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  1. Eli is screwed. He could play well every week but the defense will prevent them from winning enough games to keep him as the starting quarterback. The Giants really botched everything about this situation. They should have either kept Eli and taken Allen or moved on if they really loved Jones. Not both.
  2. Considering how last week went I thought he threw the ball pretty well in a short week on the road. Kuechly dropped what would have been an ugly interception and he had another drive with some bad decisions, but he also put the ball in a position for Evans to score with a nice catch and another touchdown went right through Perriman’s hands. Doesn’t win us a fantasy week but winning the actual football game could help him long term.
  3. Maybe minshew will be good. I won’t go crazy about his debut but it was certainly better than watching him play like crap.
  4. He probably spent a good portion of the night before coming up with that.
  5. I can only blame myself. I knew how dumb of a human being he is going into this. Looked good and made a lot of sense on the surface.
  6. The things these teams put themselves through and put up with for a position that doesn’t mean a damn thing when it comes to winning. Brown’s narcissism is unrivaled.
  7. I make them burn the timeout. Trubisky and the Bears offense didn’t threaten all night. You still have third down to throw if you need to.
  8. Lafleur throwing the ball second down on a close the game out drive was the worst call all night and that’s really saying something. I hate this new wave look at me garbage. Dan Quinn lost a Super Bowl doing it. Not a single one of us know the nuances of play design and the x’s and o’s but I think just about all of us know the proper things to do in most situations. I wasn’t impressed with anything tonight besides the defenses.
  9. If Gruden doesn’t suspend him he’s basically neutered his general manager. It’s probably going to keep happening regardless of what the Raiders decide to do though.
  10. Victor Caratini adding his name to the long list of nondescript schmucks that have killed this team.
  11. Addison Russell looks like a mannequin
  12. Shame for his teammates that he’s deciding this so close to the start of the season but I don’t feel bad for the organization. They probably set a lot of this in motion by continuously neglecting to put a quality offensive line in front of him. He took a lot of unnecessary punishment.
  13. deGrom going full God mode tonight. Mets can’t waste that performance
  14. Maybe his mechanics are finally catching up to him. There’s always the miracle old man who lives into his nineties greeting every morning with scotch and bacon but he dies eventually too.