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  1. New York Yankees 2019 Outlook

    Early bird gets the worm. And every team "gauges" the prospects of other teams 24/7 365 days a year. And better to make a trade BEFORE all the free agents are signed and trading is the only avenue open to a team than after that happens. Then the price in prospects really really goes up.
  2. Trade Mookie

    Keep Mookie. Period.
  3. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    Sox fan here obviously. Currently it is Rusney Castillo and Dustin Pedroia. Before these there were, uh, ... many many many. Like Theo's Moby Dick quest he went after forever in Adrian Gonzales which cost them a young Anthony Rizzo who Theo got back from San Diego once he was with the Cubs a few years later. But not before he signed A-Gon to a 7 year mega-contract in Boston. It took new Dodger ownership to bail out Boston on that one. And since the horrible Carl Crawford deal was dumped at the same time too as well as Josh Beckett and Manny Ramirez it was probably their best "bail out of a total mess" deal. God, the Red Sox have had soooooo many bad mega-year deals. Thanks to the Yankees they did avoid one to Jacoby Ellsbury at least. Now here is a trade that did NOT happen this past summer. The Astros almost rented out Bryce Harper this past season: Now Washington will get nothing for Harper so that "little light" trade looks not so light now. And as they always do, the Nats front office made the wrong call.
  4. Joe Mauer 2018 Outlook

    Thanks. Joe Kelly can't wait.
  5. Joe Mauer 2018 Outlook

    Who is the new Twins 1B in 2019?
  6. St. Louis Cardinals 2019 Outlook

    Rotoworld blurb said St Louis isn't interested in Harper. Harper isn't a "need" since like stated above the Cardinals already have a nice outfield and have holes elsewhere to address.
  7. Mallex Smith 2019 Outlook

    Meadows did okay in his short stint in the majors last year hitting .287 in 179 ABs. I don't know how many of them were with the Pirates and how many with TB but I know TB sent him down to the minors to put a brake on service time some but he was up at the end of the season. Mallex is a speed guy only basically while Meadows is a future "all round" guy. Not superman by any stretch but a nice balance. 6 homers and 5 steals in those 179 ABs mainly with the Pirates. Since Dee Gordon is on the trade block then Mallex is their Dee replacement it looks like. Guess they are hoping he will be Dee Lite.
  8. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    As well they should be. The full Rotoworld blurb was: The Phillies have money to burn but Machado makes more sense than Harper honestly. Unless they think Franco has finally turned the corner and are fine with Kingery or Crawford at SS. Phils also, like most all teams, need pitching.
  9. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    They have former highly rated prospect Austin Meadows now -- part of trade with Pirates/Chris Archer -- and don't need Mallex as a result.
  10. New York Yankees 2019 Outlook

    I agree it is weird that they would trade Kluber but they have officially said both he and Carrasco are available for trades. It may be just a fishing expedition to see what he could bring but if some team like NY goes crazy and blows them out of the water with a really great offer I can see them puling the trigger what with their pitching depth. Now I don't see BOTH Kluber and Carrasco getting traded. It would be one or the other at most. They should have a cakewalk in the AL Central again so trading both seems too extreme and approaching a teardown. But trading one to make them better contenders against Houston, Boston and NY in the playoffs seems doable. It isn't the regular season where they need help right now. They need bats and a better bullpen in the playoffs. It would be ironic if they make a deal with the Yankees and these two teams face each other in the 2019 playoffs, wouldn't it.
  11. Mallex Smith 2019 Outlook

    That was my first thought too. Yeah this move helps Austin Meadows' playing time greatly. And Mallex should get more playing time too since wasn't Guillermo Heredia like Seattle's third outfielder or something? Maybe I'm wrong. All I know about Seattle outfielders are Haniger and Dee Gordon. And it sounds like Dee is on the trade block too. And Cmilne23, at least Mallex can see the sky with a RETRACTABLE roof out your way. Nature. Fresh air. The Trop is not only the ugliest stadium since the old Minnesota Baggydome but also it looks like the darkest and most gloomy on TV anyway. Also, no catwalks! That is one thing for you to hang on to out there. No catwalks in Seattle! Now THAT would be the final straw. How many teams has Mallex been on in his short career? Atlanta was one but I keep thinking there was another team too.
  12. St. Louis Cardinals 2019 Outlook

    Kelly isn't a top catching prospect anymore. His stock is tumbling. So your idea of trading him to the D-Backs when they have a much higher rated catching prospect in Varsho doesn't compute. And since he hasn't even been called up yet, Varsho has tons of service time left on him. Like others have said, Arizona can get way better deals for Goldy. Also Poncedeleon is no where near a top ten arm either unless it is just within the Card's system. And IF the Snakes trade Goldy in his last year it means they are NOT going for it in 2019 and are waving the white flag so are starting a rebuild so no way would it make sense for them to want an older Carpenter. They would want top young players/prospects under long term control with the reasonable contracts that brings them. And someone will offer Donaldson more than 2 years. Especially in the AL since his 3B skills are likely to decline sooner than later and he will be a DH not far into the future.
  13. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    No way would Arizona make that deal. They can have a bidding war for Goldy and get better deals that would include YOUNG players under long term contracts back if they are rebuilding, not older players like a Carpenter. Varsho is their projected future catcher so no need for Kelly. I don't see Donaldson, despite his down season, "settling" for a mere one year contract. No way any team would take on Fowler's contract or even Fowler for free at this point. He is an albatross now and he is St Louis' albatross. Yeah get a guy with a history of endless injuries who will, despite that track record, get a longish multi-year contract just at the point where his age factor is going to kick in too. But why would anyone trade a bullpen arm for Martinez? Sorry but this sounds more like a wish list for a Cardinal fan rather than anything that could happen in cold reality.
  14. Lance McCullers 2019 Outlook

    That was so under the radar ... until it wasn't. Bad for baseball in general. Weird that Charlie Morton wasn't given an offer at least when Houston management knew about this all along. Maybe they will still re-sign him. Also this also might mean Forrest Whitley could fast track up sooner than expected in 2019.
  15. Lance McCullers 2019 Outlook

    Yikes. Houston really kept this hidden. This is why I'm worried about Chris Sale as well. I don't believe the Sox have been upfront about what is going on with him. But the McCullers thing totally took me off guard. I had no idea it wasn't just a "strain."