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  1. New flash! Mets do something logical! (He should have held out for his own private, non-Mets, medical staff though).
  2. They (aka the Red Sox) were never ever going to end up with Kimbrel. A stupid, multi-year, bloated contract for a fading closer was never in Boston's plans since before the World Series even. Unlike the Phil's reserve of "mad money", the Red Sox are stretched thin due to the luxury tax and money coming off the books was already planned to being re-alloted to extending Sale back last year. (Also Xander needs a pay day and JD can opt out at the end of the season so he has to be bumped up too). Not to re-signing Kimbrel. They did hope to re-sign Joe Kelly but when LA went totally bananas over him he was out of the picture. Would Boston like to have a Yankees-style bullpen? Sure. But they can't afford it so they will live with what they have. Maybe pick up someone else by the trade deadline for low level prospects and mix and match as they can. They feel they have the horses to get into the playoffs without one then do what they did last year and have starters work out of the pen in the playoffs again. Not the best method but the only one they can use right now. Will John Henry bust the budget later in the season and cost them draft picks and international pool money by going way over the luxury tax? It is possible if the current bullpen is costing them too many games. But a few games here and there. No.
  3. You are making a joke, right? His best days are over and even during his best days he was never ever a top ten player overall. Top 20 a couple of years, but never a top ten. And this from someone who has owned him on a dynasty for years starting back in his Oakland days.
  4. I understand that totally and included a short paragraph mentioning that in my post. But to get to post draft teams you have to go through pre-draft in private leagues. What I was saying is that Yahoo's pre-draft is similar to ESPN's pre and post draft problems so I empathize with them especially when dealing with idiot "Help" staff.
  5. And Yahoo just updated their pre-season rankings one last time today and moved him from 69 I think it was up to 52 now.
  6. Brasier was more the fireman. Barnes doesn't do too well when he is brought in with men on base. The blurb about the match-up stuff in Minnesota:
  7. They do count BEFORE the re-draft in dynasties and deep keepers. That has been my crusade against Yahoo for years now. After the league opens and BEFORE the draft the NA and DL slot all disappear causing all players to be counted against the max roster. AFTER the draft -- and after you had to drop players to get your "active roster" to it's max or below -- then and only then do the DL and NA (prospects) slots suddenly re-appear and your prospects and TJ DL guys and such no longer count against your active roster total. Then and only then are you fine for the rest of the season. But once the leagues re-opens again next spring you are back to being over the limit because no NA or DL slots again. You either have to drop everyone and cease playing dynasty or you have to do all the convoluted workarounds countless league do to preserve the prospects. We did days long offline mini re-drafts using the message board, 1 hour pick limits, a major prospect list and spreadsheets in two of my leagues. We are fine now but what a headache every single freaking damn season. In my two other leagues no one wants to go through that so you either throw back in prospects or vets to get to the limit each year. I always toss all my relievers back in to save my prospects which are set at 5 NA slots because we can't use all 10 slots Yahoo allows in those leagues because it is impossible to do so without these major workarounds. But yeah that problem never shows up on the run of the mill draft leagues because you just draft say your 27 guys then afterwards if you drafted a prospect or two you can shove them down in the NA slots that appear after the draft and add active players from the free agent pool no big deal. But what ESPN now has happening is far worst than dynasty Yahoo play because the NA and DL slots apparently count towards the active roster all season and not just before the draft. So there can not be any workarounds unless you stash DL and NA players on a web site or on a message board "not allowed to pick up these players" lists all season long. Condolences to you all. Believe me I KNOW the anger and frustration of dealing with this s--- and the experience of trying to get through the thick heads of the so-called "Help" people on the site as to why this is a major problem. These people obviously have never played fantasy baseball a day in their lives and you just want to bang your head against the wall after trying to explain simple concepts, like in my case, Yahoo's major promise of "dynasty play" they touted and ballyhooed big time when they first came out with NA slots and how this isn't allowing just that.
  8. He would be on the DL (IL, whatever) if they didn't send him down. I have no idea when he can even start pitching again. Anyone know?
  9. Yeah Caleb seems to be the reason Straily is out of a job in Miami now. And there was a correction to the original story above. Straily wasn't DFA'ed but outright released which is even better news for Smith.
  10. Each year this question comes up endlessly. Thanks, Smeeze, for handling this one. But it would be nice if this forum allowed us to have a big ol' neon sign flash out Smeeze's reply automatically for us. And again neither Yahoo nor ESPN nor Fantrax nor CBS nor any other platform can put anyone on the DL (IL) List nor has the power to do so. It is not their call. That cannot run MLB or any of the teams.
  11. I think 2B is far thinner and he play a lot there this season. SS is really pretty deep. Maybe even the deepest position.
  12. Why? He is a 2B and will play some on the OF and will only play SS when Story sits which, owning Story as well, makes that an ideal situation for you.
  13. A message system finally? Gee, welcome to the 21st century finally Fantrax. Not that text messaging in the fantasy baseball phone app is the best thing ever especially when you have a loudmouth "ding ding ding to the whole league every day" guy in one of your dynasties. But then I can block him I guess.
  14. But they made that great trade with SD that got them a great hitting outfielder finally and ... oh wait, they didn't.
  15. Thank you. 😉 Also the question asked was: So NO it is not for sure. Did you want to say yes it is for sure? Was there an "official" announcement I missed?
  16. Atlanta's rotation announced yet? I don't own this guy but just curious if this is "he has an option and we don't need a fifth pitcher until the second week of the season cause of all the traditional off days to start the season" thing or if someone else made the rotation. Also when should Mike Soroka be healthy enough to return to the rotation for that matter and he would he bump out?
  17. This isn't a fanboy thread. You don't have to own McMahon to post here. You don't have to own any Colorado player to post here or have any horse in the race. This is a thread for people wanting info about a baseball player, having info about same or just having opinions.
  18. Weird that they flip-flopped them back again after announcing earlier Trea was the lead-off hitter. Did Dusty Baker return as manager and I just missed reading about it, heh?
  19. My money is on Archie Bradley. Also no way no how Melancon closes for SF.
  20. Yeah teams are always giving overly optimistic projections on return dates and they are almost always wrong.
  21. They haven't played the season yet. You could be dead on.