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  1. 06/22 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Please trade Roark away again. I need him to get back on track. Thanks in advance.
  2. Yes it is back but it was a screwy time to do maintenance. Yahoo is on the west coast so they don't care it they screw over eastern and central time zones apparently.
  3. Yahoo is in read only mode right now: We're very sorry, but Yahoo Fantasy Sports is currently in read-only mode! We expect to be back shortly. Check @YahooFantasy on Twitter for updates. So they say to check Twitter. I'm not on Twitter. Anyone know what they are saying there as to when they expect to be operational again?
  4. 06/22 - GAME DAY THREAD

    I hate 1-0 games so I utterly enjoyed this one. Well except for the team I owned Steven Wright on. At least two other teams I own JD Martinez on. If only I had Nelson Cruz on them as well. Those two together could give you enough hitting stats from tonight to make your weekly opponent weep.
  5. Hanley Ramirez 2018 Outlook

    Rotoworld has picked up the original tweet now in their blurb:
  6. J.D. Martinez 2018 Outlook

    What team will throw the bank at JD? Please not the Giants? We want a fantasy friendly hitter's park for our lad, JD!
  7. Hanley Ramirez 2018 Outlook

    Wow! Guess the rumors were right indeed and that NO team is going near him ... ever. From the link above: "Being eyed in connection with an ongoing federal and state investigation. Stay tuned". Also ... that link? That has got to be one of the most entertaining links ever. Some of the best GIFs etc ever. Thanks!
  8. Clayton Kershaw 2018 Outlook

  9. Mike Soroka 2018 Outlook

    The Rotoworld blurb:
  10. June Closer Thread 2018

    SD wanted Devers for Hand from Boston which is NOT ever going to happen but shows how weirdly they are overvaluing Hand. Have no idea what they want from other clubs but if it is in that same range they aren't gonna make a deal anywhere. And now they seem to be a club interested in trading for the Manny Machado rental (see his thread) which makes no sense at all. But if this is an indication of their thinking they can win this year (hahahahaha) then they wouldn't be trading Hand anyway. My take? The SD front office be a weird one it be.
  11. Manny Machado 2018 Outlook

    This from the Dose: The Unwritten Rules article here on Rotoworld today (June 22). Why SD would want to trade for a rental makes no sense but hey the Padres do extremely weird things regards their trades and signings at times. Even extreme whacko things. And, unlike the Angels lackluster farm system, SD has some legit top prospects. O's want pitching prospects? SD is right up there close to Atlanta in that department. And the Padres' pitching prospects are top of the line unlike the Angles' ones.
  12. Gary Sanchez 2018 Outlook

    I'd rather have a half dozen bloop singles than a couple of hard hit outs. Guy should just make contact and let the power come in on it's own accord instead of swinging out of his shoes all the time.
  13. Hanley Ramirez 2018 Outlook

    Yeah but again they aren't owned by John Henry and they have had some good investigative stuff in the past they proved right. They also have a good article up now on how the catching, 2B and CF positions total suck on the Red Sox which they do but NESN (Sox network) likes to avoid talking about that much because, again, John Henry owns the network as well, heh.
  14. Hanley Ramirez 2018 Outlook

    I could see Hanley doing that though more like partying then hanging with his family. But ... there are rumors out there about something. And there seems to be multiple sources for these rumors. The talk show didn't want to get egg on it's face in case they screwed up without the hard facts but they did say the rumors they have heard are from reliable sources who don't want to say anything more at this time either until the smoking gun is found so to speak. But it is known they said that there hasn't been any real feelers put out to Hanley and feelers are always put out to almost any player just to kick the tires at least. They also felt that if all this is true then the truth will get known sooner than later so time will tell. Though they didn't think the better investigative sports reporters for the Boston Globe would break the story since John Henry (Sox owner) also owns the Globe now suggesting that the Sox might consider this a PR problem. Maybe the Harold or that Boston Barstool sports site will find stuff out. My money is on Boston Barstool if there is anything to unearth. Those guys don't give a rat's a** who they go after and are pretty blunt and upfront of their criticisms of Boston sports teams.
  15. I don't know but I sure hope they don't. The default in public leagues was next day so since pro leagues are also without a human commish I assume they follow that default too. And you can stream just fine. Just stream the day before. Yahoo even has an easy look-up for same. Go to Players List and under the Positions menu there is always a selection called "P (Probable)" there. That gives you a list of all the pitchers that are suppose to be starting the next day barring weather or last minute changes/injuries. And if it is indeed next day then the pitcher you want to drop for your streamer you can drop on the day he is pitching anytime. Before, during or even after his game. Doesn't matter. The drop won't happen until the next day so you still get his stats no matter when you click on Drop if he is in your active line-up. If it is "same day" settings it is way more complicated and you cannot drop him until the next day if he was sitting in an active roster slot. I tis a pain especially when you live on the east coast waiting until 3 am eastern to make changes. You sleep like a normal human being and you get up too late and someone on the west coast already made the move for the guy you wanted before he went to bed.
  16. Hanley Ramirez 2018 Outlook

    No. That clause expired when the Red Sox cut him. No other team is effected by that option. Only Boston. And once they cut him the option was totally voided though they have to pay all of his salary for this year. Thus he is basically free to any other team and still no nibbles even. No I don't think any team is going to touch him for the rest of the year. So why would any team approach him later when he is totally rusty and useless anyway and they already lost all those basically free ABs they could have had earlier as well? No, something is fishy here. And it is fishy on Hanley's side of things. Duke of Queens may well be right and it has to do with PEDs but the hints seem to point in some other direction as well. The Hanley Mystery Novel. Who will solve the case?
  17. Hanley Ramirez 2018 Outlook

    Don't think so. Could be wrong for sure especially since that seems like the most logical explanation. But the "hinting" was a bit all over the map and it just seemed to come down to not having anything to do with the team (his attitude) or playing ball per se. They kept saying several times that it was something that happened off the field. And apparently serious enough that it is looking like no other team wants to go near him right now. They did kept saying if the rumors were right the story should come out eventually. But hey I'm not good in the mystery solving who done it stuff so thought I'd throw it out here in case any of you are real good sleuths and knew places online that might be ahead of the curve here.
  18. Hanley Ramirez 2018 Outlook

    To all 3 people out there still hanging on to Hanley ... just cut bait. Boston sports talk show was saying not one single team has even inquired abut him since he was cut. They were "hinting" but refusing to say anything concrete that no one will touch him now due to something that happened off the field. That that was the real reason he was cut and that rumors are going around about same but they refused to say more since they didn't have anything to back up said rumors. But these rumors are pretty much all over baseball and no one is going near Hanley who, as they pointed out, carries a lifetime .380 BA in post-season play and can had for basically free. So why would contending teams not pick him up even as a free bench bat at least or at least contact him unless there was something to these rumors. That's all they would say. Anyone else hear/read anything online about all of this?
  19. Dustin Pedroia 2018 Outlook

    I was asked a question in another thread about Pedroia and decided it would probably be better to answer it in a Pedroia thread. The question was "What do you think happens at 2B as Pedroia ages?" I think it will get pretty uncomfortable for the team and fans alike since Pedroia's knee is never ever going to get any better. It is now a chronic problem; no longer a matter of healing. The cartilage is basically gone at this point. So more starts clogging up the DH spot while being rested from the field. Not a good situation. Peddy has both a lot of pride in his game but is also driven to play baseball. Like Ortiz once said: "Pedroia HAS to play baseball." So it will be hard for him to hang it up but it will kill him to play subpar too. Currently Marrero and Lin are potential back-ups playing more and more games at 2B. Team seems to favor Marrero but I really like Lin (a player from Taiwan) who is a SS by trade and is better up the middle than Marrero. There is also another utility guy that went out for the season several months back they like and I can't even remember his name, hah. But the Sox could just go and sign some 2B vet like say a Brandon Phillips type and swap them around between 2B/DH like the Angels do with Albert Pujols and Cron etc at 1B. Trouble is Pedroia isn't a good DH not having any power left either and power bats are what Boston needs the most right now. It is going to be a dicey problem down the road for sure. If Pedroia seriously injures that knee further it could be career threatening. But if it remains about the same it will be like a twilight zone situation if he keeps trying to fight through things. Awkward to say the least since his contract is through 2020 I believe it is. Anyway I don't see Betts ever moving back to 2B no matter what. The team and front office have basically out and out stated it. RF is the hardest position to play at Fenway and he has become a gold glover in that position. You don't move the new (and improved even?) Dwight Evans to 2B.
  20. June Closer Thread 2018

    And your lack of knowledge about how the Red Sox front office and Cora view him is getting tiresome.
  21. June Closer Thread 2018

    Yeah Red Sox would never move a major team cornerstone 30 to 40 home run future star 3B who is playing damn good right now at age 20 as it is for a here today gone tomorrow reliever. But yeah they should have gotten Herrera at his cheap price.
  22. Brandon Nimmo 2018 Outlook

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Low and Away, so I wouldn't have to be the one pointing this useless % Owned stuff out instead. Again. And again. So appreciate that post. One day here it will finally dawn on people that % Owned means absolutely totally nothing post Opening Day. I hope last night will prevent any platoon talk about Nimmo ever ever again with the Mets. They tend to be slow learners but even they must be starting to see he is the real deal.
  23. Washington Nationals 2018 Outlook

    Nats start off the off season on a high note. From Rotoworld blurb: Though i must say the "source" is a bit unusual.
  24. 6/18 GAME DAY THREAD

    Again on Yahoo: Depends on the format selected. I can add players just fine if it is dropping one whose game hasn't stated yet (west coast say) or one on the bench. Regards the bench swaps: Once a player is locked on the bench for the day Yahoo is happy to sub him out for another person on the bench as long as the new player also was already locked in and therefore can't be moved up to the active roster. That's logical because it would basically be a cheating loophole otherwise. But you can move a player picked up and still not locked via the bench to the active roster if he replaces a player on the bench not locked of course. If you think you may want to replace a player with someone else (pitcher streaming say for the next day) you can move that possible drop player to the bench and wait until both are locked then change them up. That's for replace the same day private leagues. But most leagues are "replace the next day" which is the more common flavor since it is Yahoo's default actually and is in all public leagues as well. The replace the same day a commish in a private league would have had to select before the season started. But in this default "next day mode" mode you can drop and pick up anyone locked or unlocked period because the roster itself doesn't reflect the change until the next day. I play in both. The same day one helps some but also is a pain in that once you want to replace a player for the next day and you have no active player to drop you are stuck waiting until 3 am eastern (midnight pacific) to swap those players.
  25. 6/18 GAME DAY THREAD

    Oh okay. That is that odd "weekly league" stuff. I keep forgetting there are still leagues like that. Thanks. Daily leagues aka probably 99% of all leagues since all public leagues are also daily which skews stuff heavily daily's way, an individual player "locks" pretty much right at the official starting game time. At least on Yahoo where I have switched players in and out a minute before the official start time more that one, heh. Thus the need to check your app up until game time in case there are any last minute -- and I mean last minute -- line-up changes.