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  1. David Dahl 2018 Outlook

    I’m drafting in all leagues. Burned me last year but I’ll be damned if I let another owner get his 4 plate appearances of 2018.
  2. Odell Beckham Jr 2018 Season Outlook

    I'm tired of the Manningham catch drawn up as luck. That's an extremely low percentage throw, but for the split second he looks right is essentially the time Chung is late getting to Manningham to break up the play. He probably couldn't do it again honestly, but he did it when he had to. I have a ton of respect for Rivers he's every bit the gamer Eli is but Rivers had two no doubt hall of famers at offensive skill positions and lost to those same Patriots as a 14-2 home team. It's a stupid argument they've both had great careers and nobody is changing their opinion so who cares?
  3. 2017-2018 Off-season and Hot Stove Thread

    I think the entire system needs an overhaul. If a young player comes up and starts producing like a star immediately he shouldn't have to make peanuts relative to what others are being paid. Teams also shouldn't have to pay aging players for past performance either but right now it seems like the owners and teams have all of the leverage.
  4. Eli Manning 2018 Season Outlook

    That's a really great take on that. Honestly.
  5. New York Giants 2018 Season Outlook

    I think thats the move. Lot of big contracts, no cap room, and very few young players on the roster you have confidence in right now as building blocks going forward.
  6. Kirk Cousins 2018 Season Outlook

    The Redskins are the Browns driving a nicer car. All of the drama about signing Cousins to a long term deal and you end up giving up a ton for an older quarterback that has a pretty established ceiling at this point. Then you give him more guaranteed money. Unreal.
  7. New York Giants 2018 Season Outlook

    Those are the only two lineman worth a damn from this team and without looking I think the Giants have under 30 million in cap space. They're in a rough spot. If you're going with Eli for at least another year you need those two but it doesn't fix the rest of the line. Wish they had the Pierre Paul money back right now. I didn't want to re-sign him wanted them to keep Hankins instead and keep that great middle of the defensive line with Harrison intact. Looks like playing with a club on his hand with missing fingers has affected his play. Who would have thought?
  8. New York Giants 2018 Season Outlook

    I don't want Rosen. Concussions, potential shoulder trouble, and I've heard and read he's kind of a douchebag. I don't need that in my franchise quarterback. I'm hoping they trade down.
  9. I agree, the offense is rewarded far too often for the quarterback's poorly thrown ball.
  10. The play that decided the game was Bortles last throw. For all of his flaws as a passer he put that ball on Westbrook. Maybe it needed a little more loft but it was good enough. Gilmore made a play that the Patriots paid all of that money to him to make. As for officiating, the pass interference penalty in general is just devastating for the defense. You can't make it only 15 yards because you'd have defenders ripping guys to the ground when they're completely beat but I don't like the idea of quarterbacks just chucking up prayers hoping for a call either. I won't comment on bias I thought it was a hell of a football game and the Jaguars should be proud of how they played. Wish they could have pulled it out but not many teams have a brighter future right now.
  11. 1-21-18 NFC Championship Game Vikings @ Eagles

    I hope he didn't fall off the platform.
  12. 1-21-18 NFC Championship Game Vikings @ Eagles

    Two quite successful but sad sack, hard luck franchises going up against one another in a championship game. The Vikings DNA is just more pathetic than the Eagles. One game away from being a home team in the Super Bowl and you lose by 31 points as a favorite. I think the Eagles might actually beat the Patriots this looks like one of those 53 man roster next man up kind of seasons that can happen in football.
  13. Robby Anderson 2018 Season Outlook

    I think the worst part about this story is he apparently wasn't completely hammered or high when he did all of it. It wouldn't excuse it but at least I'd be able to understand how it happened. Guy has serious problems.
  14. New York Mets 2018 Outlook

    Just a standard, opportunistic move by the Mets. Cheap as dirt so what's to lose. Sandy said today they want to sign a second baseman rather than trade for one. Apparently they don't want to part with Nimmo in a trade for Harrison. I'd take Eduardo Nunez in a second to be a leadoff hitter and just deal with the glove but he's going to cost some dough so I highly doubt it happens.
  15. Minnesota vs. New Orleans Divisional Game

    Why would anyone crap on Case Keenum with the year he's had? Second in the league in completion percentage and a 3:1 td/int ratio. He also displays plenty of elusiveness in the pocket, extends plays and can run a bit. As I've gotten older I appreciate that I'm watching a league comprised entirely of professionals. Every single one of these guys are awesome at what they do. I don't know how he'll play beyond this season but Keenum is good right now.