us see yet another "split personality" here, haha: Yahoo has really got to address this in the off season. It is getting totally ridiculous they are so far behind the times which are going to see more multi-positional players including pitchers that also hit and play in the field and positional players itching out of the bullpen more and more and just not as blow-out fill-ins.
  11. You want to actually tell us who he plays for and what his position is and what his minor league profile is as in post some information when you start a thread please. From what I could find out he is an outfielder for SF. Also he is in the Yahoo system but like all players not in the database at the start of the season he has to pass through waivers like everyone else. Waiver date in default leagues is Saturday, Sept 7th. Off topic side note: I don't know how many call-ups this makes for SF but I'll be glad when the new rules kick in next year and only 3 players can be called up in September instead of the infinite numbers now. Red Sox bullpen sucks so bad that they brought everyone up and now have a bullpen of 19 inept arms instead of the usual 7 or 8. Five hour games in September due to pitching changes after every batter are so much fun ... not.
  12. Yeah I was shocked when I saw he had been traded. He had been performing the best of their Kiddie Korps at the time in Miami even. Don't even know who the Marlins got back. Heathcliff Slockum maybe, heh? Anyway Gallen is probably thrilled they did.
  13. The number was long ago made proud by one Hank Aaron.
  14. Yeah I agree. The Blue Jays can hit just fine with their "The Next Generation" young trio and others. They just can't pitch. But Framber wasn't pitching against the pitching.