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  1. Boston Red Sox 2018 Outlook

    Shall we start off the 2018 outlook for the Sox on a positive note. Let us. John Farell is finally gone!!! Best off season news possible. If only they had kicked him aside last year at this time then Tory Luvello would have been signed up as manager in Boston instead of with the D-Backs. But they didn't because they feared the PR of firing a guy who was still fighting cancer at the time. So ironically a life threatening disease saved Farell's career life for another year. But now to move on. Who will be the next Red Sox manager? Also they need a big bat in the middle of their line-up. They were LAST in the AL this season in home runs. It showed big time. Their only position opening is at 1B so will they go hard after Eric Hosmer if KC fails to re-sign him? They would love KC's other star --- The Moose -- even more and then maybe move Devers over to 1B instead to make room for him but KC seems to want to keep him over Hosmer and they aren't likely to be able to keep both.
  2. New York Yankees 2018 Outlook

    Morton already announced he wants to pitch next year.
  3. Dodgers @ Brewers Game 6 Thread

    They are keeping the temperature damp and at 40 degrees inside their dome? Don't think so. I like Milwaukee since they have been kind of the new David ever since the Cubs gave that title up after winning the World Series so I'd feel less bad about seeing my Sox beat the Dodgers, cough. But I sure want to see the Brewers win tonight. Push it to 7 L-O-N-G games and let the pitchers tire themselves out a little now please.
  4. Looks like they are trying to copy Yahoo's look but aren't quite there yet.
  5. Well they will go belly up in no time. As long as Yahoo and ESPN offer both highly competitive free private leagues with multiple personalized options as well as their casual public leagues why; would anyone but a Fantrax hardcore groupie pay period let alone those very high fees. And yes $25 is a high fee for those of us who are not part of the white collar crowd. Especially if we can get arguably better platforms with far more potential pool of players like Yahoo and ESPN have for free.
  6. Yahoo H2H need competitive manager

    Wrong sub-forum. Go here: Baseball League Finder Service
  7. David Price 2018 Outlook

    He is the starter in Game 5 tomorrow Cora announced.
  8. 10/17 Game Thread

    Man the Sox-Astros game took forever. They have got to speed these games up. They are bleeding casual fans away with these grinders as well as pushing my blood pressure through the roof. (I'm looking at you, Kimbrel).
  9. Chris Sale 2018 Outlook

    They said on the post Red Sox show he couldn't keep food down yet so yeah it is more a case that if a 6th game is needed if he can go by then.
  10. David Price 2018 Outlook

    I was glad to see he was moonlighting tonight raking the bullpen dirt in game 3 of the pennant series in Houston. Nice to have a fallback job.
  11. 10/16 Gamethreads

    Nice game. Bregman is amazing at 3B but my Red Sox won despite his heroics there because even he can't catch balls hit out of the park. Eovaldi turned out to be a good trade deadline pick-up and his value in the off season as a FA has shot up through the roof so far thanks to October baseball. Glad to see Jackie come through and continue his second half upswing with the bat.
  12. Does the Draft really even matter anymore?

    This above as well as also playing in deeper dynasties where if you wanted to draft Acuna you have had to have done it 2 years earlier.
  13. 2018 MLB Trade Rumors and Deadline Thread

    I guess it technically is the 2018 season even in the post-season so it is safe to put this player for int'l money trade here in the 2018 thread. Miami's fire sale continues. From Rotoworld:
  14. 10/9 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Alex Cora never managed before this year either. It's the man, not the lack of experience.
  15. 10/9 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Last night's game was hardly a bore to me. In fact I had a wonderful time watching it, hah. Cross your fingers for tonight's though. I believe umpire Angel Hernandez is behind the plate tonight where he can't be challenged endlessly on balls and strikes. Likely both Boone and Cora will get tossed as a result given his uh "performance" shall we call it at 1B last night. He has never ever been a good umpire. How do there guys get into the post season?
  16. Aaron Boone - Yankees Manager

    Not a differential of 15 runs. Yes managers can have an influence and credit to Alex Cora for FINALLY putting in Devers and Holt -- I've be yelling at him the first two games to get them in the line-up since they were the two hottest hitters the last couple of weeks of the season (especially Holt) -- but you can't blame Boone for Severino's performance. Only for bringing Lynn in to make it worse. Yes Boone should have used one of his "four Kimbrells" to get a strikeout. He is still left three of them for the end part of the game. But in the end that didn't make a difference because the Yankee bats only managed one run all game. It wasn't Boone who was the key to the game. It was Eovaldi.
  17. 10/7/2018 Game Day Thread

    Except that the Yankee-Red Sox series including this one have way higher TV ratings than any others. I just saw an article that the first two games of this series were setting ratings records. When Houston becomes a national team like the Yankees and Sox BOTH are with fans everywhere and they have an arch rivalry that goes back a century featuring some of the greatest names in baseball history, well let me know then. Until then it will be Yankee-Sox, Cubs-Cards and Dodgers-Giants series that will always top the ratings. It was fun reading this thread tonight. Yeah Boone made mistakes but his players have to hit and pitch too. In the end it is the players who decide these things. And as a Sox fan, thank goodness David Price is out of this series for the duration now. hah.
  18. Aaron Boone - Yankees Manager

    Oh I don't know. I think the Red Sox had something to do with that loss too, heh.
  19. Luke Voit 2018 Outlook

    The Phillies want Machado and have the most money to spend and are the most under the luxury tax of any major market team in baseball right now. They also have an opening at SS as well since JP Crawford is basically a bust and Kingery may end up at 3B once he grows into a major league caliber player in a year or two. Though the Phils would be happy to kick Franco to the curb for Manny if Machado wants 3B again as well. But yeah they will promise Manny SS 100% to sign him. Manny also said he wanted to play back here in the east so unless he has bonded with the west coast since that statement which was AFTER he was on the Dodgers for several weeks, I see the Phils as the number one contender for his services.
  20. 10/5 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Typical Red Sox-Yankees nail biter. The Sox have to always get enough runs early to stave off Ye Olde Dumpster Fire known as their totally sucky bullpen. A game ball to Sandy Leon trying to block a zillion balls in the dirt from them tonight. And Rick Porcello may likely be moved back to Game 4 (if needed) now thanks to having to come in tonight to help bail them out. Kimbrell at least was fine except for Judge but that can be said of many a pitcher vs Judge who is definitely NY's MVP. But we Boston fans would like to give a grateful tip of the cap to Stanton for not knowing he was allowed to take his bat off his shoulders and swing in the 9th.
  21. SP Jesus Luzardo, OAK

    Well this is nice news for us Luzardo owners in dynasties:
  22. 10/3 - GAME DAY THREAD

    What took you guys so long? We've been waiting impatiently for you. It's not a real post-season without a series with the Yanks.
  23. Yeah I bet it would be to use Doctor Who's magic sonic screwdriver to fix the so-called "problem" in a matter of seconds.
  24. Maybe they forgot to update the "17" on the trophies to "18" and had a whoops moment, haha. They did let go their old staff in the process of starting to hire the new one so the coder that knew how to update that is probably in the unemployment line now. I'm always amused that the trophies never have your team listed with them either in the 2017 version of trophies or the old trophies template they used in the past seasons. Just a bunch of generic gold,silver and bronze ones with the old style smaller bronze ones looking like turds more than anything else. At least 2016 model which was a bit darker "bronze" (more like brown) than the earlier years' ones.
  25. Totally. It's exceeding at the start of the day. Not at the end of the day. If you don't like it, Yahoo is hiring programmers now. Their ads for same are on every League's page on Yahoo now and have been for some time. Go apply and re-write a million lines of code so that you can micro manage thousands and thousands of leagues during each minute of a single day because something that has the same rules for everyone is suddenly unfair after 15 years. Then sit back and feel the wrath of 99% of players at the end of next season who know the rules and are upset you suddenly changed them for no good reason.