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  1. CJ Cron 2018 Outlook

  2. St. Louis Cardinals 2018 Outlook

    Those are NOT prospects anymore. You said prospects in development and that was what I was asking about. Thanks to Philoumenos for reminding me of Dakota Hudson though. But he alone would not be enough for a Manny rental. They would want him plus young players like Tyler O'Neil and/or Paul Dejong (DL now but O's not going anywhere and he is only 24 I think and he is a SS which is where Manny wants to play now saying he doesn't want to go back to 3B) as well as some lesser prospects.
  3. Hanley Ramirez 2018 Outlook

    Probably not but the last time he did he hit tha lion's share of them from July on as I recall.
  4. St. Louis Cardinals 2018 Outlook

  5. Mike Moustakas 2018 Outlook

    Depends on the player. JD Martinez seemed to enjoy his time after he was traded to the D-Backs last year ... and how! And amazing how your juices really flow when you are actually on a contender playing for something late in the season.
  6. Atlanta Braves 2018 Outlook

    Looking like Atlanta thinks the future may be now: They got a thousand arms to trade to fill in the missing piece they need for this year too.
  7. May Closer Thread 2018

    Maybe that someone will be named Colome or someone else they trade for because every time I visit this thread over half the posts are about the Angels. This seems as bad as the endless Nats merry-go-round in the recent past where that whole drama hijacked the closer thread for most of the season it seemed.
  8. Michael Hermosillo Outlook 2018

    That's it? Not even what his position is or who he plays for even what to speak of his minor league record and national rankings? I'm glad you feel honored but can you tell us more?
  9. Eugenio Suarez 2018 Outlook

    Yeah if they brought their mop up man in they were pretty much giving up. Plus they aren't going anywhere this season. So err on the side of caution and pull Suarez to be on the safe side. You don't want to mess this guy up long term. My guess is he will sit the second game today except to be available to pinch hit.
  10. Paul Goldschmidt 2018 Outlook

    Yeah Votto was suppose to be done to. Goldy is a great player and the bottom has fallen out. So something is wrong because you don't age 20 years overnight and come to a halt unless there is some underlying issue. An absolute most hold in all dynasties and deeper keepers. Time to try and trade FOR him in those leagues. I agree, check his vision and re-check his arm. If they are okay then talk him into a fake DL followed by a long rehab in the minors so he can get it together again with his mechanics out of the freaking spotlight and, at this point probably, his growing mental anxiety about all of this as well. But whatever, get him out of the daily major league line-up. It is messing him up at his point more to try and play through this than helping him.
  11. Zack Godley 2018 Outlook

    Ah, you mean in shallow fantasy leagues, not real baseball. Gotcha. Thanks.
  12. Zack Godley 2018 Outlook

    Did you just decimate baseball teams? Solid SP3 means that there are 2 starters better on most all baseball teams then he falls somewhere into the third tier 60 to 90 range. I think he is better than that because he has shown he is better than that. He did well enough last night and needs to improve but he shows he can improve. Not worried about him at all because all pitchers seem to go though slumps just as hitters do. But because a starter only pitches every 5th game it just takes more time to come out of it than an everyday player. So for me a pitcher's slump has to last a lot longer to bring up concern. Sure I bench pitchers sometimes when they are in slumps but I do that for hitters too. That is why there is a bench. But the ones I don;t wan ton my team are the ones that either have either higher than desired ERAs and/or WHIPs year in and year out like Shark or Matt Moore. They are the ones that never improve because they never have improved.
  13. 5/19 - GAME DAY THREAD Just a reminder to update through this site above too. All in all it is another "mudders" day where you just have to keep checking in on stuff.
  14. 5/18 - GAME DAY THREAD

    I was thinking what Members_Only_76 said: Seriously Goldy would not be the first ball player to not realize he has an eye problem. Honestly it can be a mix of seeing plus mechanics plus the arm etc. Doesn't have to be just one thing. Most baseball historians say one of the reasons Ted Williams was so good was that he had better than 20-20 vision. I think it was 15-20 or even 15-15. (Factoid of the night: Also a good fighter pilot especially the second time serving which was in the Korean War where he ended up as future astronaut John Glenn's wing man). If there is even a little drop in someone's vision plus something else combined ... well a problem caused by more than one problem at once is the hardest to figure out and for some reason teams never seem to check vision right out of the gate. In other news, Matt Moore broke Nick Delmonico's hand tonight. It is like every day one of these clueless pitchers with no control breaks some hitter's wrist or arm or hand or finger or whatever. Batters are going to have to chuck gloves for full on medieval gauntlets to survive a baseball season intact any more.
  15. Eduardo Nunez 2018 Outlook

    I'd think 3 to 4 games a week max. One to two for Pedroia because they want to go easy coming back from this and plain just resting him a lot more from now on. One at least for Devers. Maybe more if Devers hits a bad patch but Brock Holt is a vulture for 3B as well as 2B. They need to trade Holt asap. And occasionally one for Bogaerts though not once a week. Of course players always get injured or re-injured so you can't predict the future for a utility guy in the long run.