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  1. I don't know if he's going to be good or not, but a brief call up where he had choppy playing time shouldn't have swayed you in either direction. If you liked him before you should still like him now.
  2. Great talent but right now you can't count on him. Doesn't go deep into games to begin with. Starting to make sense when you factor in the Keuchel injury why they were asking the Mets about deGrom. They need an ace right now.
  3. He probably didn't need to put on the extra 17 pounds of muscle or whatever that number was in the offseason. Who knows if that contributed to the injuries he's dealt with but I can't imagine it helped either.
  4. That's the fantasy baseball equivalent to getting married. God bless you.
  5. Betances looks like he's in his own head now. Who'd have thought the Yankees would need bullpen help for the 8th and 9th inning?
  6. He'd have the highest average fastball velocity of any starter at 97.9 mph if he qualified. Severino at 97.3 would be second and Syndergaard is injured but beyond the fastball that gets everyone excited he's showing a pretty damn good feel for pitching so far. Today could have easily gotten out of hand after that first inning and I honestly was expecting it to. Wouldn't have held it against him he was facing what's currently a playoff team for the second time. He keeps surprising me.
  7. Small sample size fun. His c0ntact% at 72% puts him right at number 10 and SwStr% 0f 13% puts him 13th. Flip side, his strand rate at 91.5% is really high. If he keeps issuing the free passes teams will start hurting him. Mixed bag but all in all I'm really impressed given the schedule he's faced.
  8. It's so embarrassing. I won't stop following the mets because I really like a few players on the team but the whole "fan till you die" schtick is misguided. In its purest definition the New York Mets are a business and the consistent incompetence is actually startling. You wouldn't go back to a restaurant if it was run like the Mets.
  9. He'll be a good value once again and once again I will draft him in both of my leagues. I really liked Dixon though it's a shame he got popped but he was only a mid round pick. They aren't exactly indebted to him. If a West/Woodhead combo is yielding good results I could see Dixon getting put on the back burner. Missing four games is a big deal, especially when you were competing with comparable talent for touches in the first place.
  10. Hadn't paid much attention besides knowing he was a power/speed guy in the minors. Then on the radio broadcast tonight they said he has the third fastest sprint speed behind Hamilton and Buxton. Now he has my attention
  11. If the "everybody and their mother will hit homeruns now" narrative continues I don't see the appeal. I can find power basically anywhere so if you're an outfielder who can't run or hit for average what exactly is he doing for you?
  12. A 14/9 second baseman halfway through the year should have people doing cartwheels. Unfortunately, you can find 14 homeruns now like crack in Camden and he has a .257 obp. All the questions and potential pitfalls regarding his approach have come to fruition.
  13. He has a broken wrist. I'm going to assume the worst until it's proven to me otherwise. He is completely irreplaceable in both fantasy and real life. Nats with their bullpen and this injury well on their way once again to a one and done postseason.
  14. The new market inefficiency in the doctored ball "everybody and their mother will hit homeruns" era. It's literally just him. Billy Hamilton should be too but he's just too poor of a hitter.
  15. With power plentiful and easy to find at almost every position I think Sanchez provides such an advantage at catcher. He's really on his way to being in a tier of his own. Probably already is.