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  1. I hope it isn’t true believe me I don’t enjoy seeing things like this. He doesn’t exactly have an impeccable track record when it comes to this stuff though
  2. A three year old child. I would hope that level of depravity would be enough to end his career but sadly I’m not certain given his talent.
  3. Career .214/.302/.434 slash line. Good amount of doubles and homers. Given that he basically made his reputation as the next Yankee first baseman back in 2015 and since then has yet to even come remotely close to playing a full season or hit above .200, I’m not sure what the hang up is on him. This is something I’d expect the Mets to do with a player.
  4. I’d hope the near 1.100 ops and being a major reason why the Yankees were able to keep the A’s at bay and secure home field advantage for the wild card game would be enough for Voit to at least begin the season as the Yankees first baseman. I understand Bird being “their guy” and as a lefty it would help their righty heavy lineup but he’s been given plenty of opportunity to seize the job in the past and I think it could be too little too late.
  5. He had a rough night. Didn’t play with any confidence which I think factored into seeing Cooks late on what would have been an easy touchdown. That said he was under duress all game and the Pats coverage was outstanding. He still made a game tying throw to Cooks. Tough catch but one that has to be made if you’re going to win.
  6. I wonder if the Cardinals will ask Kingsbury to grow a mustache or something now.
  7. 1:45 with one timeout is quite a bit different than about 1:10 with no timeouts. Is that enough time to move into field goal range? Absolutely. I’d rather take my chances with the latter though. Payton eliminated any real sense of urgency for the Rams with what he gave them.
  8. Blown call sure, but it’s indefensible for Payton to give the Rams the ball back with one of their timeouts remaining. Run it three times. Hell, you might even put the ball in the end zone.
  9. If the Mets made every move they have besides the Cano/Diaz trade and signed Ottavino I would be very happy with their off season. That said, I think McNeil will find the opportunity for mostly every day at bats. Alonso is far from a given to produce at the major league level and Frazier/Lowrie/Lagares/Broxton all have issues ranging from age, injury, and an inability to hit consistently. I’m not too concerned. It’s the Mets. Something bad will happen to somebody on this roster and a path to playing time will open up.
  10. He shouldn’t play until he’s 100% it’s smart. As a matter of fact, I would suggest the other players on the back end of the roster making the league minimum and playing special teams sit out this week too, as they’re almost certainly not 100% either and have a more uncertain future than Beckham does. Hell, don’t even play the game at all and stay home. What a mistake the Giants made paying this guy. Wide receiver has never been a winning position to begin with and the extra crap never ends with him.
  11. Fairbairn is a machine. Nothing else to add but I think I’ll try to draft him next year.
  12. It most certainly is questionable, but with their unwillingness to extend deGrom and Wheeler leaving after this year for the same reason this pretty much is their window.
  13. I don’t think it really matters. That said, I think Kenny Lofton deserved more recognition and consideration than he received if they’re going to induct Harold Baines. Played to the age of 40 with no real drop off as a hitter and his peak was outstanding.
  14. What exactly happened out there with Ben? Was it a “we’ll only put you back in if we need you” sort of deal? I didn’t see any of the game yet but it serves the Steelers right that they lost if they tried to play it safe with a 4 point lead on the road.
  15. I’m in. I’ve been rotating the Williams boys, Landry, and Fitzgerald as my wr2 all year and haven’t come close to the back to back performances Pettis is coming off of. Like hearing about the route running that can really separate a receiver from the rest of the pack.