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  1. He settled in very nicely. Missed the first three innings which must have been ugly but his last two innings were all weak contact and some swinging strikes. I'm feeling good about him.
  2. Matz is talented but when I hear about him coming back its whatever. You can't count on him and he will get hurt again, likely sooner than later. The Mets needed to beat the Royals they will never have all of their pitchers healthy at the same time ever again. That window and dream is dead they need a new approach.
  3. He can hit lefties like my dead grandmother at this point. I don't care.
  4. I prematurely dropped Oh after watching the Giants game because objectively I didn't see a thing I liked and it's been rough tonight too.
  5. Conforgettable....that's what you are. I'm leaving now.
  6. You're right that is significant I didn't miss it but his popup rate this year is close to his '15 numbers so maybe last year was the anomaly.
  7. I don't see much in his batted ball profile this season that's any different than the previous two. I think his approach is just going to create extreme fluctuations in performance. We saw the good last year and now we're seeing the bad.
  8. It's now Sir Sidney Ponson actually. He was knighted by The Kingdom of the Netherlands.
  9. The Phillies, a team with no real aspirations for contending this year, signed Howie Kendrick to play left field. If he didn't get hurt this probably isn't happening. We underrate luck way too often.
  10. That's Robles in a nutshell. He will dazzle and make you wonder if he finally has it together and then he reminds you that he doesn't.
  11. He had a hamstring injury and it's affecting his ability on the base paths. Maybe that isn't the reason but that's a linear, logical guess so I'm going with it.
  12. He's actually said his change is his best pitch when it's working so that's a good point. Took a look at the numbers again. Z-contact% is second to only Sale and swinging strike% is 4th behind Salazar, Sale, and Scherzer. You can't fake those stats and those are improvements upon his previous seasons so that's encouraging. bb/9 are way up, and his babip and HR/FB% are up quite a bit as well. While the last two usually normalize, I think you can tie all three of those stats into his lack of command and control right now. He's given up 7 homeruns already. For reference, he gave up 7 homeruns his entire rookie season in about 100 more innings. Maybe he will just have an underwhelming year for his standards it happens but he has a 500 inning body of work plus postseason games going into this season so I feel pretty good about him sorting these issues out.
  13. Rocking a career 64/65 hr/bb ratio. He's exactly like Joe DiMaggio just replace those career walks with career strikeouts. I kept Odor because he was a 22 year old second basemen coming off a 33/14 season playing in Texas but I'm not surprised this is happening and it's probably just a miss.
  14. The stuff might be better than I've ever seen it. At the same time, when he was dealing with injury and diminished velocity last year I thought he "pitched" better. Missing high with the fastball and outside with a lot of his secondary pitches at the moment. That's probably the worst thing I'll ever say about deGrom as a Met fan. He goes out and pitches and good or bad I never have to hear anything about it.
  15. This team cant handle prosperity. I was actually pleasantly surprised with how they were playing.