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  1. What I can do is send you the invite email and just join the league so you can check it out.
  2. Hello what is your name? Can you give me some info about yourself please?
  3. Is this Mike? There isn't really a list of keepers yet we haven't done the actual keeper lock yet. If you want to take a look at the league I can send you the invite and you can look at the rules and teams.. I will answer any questions you have too..
  4. Its a 12team h2h points league. We utilize an all-play feature every week so best record each week is 11-0, worst is 0-11.. 1 division.. 6 teams make playoffs. 4 week format that is identical to the regular season format. We keep 5 MLB players every year and up to 2 MiLB each year.. The new teams we have this year won't be forced into choosing to keep players on the current teams roster. You will be able to choose all 5 of your keepers from the remaining pool of players after the other 9 teams make their selections. There will be a 3 team snake style draft (order determined randomly) to complete the keepers. Our buy in each year is $150. The cbs.com cost for the league is also 150, so the payouts go like this.. 1st 1000 2nd 500 3rd 150.. We use leaguesafe.com for all payments. We are looking to start our slow draft next friday so if we can fill this up fast that would be preferred. Thank you for reading this. Jake (commissioner) jaked2782@yahoo.com
  5. I would like to get at least 10 guys maybe 12 guys in this. We would have 1 giant draft with all leagues players available that would fill our rosters for all 3 sports. I am just looking for interested players at this point. I am still in the process of constructing the point formats for each sport, playoff structure, prizes/fees.. etc.. Before I put all the work in to do that I want to make sure people will actually want to play. I have a few guys in my keeper baseball league that would be interested and maybe a couple other friends but still need about 6 or 7 guys I am thinking. Please let me know your thoughts either by calling, texting or email. My name is Jake. 720-225-8076 or jaked2782@yahoo.com. Thank you!